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  2. The shape is perfect! How stable is it?
  3. The cheapest is probably Pick A Brick (for small parts that you can stuff a lot of in a cup) and TLG's LUGBULK program (1/year, must be a member of one of the participating RLUGs). Other than that... follow Bricklink and seize good deals.
  4. Much better than the default model :)
  5. Yeah, for 4-wide I think it would work better if the height were reduced by 1-2 bricks
  6. TLG has a fixed number of parts in production every year (somewhere around 2000, IIRC). Reconfiguring the molding machines to create parts in a different color is not a small task, and reconfiguring them for a completely different mold is a huge deal. This is why every time they want to introduce new parts, they have to retire some parts at the same time. In order to produce an older modular which contains parts that are not actually in production right now, TLG would have to sacrifice some of the parts they are currently using, which they based the next year's designs on, and which are generally used by more than one set. It's a logistics nightmare which they would not engage in unless they were doing a full size production run. TLG has business plans for at least 5 years in advance, and we also know that each theme that isn't a one-wave has 5 years worth of sets designed and prepped. Their production capacities are limited, especially now that they are releasing a thousand different sets per year. If they are to re-release a huge set with a huge number of parts - like one of the modulars - it will require considerable planning, resources, and will be fitted into the schedule like any other set.
  7. Highly, highly unlinkely, because they retired several important part molds that were used in those modulars, such as 5-bricks-tall doors, and they have no intention of recreating those parts because they do not fit the current design patterns. Jamie reiterated this at the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend a month ago. Of course, they could still do it... but it's that same chance as the monorail.
  8. If we look at the size of the new buildings next to the Pet Shop, they are pretty much the same. Pet Shop has been perhaps THE best selling modular building of all, with the longest shelf life. Ironically, the largest of all modulars, Town Hall, had the shortest shelf life and was apparently a very poor seller. To those who lament the loss of larger buildings in the modular line - you didn't buy enough Town Halls and you bought too many Pet Shops and this is the result ;)
  9. 2185 according to Brickset, but that's only from sets and those bought individually that I actually bothered to add to my collection (e.g. Superheroes). I probably have at least a thousand more custom-made figs.
  10. I think that's a normal bar with a 1x1 round plate with a hole added upside down to the top of the bar.
  11. New mold: something completely different - a pelican. My second guess would be a duck (pretty iconic for TLG, but we still don't have a mold). As for the recolor, I think we'll get a slightly different goat - they must be aware of the demand. A reissue I also expect to happen at some point is a camel (but I don't think they'll recolor them).
  12. AFAIK, the general policy is that the store cannot sell more than 16 of any one item to a single customer. It may be more restrictive for large items, such as exclusives. EDIT: info is from the Vienna LEGO store.
  13. I've been in several towns in Italy which feature small squares (piazzas) very similar to this one. They are also quite colorful and feel cramped with lots of stuff going on at the same time. The one Disney park I visited (Disney World in Orlando) was very different, and had wide streets and quite a lot of space between the buildings.
  14. The tile-built pattern next to the cafe would have to be moved or adjusted, and 3 1x6 tiles would have to be replaced with two 1x6 and one 1x4. That-s about it. Of course, we have not yet seen the back of the modular, so there may be something else there.
  15. Step 1: join a RLUG Step 2: sign up to participate in the LUGBULK program Step 3: convince other members to place the diagonal door frame on the LUGBULK parts list Step 4: order 200 and wait a few months