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  1. Nicely don! Better angle than the original art, too lol
  2. Oh, man! that Død Kalm vignette takes the cake!
  3. [quote name='8BrickMario' timestamp='1463676109' post='2564096'] Nope, I was instantly in love with her design! *[i][b]really[/b][/i] trying not to make some ice puns* [/quote] Sounds like you're keeping a cool head about this.
  4. kinda looks like pythor's staff is... trans green? Digging what I see so far.
  5. BUY THEM ALL lol. Serisoulsy, though- That's an amazing deal. I've had luck here in Arizona finally, but someone has managed to find and take ALL of the shark suits from every case. Kinda sad, but I still got my 2 fauns, queen, robot, animal control, and Warrior, so all in all it turned out all right.
  6. Not to worry, Actor Builder- your secrete's safe with us ;P
  7. I think pictures would give us a better idea of what to expect.
  8. Is there a picture of this piece somewhere?
  9. I see Nexo Knights as an excellent source of two genres worth of parts. There's heavy fantasy imagrey and minifigs, and some excellent sci-fi elements. The monster characters are some of the best i've seen with lots of fun application in MOCs of various settings. It's like a swiss army knife theme and i love it to bits lol
  10. I like that Flama gets two completely different full body/head prints.... shame only one of them is in an affordable set. I might have to bricklink Siege Flama if it's not terribly expensive. I feel like Ultimate Flama's head would make a good Jack-O -Lantern.
  11. I hear ya, man. I'm really kinda tired of single walled buildings. I understand it's done for price reasons, but dang. I wanna see a wrap around buold that folds out to reveal a fun interior.
  12. Got a nice surprise today coming into work. I always make a pass through the lego aisle on my way to my department and lo and behold! Nexo knights and a few marvel, dc and star wars sets from the winter wave. Definitely gonna grab something on my way home.
  13. [quote name='8BrickMario' timestamp='1450707523' post='2415629'] What have I started? I think the best solution would be to design his outfit with a frog motif, thus the green color, and maybe a frog insignia on his belt or something. To have him carry the frog would cause an existential problem. [/quote] Not if he found a spell to travel through time as a frog to warn himself not to get turned into a frog in the first place. Of course, upon arriving to his past self, he'd realize how ludicrous it would sound, and decides against it, thereby preventing his own potential paradox. But little beknownst to him, but beknownst to us, by traveling to his own past he has already started a ripple in his own timeline. Frog prince becomes the first collectible minifig to exist in quantum flux, and the world is forever changed.
  14. I'm all about that Satyr. Winged Warior and Queen are also must-haves. Fantasy themed figs are always welcome in my collection. Also probably shark man.
  15. Do we know if the monster books have printed covers?