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  1. Just built this "Pimp up my Porsche" from @jb70 - very enjoyable build, great instructions (errorfree), incorporates all essential MODs you need to change the somehow mediocre retail 42056 in a really great set, now also functionwise: - stronger front suspension (retail is much too weak) - oustanding indexer so now gear-switching is now 100% reliable, so NO stalling anymore - much better gear-arrangement in the gearbox for frictionless spinning of all gears - prevetning from endless gear-sequence (ie. now you can not switch from 4 to 1 or from 1 to 4 - correct gear-sequence - slightly reinforced chassis - HoG (essential for playablity) - removeable body (essential for demonstration all the goodies) This means all fixes from the errata of Didumos69 are apllied and in addition some important stuff from his ultimate playable Porsche - all compiled into great PDF-instructions, even for free! Many Thanks, @Didumos69, many thanks @jb70 One recommendation: i strongly recommend not to apply the pin-connector clutch but replacing this with a simple axle 4L! Cause of the now guaranted 100% reliable gear-switching there is no clutch necessary - in contrary: it could be that the clutch slips (e.g. in reverse gear) without any danger for part damaging - without clutch all is working like a charm and the pistons just fly ;-) But this is the only change i have made - with exception of this the Porsche of jb70 is simply perfect: great to build and great to play. Kudos! Remark: the reverse-gear-pass-gearbox-MOD of @Appie can be very easily integrated into the Porsche of @jp70 if you take it into account from the beginning of the build - IMHO not a essential MOD but really nice to have. Whereas the reverse-gear-MOD of DayWalker can not (at least not easy) be integrated in jb70's Porsche...
  2. @DayWalker: May i ask you for some bigger pictures - maybe on bricksafe or somewhere else - because your solution looks really interesting too...
  3. Your reply sound not really confident, in contrary it sounds harsh and insulted, so an oversensitive person would react - IMHO jeroen gave you very constructive critics and hints... IMHO a forum like EB is not only for praising all MOCs into heaven ... just my 2ct
  4. Wow! Best non-Sequential-gearbox-shifter ever seen - because the most realistic one concerning driver-operation - the true successor of 8880-shifter with 5+R... this one and Didumous' sequential one are my favorites... top notch
  5. @jb70: very good Package you have compiled - something i have waited for a long time: the full errata of Didumous enhanced with his mod of Additional shock absorber and improved ground clearance for front axle (Imho the retail Front axle is one of the most annoying pitfalls of the retail Porsche) and the Hispabrick mod for an easily removable Body.. Now even with HoG, great- this is the Porsche TLG should have released.... thanks a lot for the all inclusive PDF BI!!!
  6. speechless - never seen a cooler MOC... may i ask you for BI? Well, just kidding...
  7. Incredible project - IMHO the "best" supercar out there (as far as this can be judged just from this WIP-thread) - at least if you take into account such aspects like "having and following a story", "being unique", "having a soul" - IMHO this should be an official Lego set - it is and represents all what lego technic should be: very well done technical functions worked out in best engineering manner - can't wait to build this car!
  8. I'm curious if i will enjoy Building this great model as much as Nat Kuipers Predator ... but what i see and what i read is very promising...especially the comments of you, Meatman... thanks again for the free BI!!
  9. outstanding - simply outstanding... one remark to the H-symbol: the gray version of the H feels like the odd man out, especially the front one - the red version is much better integrated in the overall look - but of course this is just my personal taste...
  10. Didumous, i'm speechless... it's a new kind of supercar IMHO - and i have already build many (TLGs and MOCs of some "star"-designers)... May i ask you if you are planning instructions, maybe for some fee?
  11. there are 4 of 32449 orange thin beams 1x4 needed - unforntunatelly there are exactly zero available via bricklink :-( are these parts clearly visible or can they been replaced for example by black items?
  12. Great car with nifty gearbox-mechanism - thanks a lot (to you and Blakbird) for giving the HQ BI for free!!
  13. wow - just wow - this is the real successor of the beloved 8455 TLG pneumatic marvel - superb model in all criterias: look (IMHO it is very well polished), function - Lipko, may i ask you if you are planning BI? probably i would pay and price ;-) could not imagine that your next model yould even be better
  14. Awesome! I like it a lot. May i ask you if you would make Instructions later on?