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  1. The model is only 16 studs deep, including the walkway and walls in front, so there's no interior. Thanks everyone! Next part of the build is to add the funicular.
  2. Oh, for those of you who haven't seen the movie, here's the scale model the artist made for filming:
  3. Lit up during World of Lights at Brickworld. Greetings, I think this is my first non train MOC. The build is of course The Grand Budapest Hotel, a 2014 Wes Anderson film. Dimensions are 6" deep, 90" wide, and 42" tall. The build started out as this small corner as a proof of concept. Which then started to grow. And grow. Once I got certain sizing and details worked out, my work pace increased and my bank account balance decreased. The awning is a photography light diffuser. To get the quantity of tan windows I needed, I had to order them from Lego bricks and pieces. I cut the logo and detailing out of gold vinyl with my Roland BN-20. A problem I had was lack of space to set up the whole thing in one place. So my trains were out of commission for the time being. The dark pink areas on each wing are unique, but the bright pink are identical. And that's all the photos I have, hope you enjoy.
  4. The balls fall out.
  5. My latest build, a BNSF SD70ACe. Basically the same as my Missouri Pacific unit. Complete with custom lathed steel wheels that pick up track power that feeds a recharging super capacitor circuit with a bluetooth motor controller, as detailed here in an article I wrote for Brick Model Railroader. 54 studs coupler to coupler, 7 studs wide. I also created the stickers myself with a fancy vinyl cutter/printer I bought. I do take custom orders too, just shoot me a PM or email I am eventually going to sell instruction/stickers for this model, as soon as I get around to finishing the 3d design. Those side grill pieces just to the right of the road number; although worthless are kind of rare. There wasn't a single seller in the US that had 3. The fins on the roof were kind of tricky. I couldn't center them perfectly since the roof is 5 studs wide at that point, but I did my best. I wouldn't mind being stopped to watch this go by. Pop can ball bearings! Hope you enjoy!
  6. Steve Barile has injection molded lbg magnet holders in the past and sold them via his company, Altbricks, you should give him a buzz. PS, I still haven't found a slip ring small enough to work.
  7. 3 would always make contact also as long as they're in a triangle shape
  8. We're back again this year at Turfway Race Track in Florence, KY (just outside Cincinnati, OH). Come see us Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th. Facebook link.
  9. A web front is still a work in progress. The plan is to sell standard sticker sets on eBay to build up customers. In the mean time, I've been doing all business through email. If you're interested, you can reach me at
  10. Show em the before pictures. Here are some of the real thing:
  11. Look awesome. ... :)
  12. I've been planning a SD70ACe in my head for a while now. You are encouraging me to actually start.
  13. Thanks! They can't do R40. R56 and up are all good though. Here's the two shots you wanted. They are quite stiff, no sagging.
  14. Been working on these on and off for a while. Finally completed a set of 5. These are scaled properly for 0.7studs/ft. The opening for the containers is 6 studs wide, which works out to be 8.5', which is pretty close to the real thing. I made a few different length containers, some 53' (37 studs), some 40' (28 studs), and some 20' (14 studs). I printed & cut the decals at home on vinyl with a Roland BN-20. You'll notice that the 53' and 40' length markings on the side of the well are in fact accurately scaled. I'd like to open up the offer to print decals for other train fans as well. I know a lot of us have a hard time finding a place to do one offs for reasonable prices. I can do white ink on to clear vinyl, I can cut out text/logos, and basically anything else. For more information please send me an email at I can't do it for free, but I think my prices are reasonable.