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  1. "We're doing good. Cedric, on me. If you fall down, I'll get you back on your toes, but your support with this rat horde would be appreciated." Karie continues to strike Rat Mob 1 from the back row. Kellim strikes Rat Mob 1 from the back row. Same Battle Order
  2. Having roasted her previous target, Karie points her Vagrant's Guitar in the direction of Big Rat Mob 1, and attacks from the back row. Kellim strikes Big Rat Mob 1 from the back row.
  3. Kellim strikes Zombie Peasant 3 from the back row.
  4. OOC: Yeah, it's autocorrect. I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out. Sorry for the confusion, nonetheless!
  5. Battle Order Karie Kiray Siercon Kellim Cedric
  6. Karie swaps her Fine-Tuned Guitar for her Vagrant's Guitar, admiring the added elemental effects on it before aiming the neck towards her enemies. "Remember, Undead can only be affected by elemental attacks. Spread yourselves out, but we need to ensure that Rat King hits the dust before the other Vermin have a shot at taking us out. Kiray, you're second in battle order. I'm going to try and set you up. Make whatever you do count, because if this turns south, we'll be taking the brunt of a nasty rat attack. If you've got status effecting bombs, especially sleep or stunned, now'd be a good time to let them fly, oh, and this goes without saying, but stay to the back for now, guys! I don't need someone getting cocky and finding themselves face flush with the dirt." Karie strikes the Rat King from the back row.
  7. "Alright, good." "If everyone else is good, we'll head out to Zone 1, the Derelict Windmill."
  8. OOC: One quick note, I shouldn't have the Sandman's Parasol in my inventory. That seems to be a hold over from the last quest I was on, and I didn't catch it until now. Sorry! Karie meanders to the field gates, guitar in her hands as she sings, her sheep Baafy in tow. "Oh, I can't decide, whether you should live or die, Oh you'll probably go to heaven, Please don't hang your head and cry- Good morning! Glad to see most everyone here is a little earlier than me. I like enthusiasm and proactivity, for the most part." "I'm in charge?" Karie asks, surprised. "I mean, honestly, I suppose I'm a bit shocked people think this highly of me. Sure, why not, I'll lead. Honestly this can't be half as bad as the last group I led." "Cedric, here. I've got some things for you to borrow." She retrieves her Medal of Valor (This pendant is awarded by the Bonapartes to those who show their heroism in the battle against piracy. The wearer gains double experience in battle. Accessory) from her bag, handing the silver piece to Cedric. "This should help you feel a bit more powerful after a few battles. Trust me. Oh, also, you can use this." She grabs a long object from behind her, wrapped in a fine leather bag. She unclasps the bag's latch and pulls from within a finely crafted rapier, it's sheath a solid black. "This is Sexy (WP: 11 longsword, ignores SP). Sexy loves to poke things. I'm letting you borrow both Sexy as well for the time being. Hopefully you find some use out of it." She hands Sexy to Cedric to borrow. "Any questions about this stuff, or do you think you're good to go?"
  9. Karie approaches the Market, having not been to this place for what seemed like an eternity. Karie moves the Potion stand and prepares a crate filled with goods, purchasing 16 Grand Tonics (30x16=480 gold), 11 Grand Potions (10x11=110 Gold), 4 Phoenix Essences (4x50=200 Gold), and finally a single Remedy (10 Gold), summing up her purchase to the tune of 800 Gold. (480+200+110+10= 800 Gold) She was left with 777 gold. (1577-800=777 gold.) She then moved to the bomb stall and quietly purchased 10 Smoke Bombs (5x10=50 Gold). This left her with 727 gold. (777-50=727 Gold) With her purchases completed, she made her way out of the market and towards the front gates of the city and forward to the farmer's patch of expansive land.
  10. Karie grabs her things, nodding to her group and begins heading for the market.
  11. If the crew believes fifteen episodes is what the series needs to wrap up, I'll take their word for it. I'd rather have a tight fifteen episodes full of plot than twenty two with half of the episodes propelling the narrative and the other half being filler. Some pretty fun filler mind you, but filler nonetheless.
  12. Karie signs up for the Fields of Glory. Karie nods her head. "Precisely. It's sad when the only man who truly wants to bring an end to slavery in this city or truly cares about that issue is Ulfric Wolfkin. There's a reason he's getting support from the minorities and the lower class in this city: he's listening to them."
  13. Karie huffs quietly. "Well, I suppose some of us have had a better company in this city than I have. Not that it matters much to anyone but me." She smiles. She was kidding herself, surely, but crushing optimism at this point in her career was something she didn't want to do. People in this hall and outside it's walls who had wronged her would pay for what they had done to her, but their times would come eventually. Karie was at least happy to be in the moment, and the prospect of going to the Fields was a change she needed from family life, if even momentarily.
  14. Karie snickers, slowly waving her hand in the air, her wedding band glistening in the light. "I've been tied down for a while, a couple of years by now at least. Siercon and I met on a quest to slay a dragon. I find Siercon agreeable enough for company."
  15. "No. I've been at home for awhile. If Siercon's been off on a quest, it's the first I've heard about it."