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  1. After months of being away, Annienal opens the door to the hall, unnerved by the silence. "Um... hello? Is anyone there?" The smell of incense and sulphur clung to her as she made her way to the bar, every step accentuated by the clatter of her armour, shiny and chrome from her diligent maintenance. "Uh... hi Vind." Annienal waves towards the hulking half-giant. "Um... long time no see."
  2. Karie pockets the Mead while handing the rest of the party a Bone each. "I'm all for hitting the Corn Maze next, if we're going to be hitting the areas up in order."
  3. OOC: I believe you've forgotten the loot. "Good work, guys. We showed them what for! So, where are we of to next?"
  4. Karie strikes the Brarghest from the back row. Battle Order Karie Kiray Siercon Cedric
  5. Should've called it "Sonic: Fandom", to be honest. Honestly, I'm fine with the character customization mechanic. It looks like a fun idea and it'll sell well with kids, and the whole "Eggman's making a legitimate attempt to take over the world" looks fun. Although, no idea why Classic Sonic's in the game. You could just toss Modern Sonic into the 2D platforming stages and no-one would bat an eye. You know... unless they're throwing stuff from THIS into the game: Cause, you know, I'd be all over that.
  6. OOC: Erp! I made a mistake! Sorry, Vind, I'm being an idiot!
  7. OOC: Karie's ether should be at 30 due to her wearing the encore plectrum. Karie uses a Phoenix Essence on Kiray. Same Battle Order
  8. "Keep doing what you're doing, we've got them on the ropes!" Karie continues playing a Lucky Chant from the back row. (OOC: Ether consumption is halved due to the Encore Plectrum) Same Battle Order
  9. "Everyone, hold on, I'm doing a thing." Karie plays a Lucky Chant from the Back Row. Same Battle Order
  10. Karie grumbles. "I feel like unleashing my own sheep into this. Next round if things don't improve I'm unleashing Plan: Sleepy Sheepies. Everyone keep at it!" Karie strikes the Barghests from the back row. Same Battle Order
  11. "I've got the Barghests. Let's just take our time with this and go at the pace we need." Karie strikes the Barghests from the back row. Battle Order Karie Kiray Siercon Cedric
  12. OOC: Sorry, was waiting to see if King would comment. Karie leads the party to the Sheep Meadow, wanting to initiate the Immortal Challenge.
  13. Make a blob shape using slope pieces and SNOT in a colourful palette, probably a few different shades of whatever colour your choose. Green or blue would look good. Put eyeballs on it using SNOT, and viola, a slime! If you can build it out of bricks, it can be in the game. It doesn't have to be to scale with mini figures in the icons.
  14. "Immortal doesn't sound terrible. I would be down for that."
  15. Uh oh, somebody's messing with the wrong crowd if Rakshasa are involved. Don't mess with Rakshasa. Just don't. No! Don't do it! They'll mess you up and then gloat with their reverse palmed hands! Seriously though, if you can't come up with good monsters, steal away from everything and everywhere. Rummage through Heroica quests and pick and choose at your leisure. There's a goldmine of battle ideas and monster concepts waiting to be reused or tweaked. The D&D and Pathfinder Monster Manuals are a gold mine of awesome monsters and creatures as well. Rust Monsters, Land Sharks, Behirs- I'd love to see a party fight a Behir! That'd be awesome!