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  1. I'm currently sifting through both the Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide and several adventure modules, including Pathfinder's Skull and Shackle Adventure Path as I prepare a pirate themed campaign for my group. It needs stats for eighteenth century firearms, cannons, as well as ship combat rules, and various adventures to lace throughout the world. Ho boy. ... Hey, it's reading!
  2. Karie strikes pumpkin face Mob A from the back row. Same Battle Order
  3. So Brickie has said something while Fosstud has now been online since the thread opened and has said nothing. My vote's staying on him until he speaks up.
  4. I believe I stated quite clearly that I was getting the attention of the lurkers and I would remove my vote once Fosstud spoke up. It's a pressure vote. Inactive people are unhelpful people.
  5. On that note, Brickie and Fosstud have both not spoken up, although Brickie has checked in since the thread has started, and Fosstud hasn't last I checked. Lurking is suspicious, but at least Fosstud has the excuse of potentially not seeing the thread yet. What's your thoughts, inactive lurkers? Vote: Bob Fosstud (PatRat) I'm giving Fosstud the benefit of the doubt here, and I'll remove my vote once he's spoken up.
  6. I honestly do not remember the last time traps have been used in a quest. The sniping telescope is... interesting. I'd probably allow it to be used in place of a gem, instead of using both it and a gem, to balance it out a little bit.
  7. Good heavens this is making me nervous. Pass a pizza box over. This kind of stuff makes me nervous, and when I'm nervous, I get hungry. I heard the studio's making a fourth one.
  8. I mean, he's getting paid to do this, so I might as well take advantage of it. Otherwise what's the point. Hey, Gopher, you got any donuts? If not, could you grab some? I mean, we've got coffee, all we need is donuts and we're all set.
  9. Yeah, give me a cup of coffee, Gopher, preferably black.
  10. Then there's the Extended Edition... that cut doesn't add anything in particular, although knowing this crowd, a dog romance scene will make it's way in, much to my displeasure.
  11. That was terrible and you should feel terrible for saying it. I'm making an extra special note to edit that out of the Director's Cut.
  12. "I need to heal if I'm going to stand a chance. Stay away from the Barghests for now. They'll shout us away if we're not careful." Karie drinks a Grand Potion from the back row. Battle Order Kiray Karie Siercon Cedric
  13. Or, you know, I could simply edit his scenes out.
  14. "Well then, let's just hit the Pumpkin Patch without any challenges, and we'll see where we go from there." Karie gets up and leads the party East.
  15. Well... I mean, the wonders of CGI today can do just about anything nowadays. Still not going to edit it a dog romance scene, though.