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  1. Annienal switches from her Hollow Flagpole to her Bonaparte Cutlass and takes a swipe at the Firefly E. "We're going to pull through! We're doing good!"
  2. I've been wanting to host again, but haven't found the time. I do have a few ideas that I want to run, mainly involving the Sheep Tribe, as well as wrapping up the Cemetery arc. I'm hoping by at least summer I'll have be in a position to do something.
  3. Annienal nods in approval. "I have no qualms with that." Annienal continues to strike away, this time at Battle Ant Mob B from the front row. She hoped her armour would hold her through.
  4. Annienal continues to deal with the vermin, striking Battle Ant C from the Front Row.
  5. OOC: Grand Tonics only restore 15 ether, Zepher. Unless, of course, you, WBD and Jimbee have retconned that. I'm fine with Grand Tonics restoring more ether. Annienal motions for the Commodore to stand behind her. "Sir, I'll, um, ensure your protection against our assailant. Please get behind me. If you could reach into my pouch and provide me with my Tiger Balm, I'd be thankful. If, um... no one else objects to that." Annienal targets Battle Ant Mob A from the front row. Should Enchantment be rolled, Annienal enchants her Crescent Shield.
  6. What's this, the third Big Boy in a month? No matter, it's a wonderful rendition of an iconic locomotive! Well done!
  7. Having done most of the heavy lifting, Annienal readjusts her visor and downs a Grand Tonic. She begins to take a breather until the once roasted man begins to rise from his ashes. Annienal hesitantly raises her shield in defence. "Th-this guy's not undead, is he?"
  8. OOC: I'm pretty sure I'm out of Remedies. Also, is this a new battle, or a continuation of the previous one? I'm asking because I want to know if our positive effects will be on us still or not.
  9. OOC: If you guys want to auto roll, that's fine. Annienal turns to see the party lazily lounging about with herself at the forefront. A roiling amount of anger swelled inside her as she raised her shield and continues to shout off her Scroll of Dragon's Roar. If she runs out of ether, she focuses on merely tanking the attacks of the Pongcanis Charmer.
  10. OOC: Ack! Sorry for not posting! I was without internet for a day and didn't have time to tell you guys! Super sorry! Annienal would have to confront Heckz later. She uncorked a remedy and splashed it onto Darksten. "Largus! I, um, need you to do the same onto Siercon!" She tossed a remedy to the Commodore, hoping he'd do so directly after her.
  11. Annienal, not entirely sure what Darksten's glance was about, continues to target the Pongcanis Charmer with another blast from her Scroll of Dragon's Roar. "Can I have someone watching my back with remedies in case I get hexed? I'd, um, appreciate it." "Um, Heckz, have you heard the saying people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? It, um, scarily fits you."
  12. OOC: That's not how Hexed works. Trust me, I've probably had my character hexed the most in this entire game. You'll attack one random ally until the end of the next round or you're remedied. What I'm getting at is you can't remedy yourself. Annienal, realizing that several people are hexed, splashes a remedy at Althior. "Um, I suggest we put me at the front of the battle order, Althior. I can soak up the charmer's attacks, and we, um, need to ensure we're all not getting mind controlled."
  13. OOC: Burned is similar to poisoned, but I believe it can be cured through other means besides a Remedy. Also, how are people Jinxed? I believe the Charmer casts Hexed, but if that's the case, the previous round should've gone differently. Annienal unleashes her voice unto the Charmer, as tinges of embers and wind rush from her lungs. The feeling was exhilarating: to control even a fraction of the power a dragon wielded coursed courage through her body. Annienal raises her shield in anticipation to let the Charmer succumb to his burns. "Behind me everyone, um, please. Althior, allow me to soak up the charmers hits." Annienal does nothing.
  14. OOC: I'm using the Hollow Flagpole (WP: 13, +3 to Party's SP) Annienal doesn't move very far as Heckz pushes her away, her armour grounding her to the dirt road. She inhales a deep breath before focusing on the remaining target. She felt it was time to try out her new spell. Reaching into her scroll pouch, she unfurls the Scroll of Dragon's Roar and attempts to unleash draconic fury onto the Ponganis Charmer. OOC: If successful, I imagine it to sound something like this.
  15. Annienal moves to target the final bugbear, but notices Heckz on the ground unconscious. She looks towards the two targets for a moment, unsure of what to do. Heckz had done nothing but prove his shallowness throughout the entire trip, but he was still an ally in the fight. Annienal revives Heckz with her Phoenix Essence, hoisting him back up off the dirt road.