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  1. Man, I hate living in North America..
  2. While I highly doubt we can be so lucky, I really hope the Thor sets make an appearance in June for the U.S. as well. I'm honestly more pumped for those than Spider-Man, so waiting those extra 2 months are going to be painful
  3. Looks like Spider-Man has a slightly updated torso from the Tanker Takedown set. The spider on the chest has been corrected, and the descending blue lines are now black, emphasizing the mid-section "cartridges" more. Not a big change, but at least he looks more accurate now.
  4. I know everyone is talking about the possibility of Infinity War sets, which I feel are almost certain, but I'm keeping my hopes up for some Black Panther sets. I need myself an Ulysses Klaue fig, though if we get a set, we'd most likely get Killmonger. Still, a guy can dream...
  5. Not gonna deny that feeling. Last summer we got so many Spider-Man villains, including some colorful updates to previous characters (I'm looking at you, Goblin and Ock). Not to mention Ghost Rider, a character I honestly thought we'd never see. Still, I'm glad to get a new Thor villain in LEGO form, other than Loki. Hela is definitely a fresh face. I think we need to remember that LEGO is trying to compensate for so many movies now. They are trying to include everything Marvel and DC puts out in some way or another, when they also have Star Wars and its many properties to design for. There is bound to be some inaccuracies and we just have to accept that. Also, the target audience is again kids. The children looking for a Thor figure isn't going to care about the colors or the printing, so long as he or she gets Thor.
  6. August? Poo. I'm honestly looking forward to these more than Spidey.
  7. I honestly like the Asgard set. The Fenris Wolf build is a nice surprise. I most likely will replace Valkyrie's hair with Rey's, though. I'm not overly fond of the one they chose. The ship build is decent for the size of the set, in my opinion. I really don't think we should get too worked up on what is lacking since these are the first Thor movie sets we have ever gotten. Dark World may not have been the best of the MCU, but I still wish we had Kurse and Malekith in figure form. I get how the inclusion of Banner in the Asgard set seems off. Can't do much help in human form. Regardless, I'm glad to have a normal Banner to stand alongside the other Avengers rather than just having Hulk. When are these expected to be released? I know Spider-Man is scheduled for June, but will Thor be a few more months since it is a November movie?
  8. Dang. Oh well. At least we are getting the character.
  9. I will say this though. Switch the arms on Shocker to a set of black ones, and you have a decent torso for Netflix Luke Cage. And are we sure that is Dark Red and not just an attempt to give Shocker chest printing?
  10. I'm curious if the "henchman" or "guard" figure, whichever is the one we have yet to see, from the large Thor set is the goon killed by Heimdall in the trailer. Looks like he takes down some kind of stone monster that resembles Hela.
  11. I really wanna see how Hulk's gladiator weapons turn out. I hope LEGO didn't skip on that hammer and axe.
  12. I don't mind the helmet being slightly different than what to expect from the movie. I am just glad we are getting it at all. Besides, I feel like there won't be many scenes with Hela wearing it. Can't see it being much help in a fight when one needs to be agile.
  13. I see what you did there..
  14. Kinda curious what head is underneath Vulture's helmet. I'm sure LEGO used a generic face, but I'm hopeful we see something new. After all, this is Michael Keaton we're talking about.
  15. Just saw we are getting a new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer tomorrow. Maybe we'll finally get a good look at Shocker so we can stop all this guessing.