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  1. I was having that very same conversation with friends . Let's not forget that the Venom movie will also feature Carnage, so we can scratch him off the list. If I recall correctly, either Marvel or Sony came out and said that the MCU Spider-Man franchise will not revisit any of the previously used villains. So that means Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman, Rhino, Electro, and Lizard. After all of them, what significant villains are left? Scorpion and Hobgoblin haven't made any appearances, but I'm afraid the jinx ourselves.
  2. Plus, if it is an R-rated movie, I doubt we can expect to see any sets based off it. The target audience for LEGO is still children, and I don't see them lining up for what is essentially another Alien movie. Also, now there are rumors of Kraven and Mysterio spin-offs. It seems like the villain choices for Spider-Man: Homecoming sequels is growing smaller and smaller.
  3. So I've gotten the Beware the Vulture set. I was curious what solutions, if any, there were for a replacement head for Shocker. I know their is the pineapple head, but what does one do for eyes?
  4. Hard to say it is 100% confirmed when Sony says yes, but Marvel says no.
  5. Just out of curiosity, could someone who has the Ultimate Battle for Asgard post a pic of Valkyrie with Rey's hair piece? I was wondering how it looked.
  6. Where did they confirm that? I have been longing to hear that news, so I just wanna see it for myself.
  7. I feel like there is a little bit of truth to what he says. I tried googling the name, and nothing came up. As far as I know, that seems like the kind of name LEGO would use.
  8. If we see any sets for Black Panther, I think it is a safe bet that ship will be one of them. Not overly fond of how Killmonger looks, though. I'm not very familiar with Black Panther and his enemies, but Michael B. Jordan looks too much like a teenager. I just hope Ulysses and Man-Ape play big enough roles that will warrant figures. Then again, LEGO might pull another Ego stunt...
  9. Getting that Yondu would be fitting given his role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. At least the figure is not another Iron Man suit.
  10. I know everyone wants to jump for joy thinking that's a confirmation, but I'm not convinced yet. Right now, I'll take it with a grain of salt. But I certainly hope that there is some truth.
  11. Then that is probably what I had heard. I don't think he is. The shelf life of a set is normally 1 to 2 years. My local store still has the Superhero Airport Battle on shelves, and that is well over a year old now. I think he is just pointing out that it'd be a waste to feature those characters when they may be available through other means. Still, I hope we hear something about Black Panther soon. I am dying for Ulysses Klaue to get his own figure.
  12. I realize everyone is talking Infinity War right now, but I just want to throw out a quick question regarding the Beware the Vulture set. Has anyone located a better head for Vulture other than the Adrian Toomes from the previous Vulture figure? I know some mention just using the plain Bruce Wayne head since it is Michael Keaton, afterall. I am looking for something with a little bit more detail, though.
  13. It was in an article I read months back about Infinity War. I'm honestly not sure where exactly. Whether we will see that in set form, however, is still unknown to me. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Captain Marvel also suppose to debut in the film too? I am just trying to calculate the odds of seeing her in a set.
  14. While it would be awesome to get everyone, we most likely won't. It all depends on who is involved with what major scene LEGO wants to depict. Seeing as how we just had Guardians this year, I can't see TLG featuring all of them in Infinity War. We are most likely going to see the core group of the Avengers, Thanos, perhaps 2-3 of his goons, and maybe a handful of additional characters. One question that comes to mind is will we see new Chitauri figures. They seem to be the bulk of Thanos's forces, so it'd be cool if they got updated printing from the 2012 sets. It would hurt my WIP Infinity War display, though
  15. Looks like I am buying my first Mighty Micro. Gotta get that Awesome Mix tile