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  1. Love Kylo's shuttle... Praetorian Guard is an interesting buildable. Like the walker, escape pod is just that, a pod... Chewie looks a little off. BB isn't a bad set, the playability will be interesting. I'd say TLG and Lucasfilm are playing it safe...
  2. Well that sucks... just had a look at it and was hoping he'd be there...
  3. Taken a few weeks for more UCS rumors to kick off again.
  4. I like Finn and the new BB series droid.
  5. I get the interest in this set, honestly I do. I just wish everyone could put a lid on it until we get something official. This page has become a little tiresome with all of the wishes... Wait for the official pics before we add another 20 pages of opinions please...
  6. @Stash2Sixx I was pretty sure he mentioned it was coming (apologies if I've incorrctly attributed it to him) pages back, I couldn't be bothered wading through all the 50+ pages of crap to get there...
  7. Hopefully an interior...
  8. I think I'll wait for High Res images before I cast a proper judgement on them. In other news, some of the new sets are available in Australia... picked up quadjumper and two battle packs so far.
  9. Because lego minifigs are more available than their figures?
  10. Winter is coming... Oh wait, wrong franchise...
  11. Here ee go again... 🤔
  12. I wouldn't read too much into it... searches can be very generic in a non find result.
  13. Don't like the ring on the starfighter, agree witj @Forresto regarding Obi-Wans legs. Another side to his head would've been nice also. Only 1 with the comms is needed...
  14. Love the new Jango head.
  15. Really... are you sure?