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  1. Thanks for the comments, Glad to be back, I finally got a little free time I've been very busy for the past couple of months fixing problems around my grandma's house. This is the bottom Half of a Robot I've started building since august of 2016, So far the Project has been put on hold so its been collecting dust ever since, But here is sneak peak picture of what I've been Basing my ideas on.
  2. Planet: E10 Tags: Vehicle We made it, Ronin! We actually made it back to the Octan Main Space Ship. I thought we would be stuck on this Planet for a long time, but not only did we make it back to the Ship we manage to bring this back with us. Octan Is going to like this. Where ever it came from our Scientists and Engineers will figure it out. Week 83 by boxerlego, on Flickr
  3. Send All credits to Bob.
  4. Tags: Engineer Location: G03 Week 76 by boxerlego, on Flickr
  5. 20 credits to Bob
  6. Location: F09 Tags: Vehicle Special Delivery Week72 by boxerlego, on Flickr
  7. Sure is taking a long time to receiver that Tag also, 65 credits to Bob.
  8. @nerdsforprez Its a Negative Mindset after all the Positive Mindset and the Right Mindset knows that Lego Can Fly Naturally and those that go against the positive can only be negative. So they are wrong then and they are wrong now and will be wrong in 25 years from now. History will be the Judge here after all Flying Lego has been accomplished so easy a Kid can Build one and Fly. So just know this the one who has the willingness to be educated and learn from the wrong is the one who will be right. The main base of education is the willingness to learn and to do things that are good and right, to believe in things that can be proved. You cannot build a Flying Lego Airplane if you your self never built one, so how can you say LEGO cant Fly. But I will let the readers decide if you got high unrealistic standards for a Child toy that LEGO has designed for flight.
  9. Form a impartial view at watching the Lego Airplane being built to begin flown. Was very interesting to see, If anyone wants to perfect the Lego Airplane even further go ahead don't let the negative mindsets stop you. Lego can fly.
  10. Excellent Build!
  11. Cool build. The Shield Liger Looks Awesome for the given Size!
  12. Location: F04Tags: Spaceship Week 68 001 by boxerlego, on Flickr Boxerlego: Well look at that, Looks like this drone was from built from Octan parts. This is right here is proof this has been built of the works of Dr. Long Drones. Looks like Mantis made it bigger with some added function and armaments.
  13. And it is still the Largest Lego model and which is not 100% Lego build but we still say Lego at the end of the day. Your failing to understand your own point you making in the post I quoted above, This is not about if the Lego can fly or what Lego does for marketing. It is a Life size Lego model and that is very creativity just like making a Lego model fly and when we attempt such Lego feats of engineering we got to build in kind. Example knowing when to use glue or lubricate that joint or knowing how to use Lego Plastic as a rocket fuel. Just because it not here yet don't mean its not coming.
  14. What about the largest Lego model ever built the Lego X-wing. You think that was built the 100% LEGO.
  15. Thanks, I like this build as well. This build was very unique for me to do. I've been building with these parts here and the build started to become a 3D puzzle in way where I trying to fill in gaps that these parts made with unconventional building ideas. There is a 1x4 flat tile that I flip upside down and I basically slid in to place and the only thing that is holding this tile in place is that it is encased in a box. This upside down 1x4 flat tile helps give the top frame a solid structure to press against other wise if the top part is pressed right the it will cave in sightly and fall off because of that little gap and the reason why it upside down laying flat on the studs is to compensate for the sightly adjusted height these parts naturally make.