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  1. Nobody sticks out to me unfortunately. Why would I throw out a vote at someone, especially if it's going to be changed? I don't think that Fosstud is scum to be honest. I think he's just a new player. I think if he was scum his team would be coaching him right now on what to say. Unless that's what they're doing and they're crafting a really long winded response. So, if he comes in with a really well-crafted statement, you know something's up.
  2. Bark! Sorry, I'm here! An understandable vote. I am going to hold off on my vote until I find something suspicious to vote for. I'm going to sniff out these scum one way or another using my enhanced dog senses. I'm not about to mess around with fluff. I'm all about action. I might not look it, but I'm an attack dog. Who do I think is scum? I don't know yet, but I'm watching all of you and I'll be back to throw out baseless accusations soon just as everyone else is doing.
  3. Bark! I'm sorry, but I don't abide by sexual harassment in Brickywood.
  4. I'll play. 1) I've been playing since like 2009. Take that for what you will. 2) I sure hope so! 3) Seems like a loaded question to me. Probably an actor I guess.
  5. Well hello there everybody and welcome to my sale! Unfortunately, the time has come in my life where I'm going off to graduate school (in another country) and my parents are downsizing the house which means a good solid portion of my LEGO collection must go! Before you say "but wait, you'll be into LEGO one day!" keep in mind that I'm keeping what is still sentimental/important to me and I'm selling what I consider to be spur of the moment buys and things I'm just not interested in anymore. Keep in mind, most of these sets do not come with their minifigures and I cannot 100% guarantee that they are complete, so the prices will reflect that. Instructions will be included if I have them for the set. Let's get started then! All sets come as pictured! The Battle of Helms Deep - $100 This beautiful set is 100% complete (no minifigures) and can be yours at this low price. I've even included Gandalf's little cart. Palpatine's Office - $50 This set is (I believe) 100% complete (no minifigures). Sith Starfighter (or something like that) - $25 I can't remember the name of this ship if I'm honest, but it's yours at this low price. Vulture Droid Bomber - $10 I'm not sure if this is 100% (it might be missing some flick-fire missiles) Droid Spider Walker - $10 I'm pretty sure this set came with a hailfire droid, but for the life of me I can't find it. Republic Attack Shuttle - $45 It's missing the silly flick fire missile thing at the top. That's long gone. Droid Transport Thing - $15 Finally one that comes with the droids, but no weapons. CIS AAT - $25 Pretty much complete from what I can see. Droid Roller Thing - $10 I forget which set this came in, but it's yours if you want it! Weird Robot Dinosaur Thing - $20 This set is 100% complete and I believe comes from the Spyrius line. It was an impulse buy. Ahsoka's Starfighter and Droid Ship - $20 What you see is what you get! Jedi Shuttle - $40 This one comes with Anakin and Obi-Wan. A deal to be sure! Anakin's Starfighter and Droid Ship - $15 I don't know if that droid starfighter came with this set, but it's yours anyway. I don't think it's even complete, but with a few repairs I'm sure someone can make it good as new. Clone/Imperial Turbo Tank - $80 This is just the tank, and the price shows. I modded it a bit to be an Imperial Turbo Tank, so if that's not your thing then don't get it! Saesee Tiin's Starfighter - $15 No minifigure or astromech droid. What a ripoff. Plo Koon's Starfighter - $15 Another ripoff, no minifigure or astromech. TIE Defender - $30 I forget how much this set originally cost, but I know it's more expensive than $30 bucks. A Bunch of Alien Invasion Stuff - $80 I also forget the name of this particular line, but I know I was beyond tempted to get that truck and I never used it for anything after I bought it. The X Jet - $25 Comes as shown with just the X Jet or whatever it's called! I'll be honest, I bought this set for the Sentinel and the figures. Helicopter Gunship - $20 This is something else from Alien Invasion or Alien Swarm or Earth Defense Unit or whatever that line was called. ~~~ And that's it for now! I may add more stuff in, I may not. If you don't like my prices, feel free to haggle with me. Everything I sell is going towards the grad school fund. Sorry if I've made this topic wrong, I've never sold anything on here before.
  6. Unfortunately I've been way too busy recently busy.
  7. Maybe. I was planning on a Voyager version since I've already done TNG and I'm not a huge fan of DS9.
  8. Sorry for the delay in my replies, I've been a bit busy these past few days. I thought it was pretty faithful to the standard rules of Secret Hitler. You're allowed to kill up to two players in that game, so I felt it was only right to include that aspect as well. Alignment reveals shouldn't be allowed and it was a bit of a mistake that I included them, but at the time it felt justified and I couldn't go back on it afterwards. From now on, yes, all conversation will take place in thread. There will be no private communication between anyone, town or scum. Jackjonespaw also said he wouldn't be able to play, but I didn't want to boot him as well like I did with Forresto because I felt it would've given the scum an advantage. Another error on my part. Some other general responses: As for including lynches, I don't think so. This isn't Mafia. It's very far from it. The policies are not meant to be descriptive. They're just a way to further the game. Actor Builder, you did a really good job and I even encouraged your outlandish behavior at one point in time, so you were fine! I'd like to see this game potentially run with more players just to see how it would work out. In the real game, the maximum is ten people. However I think in an online version, there is some room for more players. I also would've liked to see more participation. It may not seem like there's a lot to talk about, but there is. You're meant to point fingers, sow discontent, act differently than you would in Mafia. Remember, there's no lynches in this game. I'm not saying go overboard, because then you're liable to be killed if enough Mafia policies are passed, but have fun with the game. I think Actor Builder had the right idea. Outlandish behavior like I said above yet still participating and playing admirably. In the early game you could tell some people were trying to play Mafia, but it's like trying to put a square block in a round hole. By the end though, I think more people caught on. Regardless, I'm thinking of hosting again with a different setting. What's holding me back is the lack of set pieces. I was lucky this game being able to host it in a town I've already got built. I just don't have much time anymore to build sets. I will provide proper avatars and proper banners and whatnot, but if I do build sets they will be very barebones. That said, look for Secret Enemies: Excalibur sometime in the very near future!
  9. Michael Wright / jluck has been elected as Town Council Chair! This thread can now be locked.
  10. SECRET ENEMIES Conclusion: It's Over Friends Michael Wright / jluck stood before the town. "Mwahaha! You fools, you elected the Godfather as the Town Council Chair!" His cohort, Ralph Brooks / Actor Builder stood next to him, with a smile on his face. "I'm always smiling." he said. "This means we get to kill all the townies now, right?" Nope, I said at the beginning of the game that I didn't want any killing." Bob said. The departed town members returned just at that moment. "Aw shoot!" Betty said. "You guys sure screwed the pooch on this one!" "Yeah, great going." Anne said. The remaining two mafia members, Patricia Davis / Tariq J and Joshua Sutton / Peanuts took their place behind Michael. "But wait." the NPC Policeman said. "We know who the Godfather is now, why don't we just arrest him?" "Nope, sorry. They won fair and square." "But that doesn't make any sense." Congratulations to the mafia! "Aw shit!" the cop said. ~~~ Well, that's it folks! The Mafia have won the very first game of Secret Enemies! Quick fun fact, the scum won the very first game of Mafia that was played on Eurobricks, so I guess it's only right they win this too. The mafia played this game really well in my opinion, but the town did as well. I gave players on both sides, town and mafia, advice throughout the game privately when I handed out the cards if I thought they needed it. I treated this is a mafia school since most of the players had never played before. I treated this as a beta test and I'm very glad that I didn't have to restart at any point in the game. I also listened to some of the players and adapted accordingly. Anyway, this was a fun game to host and I welcome all feedback, good or bad. Anyone can post in this thread. I'd also like feedback from the spectators that may have watched this game.
  11. SECRET ENEMIES Day Nine: No Pictures Edition "The lazy host." someone in the crowd that exists but the audience can't see said. "Be quiet." Bob said. "There's no night actions so there's no need for pictures. How many times do I have to say this?" "Not enough." "Fine, I'll take some quality pictures for you later on today." ~~~ Characters (9) Lindsey Green - Khscarymovie4 Ralph Brooks - Actor Builder Joshua Sutton - Peanuts Scott Howell - Jackjonespaw Patricia Davis - Tariq J Michael Wright - Jluck Edward Cook - Chromeknight Christina Phillips - Fhomess Robert Butler - Dragonfire Out of Town: Betsy Bowers - Forresto (town) Anne Martin - Mediumsnowman (town) Erik Kelly - Umbra-Manis (town) DAY EIGHT Today's Mayor is Ralph Brooks / Actor Builder. The new mayor must pick a Town Council Chair and nominate that person publicly here. Then you will have 24 hours to approve his government by voting either Yes or No. He should do so ASAP without delay. If he does not within 24 hours from now, it will be a failed government and a new mayor will be selected. Remember, if three governments fail in a row (that would be 72 hours theoretically - three 24 hour periods), then the top card is flipped and that policy is enacted.
  12. This day is now over. Standby for Day Nine.
  13. With a pop, Erik has disappeared! He was a member of the town. You may now discuss this while you wait for Day Nine to go up tomorrow.
  14. I totally forgot about that until you just reminded me, so it's a bit too late to include it. Next game I'll remember it.