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  1. I don't believe it! I won for the first time! Thanks CopMike and goodluck to everyone else!
  2. Well, I gotta hand it to you. You brought me back for my first post since 30th January! Thanks again for the Raffle! So here is a Medusa tree with a Gandalf/grey Santa Guard of honour.
  3. Very nice build! It would appear Gimli has his work cut out!
  4. Nice build!
  5. Lovely little Post Office! Personally I think the interior is just fine... Also 333rd post!
  6. Like the build and love the story!
  7. Like the set but Waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much money for me at the minute so I'll have to pass on this one
  8. Hope you enjoy your stay on Eurobricks!
  9. Pretty Incredible Microscope!
  10. Looks like a very nice ice cream store! Sort of reminds me of being on holiday!
  11. Very nice Modular!
  12. Now that I have my laptop sorted out, I believe I'd like to join the Reviewers Academy!
  13. Same for me, I'm the only FOL but my dad appreciates them as he grew up with them, but he doesn't collect them. So I'm the only one
  14. Lovely build, not sure TLG would want to encourage unhealthy eating too much, and it may be hard to get licensing from Mcdonalds, but all in all nice build!