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  1. And maybye Lego is just teasing with us? They keep rejecting every castle-related project on Ideas, maybye because there's an official Castle line coming soon? As someone mentioned before, 2018 is Castle's anniversary and seriously, if Lego does not release anything decent, I'm going to retreat to my "dark ages basement" and literally buy NOTHING until Castle pops up.
  2. Wow! Very cool, nice break from all these super-detailed SNOT castles. This actually looks like an official LEGO set (apart from the skeleton tied to a cross which looks creepy...) . The corner wall panel with the tree and stone printing - from which set is it?
  3. the alien glider hangar is just out-of-this world! it reminds me of an old Amiga game Alien Breed...
  4. Wow, this one looks... sharp :D nice use of the bionicle parts!
  5. All Hail from Poland, Eurobrickers! I'm a 25 yo AFOL, just coming out of my dark ages :) My collection is very small, due to extremely high prices of Legos in my country, but i'm doing my best to save up for some serious amount of bricks! I'm a fan of the Sci-Fi theme, i mostly buy sets from the Star Wars series, or old discontinued Space series. I hope i'll be able to find some free time and post my moc's on this forum :) Cheers and have a good day! :)