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  1. Hello again guys, I did some testing, it appears that the issue is still there, I will be now going to test the other options you mentioned. Will update asap
  2. hi guys, back again. I admit I was lazy and did not work at the lego for quite some time. Decided to revive it and troubleshoot the problem. I got a new battery charger and a battery tester, the 6 batteries work fine, BUT the 4x4 is still slugghish with almost no torque. More testing tomorrow
  3. Ok, i still have the warranty. But before changing the 2 motors (looong wait) what can I try? I will try the motors connected directly to the battery box anyway. The 2 motors are hardy used (10 times or less)
  4. Hi everybody! It seems that I just cannot get enough power out of the 2 std motors anymore. I tried with both alkaline batt as well as TOP enelopp rechargable, but no way, the crawler is not capable of pulling itself on the same slopes it used to when I tested it in the winter :( What can I try? Any ideas?
  5. Yes, indeed, the HPI tyres are awesome on any terrain, sooo much softer. I'd love to have bigger rims though! Videos were SHOT in HD.... I did mess up big time during post production.... sorry
  6. And, as promised, I have changed to 8:24 the gearing on each wheel plus installed a different (hugher) protection plate on the gears at the front/bottom of the truck. Here some test with different setups. This thing is a monster
  7. WoW I did discover a whole new world! Thank you all... I am keen on reading, unfortunately, getting the pieces is expensive ... :(
  8. From this very first and rough pic, you can see the tyres. They are really coming out of the rim.... but I did not want to glue them onto the rims...
  9. First post... I just got the awesome 9398... I was at a car dealer, when I stumbled on a Lego Box ... my girlfriend was also charmed and in 15 mins we were both buying again our Lego!! After 20 years ! So ... to the 9398, excellent machine, huge fun to build and watch watch it move its first metres...! I spent some time yesterday playing in the snow... stock tyres are really NOT OK for off roading! I got myself four <Hpi Racing Ground Assault>, soooo much better. Only drawback: they're too wide and , unless you glue them, they stay off the rim on the external side...