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  1. I was thinking about it. I believe that if we want to make builds but same time to play the game, we must have more information about such details. Because if there is not any, I can make a build with a fire base in one side of my country and bomb the harbor of my enemy in the other side of the island. This may create misunderstandings. This is the reason we in Plantasea created an detailed map of our country, so to play the game and make nice stories for our builds (I would love to work with any of you who want to make a detailed map of your coutnry ) After research and comparison with real geographies of countries, I believe that each square must me about 100km (62 miles) - the length of Great Britain, France or Germany. So each Island will be about about. So each isnland will be the simensions of a country from Spain to Germany or France. Of course we can choose to take the Australia dimensions, so that will be avout 5 times more (each square will be 5x5 km. Or somethink between. In any case I believe that we need to have dimensions in our world
  2. WOW! This is big!!! Congratulations. I like that there are alot of details into the hull, the techs and the torpedos. You used alot of pieces to give the right curve. Well done!!! (Submarine+torpedos= bye bye RON Navy)
  3. [GBW] Declaring War to RON
  4. Night Stalkers Crew Member Night Stalkers Crew Member
  5. [GBW] Answer to COST by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  6. I like the design of the flag! Very nice!
  7. Nice real... Thankfully I never threw up during push ups
  8. You are very lucky that we are peacefull nation and will not use our snipers from the other side of the bordres !!! ahhahaha I like alot the expressions in the face of the commissioner and the set up of the scene with the vechicle, the policemen out of it, the SWAT looking around the area and of course the Reagans and "Mad Dog" quotes.
  9. Version 2.0 Great Brick War Map v.2 by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  10. Based on the map of the game, I built a map where the alliances stand out. Great Brick War by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  11. There are a couple of more vehicles in the factory...Thank you @sigpro Thank you very much @Captain Genaro. The APC is also playable as the doors open and the top part can be remove to "play" inside. And as I see it now...yea...Sand green was not a good choice... Thank you @Faladrin. The main Idea for the vechicle is from Alliens APC. I agree for the kind of flat top in the rocks. I had few hours to finish it and I decided to not continue with that, as I did with some more side-stories in the same MOC Thank you @SkyPie. Actually I needed a couple of hours to made what I had in mind. Plantase R&D Department works well. This will not the only one remote controlled vechicle
  12. Oh yes!!!! It reminds me my examinations back at school...
  13. Pnoblood01 by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr Jnoblood02 by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr Jnoblood03 by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr Pnoblood05 by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr Jnoblood06 by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  14. A poem (national anthem) Wow! Something new here! Well done. I like the ventilation and the other details in such as small build.!