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  1. i checked most of the recent sets lately and some that are out for a year and found this: 75826 Kings Pig Castle WING RIGHT W/3.2 SHAFT Element 6154047 WING LEFT W/3.2 SHAFT Element 6154048 in dark brown (i guess it's so far the only set, that we got these in) for 0,69€ and 0,70€ - at least here in Germany also the eggs from Angry Birds are available EGG NO. 1 Design 24946 6143595 in white 6153481 in azure 6152225 in light bluish gray costing 0,38€ or 0,39€
  2. i really had to lough out as i saw this really a cute well next to the house. i would have only angled the bottom half of the sidewalls a little different than the top part
  3. i am still missing Captain J. Fuller's hat/hair and some from the Elve's line aswell (mentioned these on Page1 )
  4. the idea to create a list for all the minfigure heads might be a good idea - but if it doesnt tell me in which set/minfigure the head i like came in/on, the list is pretty pointless for me. i liked the list of minfigure hair to get a short overview over what is available (hairpieces are listet on bricklink first after part then divided in colors) if firestartoys delete their images your lists will be half empty - be aware of that aswell. the problem with bricklink is, that it takes some time till the new heads are in the database. goatleg is pretty damn awesome, didnt know about it till now.
  5. it should be this piece http://alpha.brickli...m.page?S=6987-1 - i have one in black from http://alpha.brickli...m.page?S=6987-1Message Intercept Base i am uncertain if mine has any Lego logos on it
  6. in my opinion louis is the 3rd most important character within the superman universe for her latest minifigure reincarnation they used Claire's heas from jurassic world i guess - so no it's not that new (superman got one for the newest Sets though) i would have really wished for a different faceprint for lex luther - mainly because Jesse Eisenburg looks a bit "un-Lex-like" vehicle wise - i don't really care for big planes/spaceships or play-sets. as long as its a small set, i don't really mind the 10th vehicle in a row (as long as there are useful/new parts with it) i would rather by a small set with an uncommon character (with new hair or head) than a big set for
  7. i used to look at the MM sets in a store for hours back then. i got the spider play-set and i guess 2 of the smaller orc-heads. never watched the show, though ;) by that time i was getting more into star wars - i have some of the micro-machines play-sets (Stormtrooper Head, C3P0 and Endor) and lots of fighter/figure addonsets. switched to buying the bigger Hasbro figures shorty after, when i was in the us on vacation. i used to "raid" every toy store with my brother, hunting down the figurines.
  8. these are very cute indeed - i really like the bed-construction in #007. i was trying to built a "king-and-queen-sized" bed for a game of thrones room, but the build got bulky really easy. are you ok if copy some of your ideas for my bed? =)
  9. no need to be rude when you think someone doesn't share your opinion. did you read my full post at all? maybe i should have linked the topic to the whole discussion? I'm not saying that they shouldn't bring out said characters, but that hey probably won't because of various reasons.
  10. i think most of us agree, that Otto is one of the characters, that lego would never bring out, such as Barney or Moe (or at least his Tavern). on the other hand i was surprised that Snake was featured in the Kwik-E-Market. i guess that makes Sideshow Bob possible aswell? surely lego will run out of suitable (main) minifigures for a third series though.
  11. +1 Wardancer nice contact, great communication - fast shipping!
  12. i tried out Heroes of the Storm and Dota2 as well - but both feel way different in a clumsy kind of way. still searching for a blue/yellow castle torso to match Garens original design. i also tried the Power Man head for Lucian - didnt quite work that well. (there is a reddish brown head with sunglasses though) FRELJORD Nunu, Tryndamere, Olaf, Volibear, Braum and Gragas few things to change still: i have to find another way attach nunu to the yeti - right now they both hold onto a dark brown 5L bar Tryndamere is missing his pauldron - might use one of the ultra agents pants for him Braum doesnt have his mustache piece in reddish brown in this picture yet Gragas still needs his long orange beard piece Next up : IONIA
  13. use the arrow right next to the download symbol. now u got the option to share, embed, mail and bbcode. you gotta choose the last option and now u will be able to pick the right size for your pictures.
  14. I started playing League of Legends April 2 years ago. That was the year i came back out of my dark ages. Coincident? Starting this series shortly after buying mostly minifigures. 50 of the around 150 champions are close to finished and i got ideas for at least 50 more. Some are close some are loosely based on the champions or a certain skin. The main reason to finally post these is, that i am taking some of them apart. so without further ado, lets begin with the first faction i bought a champ of: DEMACIA (from left to right) Galio, Vayne, Jarvan4 (classic splashart), Garen, Lucian, Xin Zhao (Imperial skin) and Lux I am constantly updating these figures as i get new parts =) next up will be Freljord
  15. i guess it's from chromebrick. http://www.bricklink...?p=ChromeBricks thx for putting so much effort to create that list. you got almost every hairpierce covered. i miss 5 from the elves line : http://alpha.brickli...r=154#T=C&C=154 http://alpha.brickli...lor=59#T=C&C=59 http://alpha.brickli...r=152#T=C&C=152 http://alpha.brickli...r=120#T=C&C=120 (and the dark orange color variant) and the other color variants of the straight long elvish hair ( bright yellow, reddish brown). are you going to update the list with all the hair/hat combos? http://www.bricklink...13761pb01.jpg?1 http://alpha.brickli...lor=11#T=C&C=11