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  1. Just working with what I had. :P But we had some GUI based computers so it could still work. I'd love for the round CRTs to look more like oscilloscopes instead of a record
  2. Here is a little diorama I did to try and get out of my lego slump. Been really interested in the 80's and 80's tech, from Commodores to tape drives to big old floppy diskettes. Anyways, enjoy my diorama of an 80's nerd in it's natural habitat soldering away.
  3. So no new L gauge pneumatic trains? I'm overly proud of my pneumatic train There is very few mini fig scale L gauge trains that are brick built...
  4. Hmmm got a link for it? was it brick built or more of a Technic style? I'd love to see the movement they used...
  5. That's a neat train! The new boiler design still irks me for some reason.... it just doesn't feel the same compared to a slope boiler or round 4x4 boiler. Does it come with a full set of the red drivers? I believe near the beginning of the year... I picked up a Commodore 64... then I found an Atari and then I found the drives for em... and now I'm about to buy an SX 64... I may have a problem but they are fun to play with.... I need to finish my pneumatic train project finally... it's been sitting on my shelf for ages. I still can't figure out why I can't drive it from motor driven pumps. It seems It can move it it goes super slow but if I try and add a buffer air tank it wont run at all. ARGH I totally forgot about blue render. I've still got that fallout style train I could get out of bricks.... I'd need to change some of the color on it though. Comparing it to other trains it is really short. I'd need to design some passenger coaches for it of course....
  6. Hey there! I've been busy again and need to be brought up to speed on the happenings of the Lego train community! It's been a bit since I've been on... Last thing I heard we were hyped over rumors of a new train and some upcoming events! I found a brand new Commodore 64c and it kinda spiraled out of control.... Any new and amazing train projects I should be aware of? Or is there any advancements with some custom parts I need to ogle at?
  7. I keep coming to blockland for what Lego world should be doing..... Blockland is good clean building fun . No worrying about finding all the people / weapons / biome / every little detail in the entire game. It' just good clean brick building fun with friends. Maybe that explains why I've put 100 something into block land and about 4 into Lego worlds. Also it's a tap appalling how poorly this game runs on the average compute at the moment. Lego is an all inclusive thing. It's hard to be that in a video game unless most computers can run it properly. Block land is much simpler and a whole lot older but you can still have a smooth game even with a few hundred thousand or so bricks rendered.what i'm saying is i'm super bais towards block land. its the best brick building game I've seen to date.... Is it too late for lego to buy Blockland and not ignore them after offering like the first time?
  8. Anyone have Blockland and care to play a bit with me? Working on a town in my free time and it's quite fun!
  9. I wish Lego would go the way of Blockland and use a building system like that, its simple it works well and it keeps you in the perspective of the mini-fig.
  10. Does anyone seem to remember this Lego camera? I have mine still but I barely remember anything about it besides some short movies I made with it back in the day. Edit! I found my old laptop! Well the camera works still and the studio soft ware..... for Windows XP! I might just be out of luck
  11. That's pretty neat o.o But what about those other strange bricks like the Stop action camera/stand those thought bubbles from another kit and the whiteboard plate
  12. What can we do with all those big specialized bricks! Things like the MCdonalds race car bricks, brick separators, the larger cockpit bricks! All those big one use bricks! Any good uses of those nearly useless bricks?
  13. Holy cow that's amazing! I usually go with 5 wide for my narrow gauge trains! How well do minifigs fit standing up?
  14. Anything with glitter.... or green!
  15. It's probably just going to sit in front of the radiator/window so it doesn't need to be too tall. How dangerous would it be to make it.... taller..... Maybe another platform would be nice, I might be over thinking it though. My two main trains are just about as long as the table.... so that might not work Noooo but my table!