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  1. I really like this wee set...Its a fun little build too with all the details and functions. I was lucky to pick up a few when had them reduced...they look good in mutiple numbers in an industrial/ cargo build.
  2. Fantastic work, I love how you have planned out and executed the interior.
  3. That swine!!! Good wee build...a nicely put together scene
  4. Nice work, I like the way you have achieved the streetscape with a different scale of frontage. Also kudos on the brick separator roof My only critique would be that the 'Pet Shop' with a dormer roof just sits a little uneasy in that line-up. I would experiment with a further band of detail (a few bricks) between the 2 storeys or move it up the street next to your MOC modular and try to line the elevations through with that. Other than that, great job
  5. 2 15 25 30 39 A fantastic contest this year, where there were so many entries that are worthy winners in their own right. I have decided to allocate a point to each of my top 5 (after a wee while of deliberation) as I could not separate them or feel like one had an edge over another. Good luck to everyone this year, amazing work from all the competitors and the competition organisers!!!