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  1. A: 1-4-5 B: 3-4-6 C: 1-2-8 D: 3-7-11
  2. UCS Lego BB-8 - It would be cool if it was similar in scale to this guy (posted on Lego's Instagram)
  3. Tack CopMike, vilken underbar gåva
  4. 75179 is an Episode 8 set. Source: @CM4Sci via Brickset Forum
  5. I'm not sure if these have been seen or not. TLBM Luggage Tags (£9.99 TLBM Stationery
  6. Has anyone got any idea who that mystery character is on the back of the CMF leaflet? I was thinking it could be Captain Fear but who knows unless we have a leak before May.
  7. Rest In Peace Pieces Carrie; you were a wonderful actress!
  8. Rogue One was yet another great addition to the Star Wars franchise. I loved the detail, particularly the ending with Vader as it linked in superbly with episode IV A New Hope. Alas this movie answers so many unanswered questions; the CGI characters such as Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia were interesting. The brief appearance from C3PO and R2D2 were cool; my favourite though had to be the cameo appearance of the 2 thugs who Luke and Obi-Wan get into a fight with in Mos-Eisley (these bumped into Erso at the entrance scene of Jeddah city).
  9. Leeds Lego store had all of the new Star Wars sets, I bought: -Rebel Rogue One Battle pack | £11.99 -Imperial Rogue One Battle pack | £11.99 -Duel on Naboo | £19.99 -Desert Skiff | £29.99 -Landspeeder | £19.99 As a bonus I got an A-Wing Pilot Minifigure (Free with any £25 Star Wars purchase) and a Gingerbread Man figure
  10. Awesome, I won! Many thanks CopMike (you've brightened my week up after having lost a family member). Looking forward to seeing what the big manatee reveals, best of luck to everyone else and hopefully everyone enjoys their Christmas.
  11. So the full wave currently listed here costs us Brits approximately £732.00 (includes all sets with 20 minifigures); I may have to wait until certain retailers discount them as this would make quite an impact on my already struggling wallet.
  12. The Penguin Arctic Roller looks awesome, although the addition of a penguin goon might've improved the overall look. Some of the 'cool' features that I noticed were: "High Flyer" Registration Plate Fish missiles Blue flick fire missiles from the push of a lever Penguin ornament on the bonnet (hood) of the car Hot air balloon pieces used as a decorative wheel cover Pistol exhausts Presumably the car rear has an opening boot
  13. There's nothing that I can't think of that would match Snow better than a good ol' Snowflake. This was made using 4 LEGO pieces; I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. :-D Lego Snowflake by Kez.
  14. The Minifigure updates should be interesting to see however I fear that the build will be very similar to 10188. With the additional few hundred pieces, I wonder what the changes will be (I just hope it isn't a rip off in the design like the re-release of the Winter Village Toy Shop with minor changes).