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  1. So the full wave currently listed here costs us Brits approximately £732.00 (includes all sets with 20 minifigures); I may have to wait until certain retailers discount them as this would make quite an impact on my already struggling wallet.
  2. The Penguin Arctic Roller looks awesome, although the addition of a penguin goon might've improved the overall look. Some of the 'cool' features that I noticed were: "High Flyer" Registration Plate Fish missiles Blue flick fire missiles from the push of a lever Penguin ornament on the bonnet (hood) of the car Hot air balloon pieces used as a decorative wheel cover Pistol exhausts Presumably the car rear has an opening boot
  3. There's nothing that I can't think of that would match Snow better than a good ol' Snowflake. This was made using 4 LEGO pieces; I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. :-D Lego Snowflake by Kez.
  4. The Minifigure updates should be interesting to see however I fear that the build will be very similar to 10188. With the additional few hundred pieces, I wonder what the changes will be (I just hope it isn't a rip off in the design like the re-release of the Winter Village Toy Shop with minor changes).
  5. If I was to place a bet, I would say there's at least 2 death troopers within the largest set, the minifigure poster doesn't show duplicates for each set (see the smallest one for the two troopers). Overall I must say that some of these look pretty cool, bring on more visuals!
  6. This looks ace, can't wait for the new film too! Yet another set to add to the list. Aren't we also expecting to see the new headquarters in Lego version too? If so I can see it being revealed at the NYCC.
  7. If you're looking to get a dark green hood piece for Green Arrow, then your best bet would be to purchase one of the woodland elf mini figures from the Lego Hobbit sets.
  8. The Peter Pan head piece looks like it could be used for a Lego Zelda set, it's very reminiscent to the design as seen on the failed Lego Ideas Project. Overall I am pretty impressed with the way things are going, can't wait to see official images.:Classic
  9. Merry Christmas; awesome review too so a big thanks to you Murdock, I can't wait to get this but with over 14 sets to build (one being the Death Star) and the fact that I've got plenty of work to do means that I won't get chance to build this megalithic beast for a good while unfortunately, still plan on getting it on day one thankfully.
  10. Congratulations to all winners; hope everyone has a great Christmas and enjoys their holiday, as for me, maybe better luck next year.
  11. That's no good, they had plenty when I went (fully stacked shelves); now that I think about it, I should have bought more at the time but can always do that when I return in January to get the Ghostbusters Firehouse. Hopefully they have some C3PO poly bags left when I return as I plan on spending a lot of money. EDIT: On Thursday, Asda had some of the 2016 Star Wars sets too, in addition to that they had 20% off! (Bought me Rey's speeder and the two TFA battle packs); it may be worth checking your local Asda store to see if they have anymore as it was too good a deal to pass.
  12. These look fun, the colours are certainly vibrant and I think that the sets actually compliment the figures. Something else that is on my list for 2016 (poor ol' wallet...).
  13. No, it was from the Lego store in Leeds, they had all the new Star Wars sets for 2016.
  14. Just purchased 5 new Star Wars sets that we're due to be released for 2016. The first order battle packs and rebel battle packs for TFA were reasonably priced for the mini figures alone; and then I decided to get 3 £20 sets (wasn't too fussed about the fourth one being Obi Wan's Jedi Interceptor 75135). 75136:Droid Escape Pod, 75137:Carbon Freezing Chamber and 75138:Hoth Attack made their way home along with a free C3PO polybag and a gingerbread house/advent calendar. Episode VII turned out to be a delight so all in all today was a very good day for my inner Star Wars fan.
  15. Wow! This looks even better than before, roll on January 1st (after I have finished building Christmas's sets lol).