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  1. why is this not in Watto's Junkyard?
  2. the inclusion of Jango and Boba means only one thing: we are not getting an ep2 slave 1 any time soon.
  3. How is Jedha still inhabitable at this time time period? sure the blast from death star didn't destroy the planet but it very much destroyed any kind of living conditions for a couple of thousands of years.
  4. nothing special about that.
  5. wow there are really great techniques here, nice job!
  6. it is interesting that TIE fighters have red laser thingies but they fire green bolts:
  7. Saw Gerrera will probably use the new hair piece of captain armando salazar:
  8. Hello, thanks again for all comments. I am happy to announce my entry won first place in CCCXIV:
  9. does american agent kallus come in dark grey instead of black?
  10. found a way to link the picture.
  11. finally a regular imperial officer is becoming accessible, I was hoping the microfighter krennic's shuttle would include it, but no, not even the new Death star included one! we need tones of these guys, like dozens at least.
  12. haha nice one :) but no, the rematch of obi-wan versus maul was first created in non-canon "old wounds" comic.
  13. there was an even larger cargo shuttle in the movie with 8 wings.