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  1. That looks handy. The only problem is that it relies on the poster to use it. You might be safe by only replacing a sequence of 4 or 5 digits surrounded by white space or punctuation.
  2. It's very common to refer to sets by there number. This is great for accuracy and it's concise, but most people don't know all the sets by number. What I normally do is google for the set to see which it is; but this is a hassle. Does anyone know if it would it be possible to create a plugin for this forum that detected set numbers in posts and converted the set numbers to links to the set. Maybe to rebrickable, for example? Paul.
  3. Well spotted, I assume you used the box dimensions of 682x480mm to figure this out?
  4. P.S. thanks to @sama for posting these. Also, @sama do you have a higher resolution version of the above image? It would be good to figure out what PF and other functions we get. No problem if you don't, no complaints here!! Thanks again, Paul.
  5. Here's the link for those struggling to find it:|category_root|Toys|33006252/c_2/2|33006252|Lego+and+construction+toys|33006903/c_3/3|cat_33006903|Lego|33014616.htm
  6. Unimog and unofficial technic builders' guide! Plus a police motorbike in my cracker and a Duplo train for my daughter. A good day!
  7. Cheers, I already "panic bought" the 8043 for £127 after it started to disappear and go up in price. Do you know if the average sets like this usually go for a high price, once discontinued, or can i expect to pick it up for around £70 early new year?
  8. I've had my eye on the 8070 and it's gone up in price from around £60 to £73. It's also old enough to be discontinued, I think. Do you guys also think it will be discontinued soon? Is it likely to rise in price after its discontinued? I gather it's not in the same league as the excavator and unimog. Should I be worried about missing out on it?
  9. It definitely looks like its being retired to me. All the cheapest deals have disapeared and some retailers have started to reduce the discount on it. It's also been out for quite a while too. I also bought this (out of fear of it being discontinued) as my first set, returning as an adult. I have to say the drive train is absolutley amazing, it seems way more complex than any 80's or 90's technic set. It seems to me that the gears had more friction in those days. I remember trying to create complex systems, but the friction just got too high.
  10. Is there a general time of year when the flagship is announced?
  11. Thanks for all the info, much appreciated!
  12. Hello, I was a massive fan of Lego and in particular Technic as a child. Now I'm coming back to it as a 31 yr old AFOL. As I child, when building a large set, I used to put all the pieces on a large tray (un-sorted). As an adult, I realized that this was rather inefficient so, I now sort into about 5 groups of parts, each in there own tray or tub. It's a bit of a pain as some of the tubs can be quite deep with pieces making it hard to find what I'm looking for. It's also annoying when I have to put it all away as i have many tubs and trays to pack up. How are the rest of you doing this? Is there a preferred organization process that I could adopt? Maybe you have some sort of large tray with dividers in, for example? Any advice would be great, Paul.