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  1. I see. I was thinking of a control box that could be used instead of the computer. I see now why you use the computer since it is automated, which sounds pretty good. I was thinking something along the lines of a powered switch box that you could have and then if you wanted to switch tracks, you could just move the "lever" back and forth. How much does one of these things cost?
  2. I'm definitely interested in these. I've been trying out some of the mods that are on the internet, but I have no luck with the PF M motors since they can be too powerful to throw the switch. In most cases, the M motor comes off the bricks/plates or the design causes the bricks to fly apart. I'm a purist at heart, but would be willing to try these out. I'm interested to see how these connect to your PC and would like it if you had a separate control box to flip them by hand. Brian
  3. Miro, It's good to see you as well! I'll take a look. Hope to see you around :-) Brian
  4. Hello All, I am interested in finding some good quality stickers that I can affix to some custom inter-modal cars that I am building, as well as some generic train related stickers. Does anyone create these, or is there a website that you frequent to purchase these items. Any testimonials you may have, are greatly appreciated. Brian
  5. Awesome build, nicely done. i like the two levels of track. Lego Ideas opportunity?
  6. Nice build. Project supported
  7. I have been interested in RAILBRICKS for some time and even purchased the printed copies. I would check out the site frequently and liked what was going on. I'm a dye hard 9v fan and seeing the devotion to the train theme was a good thing. I believe starting fresh is a good idea. Maybe start out with the site and development with ideas from the group. Maybe even do a kick starter to help fund the operation. Offer advertising on the site to help pay for the costs. People can contribute articles based on their expertise and skill set. I'd be willing to pay for advertising on a month to month basis. If you get a printed magazine, the sellers can buy them and offer them for sale in their stores online as well. Much to think about. I'm happy to see this brought up again. I'm willing to chip in any way I can to help get this baby off the ground. Brian @ Capital City Bricks
  8. Yeah, I checked the sets but it appears to not be listed as a color or alternate in any of the listings.
  9. Greetings all. I just had a quick question for the group. I have a few of these items: in Chrome Silver. I have tried to research when these were made and in what sets they came. Does anyone know of their origin? Thanks for helping out. Brian
  10. Very nice indeed! Love the details and the color scheme is spot on. Any plans for publishing the instructions. I'd love to have this for my layout as well!
  11. Awesome layout! Pretty impressive video of the whole thing, especially while looping the different tracks.
  12. I cannot wait until February 7th. I have some friends that want to see it, even though they are not AFOLs. Of course, I'll be a happy camper when they distribute the DVD. After seeing this, I will have to visit McDonald's on a daily basis JUST to get the cups. I hope I can get a full set.
  13. Nice build. I wish LEGO would produce more in the train theme. Not that we don't build most of these ourselves. I miss the 9v so much! Long live the 9v!
  14. Looks great! I want one as well. I might have to start building one soon.
  15. Now all you have to do is make it work for us die hard 9v fans. Great idea as others have said. I like the idea of a garden railway.