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  1. The start of a new Northern village/town, Mid-River: Northern Clan Homestead Also for AoM, house Phase I And on another side note, does anyone else have a really long story planned out for Cat C?
  2. Getting back to the AoM builds Town, House Phase I: Northern Clan Homestead Also this challenge will (hopefully) continue after Book II, right?
  3. AoM, Town: House Phase I A traditional Northern home, found far north in the Wolf Clan lands, here in the ever growing village of Mid-River under leadership of Clan leader Finn. The children get used to the icy cold from a young age, until they are ready to become men and true clan members. While fairly uninspired for Cat B of Challenge V (but nearly a full story-board for Cat C ), I thought why not go back to building for AoM again, as there's still plenty to build, and also a good opportunity to start building for a new village/town. I'll give more information later on but I'm hoping to locate it at the base of the mountain in the North Wolf Clan territory, between the two rivers flowing from the mountain (hence the "imaginative" name, Mid-River ), with a traditional Northern, viking-esk, architecture style. - Thanks for looking
  4. Very clever idea! I was wondering when the first Cat B entries would start coming in the shaping on the camel is nice, and the layered rockwork looks great, the Arizona-type western rocks not often seen in historica builds, great work!
  5. Thanks, I tried to make the waterfalls look natural Thank you, well at least the message was delivered eventually, even if he payed the ultimate sacrifice, now the Northern clans shall aid in the freedom of Historica!
  6. He died for a worthy cause, and now thanks to him the northern clans men can aid in the fight! And thanks
  7. Thank you very much ME! Hopefully you liked the Cat A builds too then Unfortunately I didn't get anywhere, as I only got an honourable mention in the "Pit of despair" category, but thank you Thanks, glad you like it
  8. Thank you, I quite like the smaller trees too, the right balance of simple and effective the bridge took a few alliterations to get right, so I'm glad it turned out alright Thanks, guess you saw them in the wrong order then, but oh well That was really the main idea behind both builds, two separate builds for both sides, where both sides "succeed" in a way Thanks, glad the story was enjoyed, gotta practice story writing skills for Cat C
  9. Thank you LJ, glad it doesn't look too overcrowded Thank you very much Thanks, I was worried the landscape was going to be too basic here compared to the last build, as the focus for this one was more on the structure, but happy it looks ok I've been hoping people will look at the builds in the right order to notice, even if they don't read the story to notice a continuation, and thanks! Thank you, I'm hoping to make this style into a new northern Mitgardia village, maybe start off with a few separate builds, but hopefully one day a large full town Thanks SK, it seemed logical to not just have the logs resting on the wall, so that is how I image the wall would be built That little roof took way too long it figure out Thank you, I don't know whether story comes into the judging, but it was fun to come up with and write
  10. Oh wow, that eagle is a stunning creature! Although the wall is very nice too, and the way they're both connected is particularly clever, there's really nothing to criticise here, fantastic work!
  11. Yeah, I get what you mean, but the tauntaun fits nicely in Mitgardia, in fact far up north I almost feel like they're more suited than horses And thank you Thank you, the focus for this build was more the landscape, whereas for Part 2 the focus was more on the architecture
  12. A clever build indeed And nicely built too, the colours fit perfectly in Nocturnus, the magical mushrooms too, nice work!
  13. Thank you, the angled roof was awkward to to a point I was happy with, although it's rather fragile Thanks, this build was almost to test the architecture for a possible future Nordic village build/new location in Mitgardia Thank you, that's what I was aiming for, a sort of continuation between this and my Spire build
  14. My second Challenge V build, this time for the Resistance/Alliance: Book II, Challenge V: Cat A -A Welcome Message (Pt.2):
  15. ( Part 1 (Spire) ) When the ice begins to melt, and the springs start to flow again, it's not uncommon to use these fresh sources as water supply. However packages floating down river are a bit more peculiar... A young boy sent out to collect water, nothing strange, until a leather satchel floats through the metal bars, getting stuck for a few seconds before washing up by his feet. At first curious, he then notices blood stains on the bag, and quickly runs off to alert a guard of his discovery, who spread the word to the town leader... (Guard) -Sir! A young boy found this satchel floating own the stream, we opened it to take a look and inside is a message, and an important one too... (Finn) -Well then, what does it say? -The message got a bit wet during its voyage, but we've managed to decipher it, it's concerning the heir sir! -The heir? The king has returned? Rightful ruler of all Historica, the only one who can unite the guilds! -Yes, well... debatable, but there's a meeting, in Cedrica, it calls to all leaders in all the guilds, to discuss the oncoming threat of Raavage and The Spire... Also something about another helm, but the ink smudged down there with the water... -Very well, prepare a small travelling party, I shall head to Cedrica. As for the message it must be spread across the land, send out multiple messengers, with guards, don't want the same to happen to them... We must also attempt to find the original messenger, send a group of men up stream, they might find something... -Very well sir. So this is part 2, for the resistance, I wanted to enter a build for each side and have them linked, not just two completely separate builds -Thanks for stopping by!