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  1. Thank you, I felt like some of my previous AoM builds lacked a bit of Mitgardia-ness, so tried to make this one fit in more :)
  2. Didn't post any of them here, so here's my first batch of AoM builds: Defence: Walls phase I: Phase II: Phase III: Agriculture: Farm phase I: And my newest AoM build, Defence: Tower phase I: Belltower Outpost: With more to come :)
  3. Thank you both very much! :)
  4. Thanks, something I felt like trying out :) Can't say the stand is particularly solid though
  5. Thanks! :) He'll definitely be staying on for future phases
  6. Thank you very much :)
  7. This looks great, the hay bales with the arrows sticking out are a very cool idea. Although I really like the base, it has a really nice looking texture :)
  8. Thank you very much, the rocky base took the longest to build cause of the angle it's at, but it's only a very small uncommon angle. Glad you like it :) Thanks! Yeah, me neither, but someone has to do it Thank you, this is my first attempt at a thacht roof, and it took a while to figure out, and there's still a few little gaps I'm not pleased with... The bell is actually a large chrome silver bucket piece, however I have no idea where it's from!
  9. Defence: Tower Phase I Situated in the Mitgardian mountains overlooking Teridyan bay, Belltower Outpost has been warning the city from attacks for many years. The role of bell keeper has been passed down from father to son, a lonely but important job, constantly on the lookout, and keeping the bell nice and shiny. Finally charged my camera up, so here's a build I've been working on for a while. Probably my last AoM build for a bit while I work on my characters' story. -Thanks for looking :)
  10. Thank you, glad you like it :)
  11. Yep, I just wasn't going to include him in this one, and people seem to like him so he can stay ;)
  12. Thank you very much, I was planning on saving him for the next phases, but thought I might as well include him here :)
  13. Although another way of "fixing" the images not showing up, is if the poster of the topic goes back and simply clicks edit and the save without modifying anything, same works for replys with photos :)
  14. Thank you both :) Thanks, I didn't have many ideas for phase I, so it's just a pretty simple build before moving to bigger things :)
  15. A small build, before posting a larger one :) Agriculture: Farm Phase I; Garden