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  1. Two great little builds, the colour-scheme fits Nocturnus perfectly, not many bright colours setting a nice noctunian atmosphere! The little ponds are nice, and whereas the tower is simplistic looking, I see what you were going for and it still looks great and rather realistic, especially liking the little roof on top of the tower!
  2. A neat little build, the use of only light grey definitely gives the impression it was carved into the stone, and keeps the attention on the the centrepiece golden statue, nice work And for the photos to link them from Flickr, just click on the share button on the bottom right of the photo, go to BBCode, and copy that link in the size you want, then paste it here
  3. Thank you, the sled was the main focus for this build
  4. Thanks, I'm maybe adding another waterfall in my next build, so hopefully I can try and improve
  5. Defence: Gatehouse phase III, Guardsman Keep Town: Inn phase I, Aslo The Ale Salesman
  6. (AoM) Aslo The Ale Salesman | Legofin2012 | Mitgardia
  7. My latest build, intended for CCCXIV, but happened to tie in with AoM Aslo The Ale Salesman:
  8. Thank you, normal horses didn't seem appropriate for the snow, so an alternative was found Thanks, to be honest I didn't research into it too much, it just looked rather cool in Game of Thrones Thank you, I tried hard to think of a good name for it, but in the end "snow horse" was the best I could come up with! I find sleds rather difficult to build, but I keep seeming to need them! That is also a good explanation for the snow wall Thank you, I always try to make my builds different in some way
  9. Thank you, a while ago my nearest pick-a-brick (13 hours away) had olive cheese and modified 1x1s, so it was a great opportunity for simple and nice trees
  10. Thank you very much, and yeah, I thought about snow on the bridge, and than just kinda, forgot
  11. Even far north, where snowy blizzards frequently occur, the few outposts that far north still need resupplying now and then. But the paths are treacherous, and the wooden supports holding the snow back have been known to collapse. Only few brave salesmen dare to travel in these areas, but being few the profits are great. And of course a simple horse would not withstand the cold, more, appropriate, creatures are used. A build that happened to tie in with AoM and this years CCCXIV, also partially inspired by scenes in Game of Thrones for the ice/snow wall. A Northern Guardsman fills up on ale for his outpost Aslo and the Mitgardian snow horse, along with the specifically built sled And just the landscape: Also happier with the photography for this one -Thanks for looking! :)
  12. Just a quick build for this, living where I do I haven't seen snow in a while, so for me the most exciting part is probably realising it's actually snowing So many fantastic builds this year, and thanks again CopMike!
  13. (AoM) Frostgate | Legofin2012 | Mitgardia (AoM) Guardsmen Keep | Legofin2012 | Mitgardia
  14. Thank you, I experimented with a few things like the tower, waterfall and angles, so glad they turned out ok
  15. A very interesting build, and excellent evolution from phase I remaining in the state style, it'll be interesting to see phase II in between! The texturing on the walls is very well done too, especially on the "towers" either side of the gate. Another thing I like is the difference between the "outside"'with a desert looking land, and the inside the walls, looking more lush and green. Great build!