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  1. It's fine, I probably should of asked if changing the body was a problem before, but during my cat C entry I'm planning on introducing a few new characters and will most likely take another group photo at the end again, so I'll make sure the Lord of Dragonstone is included I'm sure I'll find a suitable torso, and like I said earlier, no one was left out or ever will be for "personal" reasons, or any other reason than I didn't have the parts, but apologies again And also, @ZCerberus I know Henjin has already asked, but I too would really appreciate and benefit from a deadline extension for Cat C, as I'm rapidly running out of time already
  2. Thank you, glad it doesn't look too rushed Thanks, I'm sure it will serve its purpose in the upcoming war against the Alliance Thank you, and that's the idea, and after seeing what the Spire is up against I'd say they need it! Thanks, yeah, the little guy's working hard to get the Spire black paint job done Thank you, the background was mostly inspired by the Orc pits from LotR Thanks, to be honest the vehicle was originally going to be a wooden medieval German WWI tank, but ended up like this Thank you, well I would say it's fun to wiz around, but I only actually found 3 wheels in time, so it's a bit wonky in reality And I guess, too many of the same colours Thanks, took a while to find something to use as a black paintbrush, but glad everyone likes him Thank you, I didn't get time to do anything over complicated, but I think it's probably best, especially if the simplicity is appreciated Thanks, the orcs and other minions do their best with what they have
  3. I'm sorry, although it wasn't just you, I couldn't get ahold of the parts for Narbilu or Merc4hire either Not for lack of trying though, it took hours to find the best bricklink store, and the one with the most parts was the most expensive, in the end I ended spending a lot more than I planned to and still not having all the parts I wanted... Although I'm pretty sure I have the head and hair for yours somewhere, but the body and legs would have to be changed as I don't have them But if your ok with having just the head and hair the same, then I have I'd happily include you in the actual story builds
  4. Yes yes, you all look just as pretty as each other Admittedly I wasn't sure on the hair, should of asked before I guess, I'll be sure to change it for next time. As for the helmet, turns out just one Pearl dark grey visor costs 8€ (about 10$), so to be honest multiples didn't really fit the budget As for the weapon and which hand he uses can all be changed in the builds Sorry about that LJ, I thought I had a falcon torso somewhere, but haven't come across it yet I'll be sure to add your sig-fig if I find one, although I guess there is a way I could "cheat" But until then Sir Glorfy will just have to represent the Snyder brothers!
  5. Well I've got a complete story written out and just finished the first build, I'll just post a sneak peak here as the first build doesn't spoil anything (A few other sig-figs already present in there though ) A warm welcome at the Grand Griffon Inn And as an added bonus I just received a long awaited parcel containing some of the parts I needed for other Sig-figs. But just first off, it's clear I couldn't include everyone, as much as I would of loved to, my collection isn't unlimited, and neither is my wallet I "prioritized" those who answered in the Challenge V sig-fig thread I started, and added a few others I needed for the story, but if you're not here, please don't be offended. There are many reasons I couldn't include everyone, and of course none of them are personal (love everyone here ) but reasons including (but not limited to): not having the necessary parts in my collection, spending hours on Bricklink and still not finding all the parts needed, the parts needed were too expensive, and so on. Even those I did include aren't perfect, although I did try to get as close as possible But anyway, the figs I could assemble to be part of my Cat C story, Lords of the Alliance: I look forward to reading everyone's entries, and seeing all the awesome builds that'll come out of them!
  6. For the Spire: In caverns and tunnels somewhere under Spire occupied Nocturnus, General Regise and his men/wolf-men put the finishing touches on the new war machine order by Lord Ravaage himself. drawn by two strong nocturnian horses, with forward facing spikes, thick wooden armor on all sides, and a rear mounted ballista, the Spire Armored Battle Wagon is sure to pierce through any resistance soldiers with ease! General Regise oversees the final stages of the new battle ready war machine. And just the Battle Wagon, completed, except for the final black paint job the goblin is working on in the main photo I really wasn't planning on entering Cat B, and focusing on Cat C instead, but I couldn't help but notice the Spire being somewhat under-represented. So this was a fairly quick build (an hour or two today between studying for exams ), and I'm not completely happy with it, it just seems kinda busy and hard to see what's going on But the category ends today, and I'm rather busy at the moment, so here's my third entry to Challenge V! - Thanks for looking!
  7. The day's not over yet I wasn't plan on entering Cat B, but the Spire seemed under represented so I whipped something up quick between exam revision today Edit: And here it is, my entry for Cat B: The Spire Armored Battle Wagon
  8. Was definitely not expecting a micro build in Challenge V, but what a wonderful little build it is! The micro siege machines are fantastic, so much detail, and the base is very nice too, great work!
  9. A wonderful build, so much to love about it The colours are lovely, instantly recognisable as Kaliphlin, but it's the black light shot which steals the show! Fantastic work!
  10. A very pretty build! Mostly due the lovely colours working well together, very Avalonian! Interesting story, and looking forward to your Cat C entry
  11. Appropriately busy build, makes for a believable workshop, with plenty of nice details! The two different floors work well together, gotta feel bad for the poor little guy getting whipped though But guess they aren't the bad guys for nothing, nice story too! Great work
  12. Going to be honest, I may just have finished photographing the build the question concerned Eventually I deci on only building an interior for the Grand Griffon, but the architecture pretty much matches what you described, so thanks for the confirmation nevertheless Might post a sneak peek in the Challenge V thread tomorrow, as the build spoils nothing of the story First of all, welcome to the Guilds! As the others have said, any faction is acceptable in any guild, I believe Falcon Knights have been used in Kaliphlin and Nocturnus before, so I'm sure a few in Avalonia would be just fine! Although I say a few, but that's an impressive army! You may not have chosen the coolest guild (being Mitgardia of course ), but best of luck in Avalonia!
  13. A very intimidating weapon indeed! And the landscape looks wonderfully Nocturnian too, especially the dead tree. This definitely feels under construction, and busy preparing for war, so well done portraying that. Great work!
  14. Although I'm sure you've got a fantastic idea, I think maybe waiting to see how Book II will end first might be a good idea As how Book II ends is up to those who enter Cat C, no one knows yet how it's going to finish, and I think those in charge of coming up with the main storyline will decide on the future of Historica once we know what's going to happen On a side note, very nearly finished my first build for Cat C, unfortunately any Cat B build had to be comprised due to a rather tight schedule for Cat C, so I too really wouldn't mind a deadline extension
  15. Personally I have no problem with my character being rendered as a fleshy, and as for mixing yellows and fleshies I gene avoid it in other themes, but for GoH I feel it's justified considering the other species present in the Guilds And so far I think I can recreate everyone fairly faithfully, although I do hope a few more builders join in, it would be a shame for anyone to miss out on a character gathering