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  1. Impressive army, very fitting for avalonia! And of course welcome to GoH! @TitusV we all know Mitgardia is the coolest guild
  2. Hope everything has calmed down now Brickworld is over and you had a great time! Looking forward to seeing the results of all the challenges too!
  3. Look forward to seeing the finished result SK! My most recent build, a Summer Joust entry that I tied in with GoH: Life in Mid-River:
  4. Life is calm and humble in the small Northern town of Mid-River. Although far north, summer is generally pleasant, with only irregular snowfall from time to time and a cool breeze. As the sun sets the market is packed away, and a few buckets of water are collected to last the night. Although aware of a possible Algus threat, life continues in the Northern Clan. So I haven't been particularly active in GoH recently, for multiple reasons, I've been rather busy with exams, sorting my future out, and in free time this. And honestly I'm glad it's finished, photography was difficult and took nearly a whole day and over 100 photo attempts. This is also an entry for the immersive scene category of Summer Joust, so I thought I'd tie it in with GoH to expand my village - Thanks for looking!
  5. Wow the competition seems like it's going to be fierce! Plenty of summer joust entries from GoH builders alone, I've entered the vignette category, and hope to get an immersive scene entry done if exams and life in general doesn't slow me down too much
  6. So I know this is probably too late, and I don't even have time to write the story just yet, but although I've been really busy at the moment I said I'd build something so here it is for now: Story will be soon, promise
  7. So it's been a while, but I'm going to try and build for episode XV, is there one of the 3 areas that needs a build in particular?
  8. Wow, so many fantastic stories, it's going to be really had to choose what to vote for! I didn't quite finish all the builds, but the story is there, my entry: To Hell, Through Heaven and Back Good luck to all!
  9. Thank you, and unfortunately not, even with the deadline extension I'll only get on more build up before tomorrow, life seems to have gotten in the way Thanks, and indeed it is, although the front is not accurate yet, I thought having the back the right colors would have to do At least what I got done wasn't too bad! And to be honest any characters aside sig-figs were essentially put together just to look good Ah, someone noticed It is Finn, he just lent his beard to Lord Alfadas Mandredson for the second build! Extension or not I have been unusually busy, a 2 week trip to China not helping the cause! The story will be finished in time, but not the remaining builds... Thank you! Thanks, and you're welcome, although the hood was already bought especially for him, budget cuts had to be made Thank you, sorry if I let anyone down by running out of time though Thank you very much Thanks, as a matter of fact I learnt a griffon is a winged lion with an eagle head and talons, and not just a winged lion thanks to that build, unfortunately the hard way Thank you, I'll have to see how close I can get to the deadline and build smaller than planned to see how far I can get with finishing!
  10. I haven't checked this conversation for a while (being busy, and on trips to China amoungst other things), so I was even more surprised to find another package from Sweden in my letter box! And what. Wonderful package it is Huge thanks to CopMike and anyone else involved! Truly a fantastic community to be a part of!
  11. Update: As done as it'll ever be To Hell, Through Heaven and Back On a cold winters night, men, women, and children of the village sat around a large fire, it was a clan tradition to gather round and tell tales of quests, villains and bravery. Tonight, there was a very special tale indeed, the return of the long-awaited heir to the throne of Historica, and the entailing adventures. And so, all ears listening, a bearded man began the story… - Many years ago, in less peaceful times, Historica was on the brink of war, and rivalries between the guilds had risen. The Black Spire had risen in Nocturnus under leadership of Lord Ravaage, a creature hell bent on bringing Historica to its knees. To make things worse word had spread Lord Ravaage was on the hunt for an ancient relic, much like the one Viktor Revolword had used to control the Elementals, except this helm had the power to control the dead, creating an unstoppable army. Only the true king of Historica could reunite the four guilds and together defeat Ravaage and the Black Spire. The four Guilds kept to themselves, until one day messengers had been sent from Cedrica to deliver a very important message: an heir to the throne of Historica had retuned. Unfortunately, many messengers were intercepted by Spire forces, but those who received the letter were invited to a most secret meeting in The Grand Griffon Inn and Tavern, to welcome the new king, and discuss the future of the Guilds… Part 1, At the Grand Griffon Inn Even from outside the tavern, music and cheer could be heard coming from inside, The Grand Griffon was busy as always, with the usual going ons happening; singing, dancing, and of course, drinking! Master Gabbold was also present, giving a warm welcome to those who entered: Gabbold- "Ah! Well if it isn’t a Northern Lord, from Mitgardia no doubt! Said Master Gabbold cheerfully Finn- Indeed, and you must be Master Gabbold. Replied a large bearded man G- What brings you here friend? To taste the authentic Mitgardian ale? F- No no, I already have plenty where I come from, I’m here for a meeting, about the heir to- G- Of course you are, interrupting the man mid-sentence, but please, not so loud, we wouldn’t want any Spire spies to hear now would we! F- My apologies. G- Not to worry, the meeting will be at dawn tomorrow morning, we have plenty of rooms available if you wish to stay the night here. F- Yes, a good night’s sleep will do me well. G- And we can send someone to wake you and guide you to the meeting room, as it is rather hard to find, to keep out any prying ears. F- Very well. Now, how about a one of those “authentic Mitgardian ales” of yours? G- A great choice!" Part 2, The meeting The next morning all were awoken bright and early to discuss what was to be done, the meeting took place in a large room hidden under the Grand Griffon, the walls were lined with large stone pillars, and between them busts of past kings and queens. The hall had been constructed when the Grand Griffon was rebuilt for the last time under the orders of the king, Master Gabbon explained, a hall where the Lords and Ladies of Historica could assemble in times of need. All those who could make it were here, from all Guilds, assembled to greet the soon to be King and discuss the fate of Historica. Once all had arrived the meeting began, Master Gabbon started: G-"Welcome! Lords and Ladies of Historica, you all know why we're assembled here today no doubt, and his majesty should be arriving shortly." An indistinct chatter rose from the crowd, until the sound of footsteps could be heard descending the stone staircase. the room fell silent all anxiously anticipating their new "King". A man in shining silver armour slowly descended until he was visible to all. The young, blond haired man stood smiling at the bottom of the stairs, until the silence was broken by: -"He's but a lad! one of the men exclaimed. Again the room got progressively louder with everyone expressing their opinions. - How can a boy lead us to victory?! - How do we even know he's the true heir?! - A fair point!, the room agreed, who are you?" For the first time the young man spoke, in a deep, mature voice, the hall fell silent once again except for the King: Eric- "My name is Eric , I was chosen as heir to the throne of Historica by the previous King. When he fled Cedrica he knew Revolword would hunt him down and kill him, he had to hide. He ended up in the village where I resided, recently ravaged by drow. My parents had been killed and I left alone in the world, the King found me, took pity on me. My parents house was still standing so we took refuge there. The King raised me, taught me manners, how to fight, how to be a King. He told me when the time comes, when Historica needs a King to unit to guilds and fight I was to return to Cedrica and do just that. So here I am, fulfilling his will. The silence continued, everyone reflecting on what the so called heir had said. - You were chosen by the previous King, but how do we know you know how to rule the Guilds as the King once did? asked one of the Lords - I say we let him prove himself, suggested another - But how? - If he can defeat Ravaage, he shall be King. - That's quite the test! E- I can do it, replied the future King, I already have a plan, but it will take all of you working together to succeed, and the help of four warriors, one from each guild. - For what exactly? E- A quest, Ravaage attacked a stronghold in Noctunus and stole an ancient map. A map leading to the location of a helm, much like the one used by revolword, but with the power to bring back the dead as an unstoppable army... - Hm, sounds delightful! How are we going to stop him? G- Now we have also received word Ravaage is mobilizing his men, preparing to launch an attack, again, bad news for us... - Never any good news... E- Unfortunately not for us, however this is where the plan begins. Ravaage will most certainly head to Cedrica if he wishes to conquer the Guilds, and he can't get there without capturing the fortified city of Salvaty. Situated between forests and mountains with walls all the way around making it the perfect location to make a stand. But if Ravaage acquires the Helm first we won't stand a chance anyway... - None of this is sounding very cheerful or positive for us. E- This is where the second part of the plan comes into play, the four warriors. Their quest is to steal the Helm before Ravaage, but it will be no easy task, according to legend the Helm resides on the head of its creator, in the Underworld. Any volunteers? All the Lords and Lady looked around the hall at each other, silent, until Lord Vladivus proposed someone: V- Myself I must prepare for the upcoming battle, but may I suggest Narcissial, a dark sorceress, I'm sure she'll be of much use in the Underworld. E- Very well, Narcissial for Nocturnus. A loud voice came from Kaliphlin, a knight in light blue armour stepped forward: Harmeesh- I'll go! I'm rather strong and brave, perfect for the task at hand! - Rather full of himself too apparently, said whispers from the crowd. G- And for Avalonia? A small, hooded girl had slipped in front: Aricia- Me maybe? An discrete assassin would perhaps compensate for that brute... E- If you start bickering now Ravaage will have the Helm before you've even left! All that remains is Mitgardia? As I understand Sir Glorfindel, you will need to assemble Mitgardia's armies for the battle... F- I shall go instead, suggested the large viking-esk man. E- I guess that's everyone, as for the rest, you must return to your homelands and gather all your men, war is at hand, and we need all the help we can get. - And so the fate of Historica lies in the hands of dark witch, an arrogant knight, a miserable assassin and an angry viking...? - That be one way of putting it... The hall emptied leaving only Master Gabbold, the possible king, and the four warriors, to discuss in further details the plan to acquire the Helm before Ravaage. G - Now, quest briefing, the longer we take the closer Raavage gets to the helm, so we need to get you out there as soon as possible. Narcissial is an expert on dark magic in Nocturnus, so hopefully she'll know what I'm talking about, around Nocturnus there are a few, let's say, sacrificial grounds dedicated to an ancient legend. Eric if you will... E - The legend says there was once a powerful lord, obsessed with death after the passing of his wife, ready to go to any length to get her back, he asked all the dark wizards of Noctunus to do what they could to bring her back to life. What they forged was a helm, the helm, overcome with excitement the lord immediately put on the helm and brought his wife back. Now the wizards succeeded, but no one can truly resurrect the dead, and what the lord obtained was the mangled, decomposing, reanimated corpse of his wife. The lord spiraled into madness but grew progressively stronger craving more power, eventually becoming more monster than man. With his power and an army of unstoppable living dead, he set off to conquer all of Historica. And nearly succeeded if the inhabitants hadn't called upon ancient beings known as guardians, not able to defeat the dark lord, they banished him to an eternity in the underworld. So far what has been said has almost all been confirmed by historians, but this is where the water is still a bit murky. Upon arriving in the underworld, the lord kept his helm, able to control the dead he became, well, their king, ordering the dead to construct him a fortress at the highest point of the underworld, from where he ruled... G- And now you know who your hunting..- F- Hunting? G- Yes. From what we know he still rules the underworld, helm upon his head. To get hold of the helm no doubt you'll have to kill this dark lord. E- So, to save time the plan up to now: travel to one of these sacrificial grounds dedicated to this dark lord, Narcissial should know a location, use the grounds to open a gateway to the underworld, pass through, locate the fortress, kill the lord, claim the helm, destroy it if you must, all before Raavage, and in the meantime on the overworld we will prepare and rage war on Raavage's oncoming forces to end the Spire once and for all. - Sounds like everyone's in for a good time... G- Indeed, and no time to lose, horses are waiting out back. Good luck warriors. - No doubt we'll need it... Part 3, Road to hell And so they set off, towards the unknown... After a few days ride the four warriors reached the border of Noturnus. Narcissial- We leave the horses here, set them free, they will find their way back... F- We're not far off then? N- 3 days walk at best. H- 3 days?! Why leave the horses, we'd make it twice as fast! A- These lands are swarming with Spire forces, horses are too risky, from now on, we are shadows. F- She's right, now, Narcissial, lead the way. After 4 days walking the warriors arrive at the sacrificial grounds, an encounter with a small group of Spire orcs set them back a day, but the battle was far from over. Back in Cedrica armies of all Guilds had regrouped, and after a few minor disputes between them set off on the road to war. All could be seen, from Barqan Fire to Armored bears. Back in Nocturnus, Narcissial prepared to open the portal. N- This should not take too long, but these grounds are old, and have not been used decades, maybe even centuries... F- Well let us know when it is ready, I'm going hunt for something to eat. H- And where's that miserable looking girl, Aricia was it? N- She went off wandering, needed time alone... H- Strange girl... A couple hours of chanting later N- It is ready, gather round, this should be fairly impressive to see... A last chant in an ancient dialect, and beam of green light from Narcissial's staff, before red light began to whirl inside the hole in the black rock, stained by darkness. F- Any volunteers for a first trip? N- It should be safe... A- "Portal to hell" and "safe" are hardly words I'd put together... H- I shall go, as there is nothing I fear. A- No surprises there then... F- Good luck. The gateway crackled an whirled as Harmeesh entered. F- So, uhm, how do we know if he made it? N- We don't, next? One by one the remaining warriors entered the portal, an impressive scene awaiting on the other side. Grey and dark red rocks everywhere, lava flowing between, next was to find the fortress, a surprisingly simple task. from anywhere a large volcano could be seen, and atop the volcano the fortress. F- Guess we made it then... N- There's the fortress, we should move with haste, and be sure to avoid the wandering souls of the damned. The climb was not without a few near misses, but upon reaching the top, the fortress looked no safer. Large black doors, black pillars, and walls ornate with skulls. A- What a jolly looking place... N- This is the fortress of the lord of the underworld. F- Oh really, for a second there I thought it was a cozy little tavern... H- Quite the sarcastic bunch aren't you? A- Go back to flexing your muscles Lancelot. N- I thought we left the bickering back at the tavern, it's the last thing we need here. Now, be prepared for whatever may be inside... As they approached the large doors swung open, showing the throne room, a long hall with tall pillars either side of a dark red carpet leading to stone stairs. The throne itself sat upon a large rock seemingly floating above the eye of the volcano. The dark lord sat there, lava swirling beneath. F- That's it, the helm. N- He hasn't moved yet, maybe he died, making this much easier. H- Now where would the fun be in that. As the four warriors finished talking and drew closer to the throne, slowly the large winged beast sitting in the throne began to move, like an ancient statue awakening. A- I guess you'll get your fun after all... F- Now we must all be careful, this is a greatly powerful being, we going to have to work together if we're going to stand any chan-... Harmeesh was already gone, sword in hand. The others followed, and the fighting ensued. The huge beast had an equally big ax, attacking with wide swings. While trying to warn Aricia of an incoming blow, Finn got stuck with the back end of the large ax, sending him sliding across the room. A- He gets his power from the helm, we must take it down..! Nacissial knew what to do, avoiding an ax swing and leaping into the air with inhuman like height, spinning mid-air before striking the beast in the helm with the ax on her staff. The dark lord stumbled backwards before regaining balance and letting out an almighty roar. Only to be met with Narcissials staff once again, this time in the chest, she lunged into him, sending them both flying backwards into the stone stairs. But the force of the attack was too much for the stairs, crumbling beneath them, Narcissial jumped of the beast before he fell to his demise, but only landed on the still collapsing stairs, and losing her balance. H- Narcissial! My hand! But he was too late, she stumbled backwards into the swirling lava below... F- No! A- She's gone... Both men turned around to see Aricia holding the helm, staring into it. H- At least we have the helm... A- I shall avenge my family... F- Aricia, what are yo- No! Put it down! But she was already placing it upon her head, her eyes darkened, and her voice changed. A- The drow will pay for what they did to my homeland. Historica will be cleansed of all drow, and no one will stop me! Harmeesh and Fin exchanged looks, both unsure of what to do next. But before they had the time to decide, the blade of a sword penetrated through her body, a dark figure walking out from behind her, removing the helm. Leaving Aricia to fall to the ground. F&H- Raavage! Raavage- I'll have to thank you all later for the helm, I have a city to destroy. Back at the fortified city of Salvaty, the armies of Historica had prepared defenses, and just in time. Spire forces came charging at the wall, they too had new weapons... The battle ensued, armies and Lords of Historica fighting alongside each other against the Spire forces, the last hope for the freedom of the Guilds. In the dark fortress Harmeesh had lunged at Ravaage, engaging in a duel. Ravaage had grown in strength since wearing the helm, overwhelming Harmeesh, simultaneously calling upon the dead to keep Finn occupied. The duelists made their way onto perch, leading out of the fortress, with the fiery depths of hell beneath them as they fought. The duel was fierce, Harmeesh may be arrogant, but his skills with a sword are unmatched, yet Ravaage's newly acquired strength gave him the upper hand, before dealing one final blow to the warrior on the ledge. Finn although busy fending off the dead, glanced over to witness the killing strike, and Harmeesh's body fall. This lapse in concentration led to the dead capturing him, just in time for Ravaage to walk over and clam the last warrior. F- They will fight you... In Salvaty... Freedom will prevail... R- You've been in many before, so I'm sure you must know when a battle is over. I have won. They can fight as much as they wish, but the dead outnumber the living, and as the living fall they join the dead. And so will you, and your recently deceased friends. F- How... did you get here..? R- Opening a gateway to the underworld in Spire territory does not go unnoticed. The fortress was easy enough to find, it was just a matter of waiting for you to defeat the monster, then claim the prize. Now, enough stalling, finish him. Ravaage walked away, leaving Finn's fate to the dead. Before a killing blow could be dealt however, a blast of bright light filled the hall. Leaving Finn lying on the floor, surrounded by white. - Welcome, warrior. A gentle voice spoke. Finn slowly opened his eyes, blinded by the light, to his surprise a lady, dressed in white robes and gold armor stood above him. - Rise, Finn of the North, your friends await you. F- They... they're alive..? - No, but neither are you. F- Oh... Where am I? - A different realm, where we, The Guardians rule, and watch over your realm. Finn stood up, surprised and confused, Harmeesh and Aricia were now at his sides. The Guardian stood in front of them. F- But... Narcissial? Beside the lady appeared another Guardian, all in white. H- Narcissial! - She defeated an ancient being, Lord of death, for her actions she is rewarded. The choice to join us, become an immortal Guardian to watch over the world. A- Well that's good for her I guess, not really a fan of the new outfit though... N- Admittedly me neither, quite pleased with the new crystal in the staff, and fond of the wings though. And with a quick spell her robes reverted back to black, before joining the other warriors. F- Not too keen on the new job? N- We'll see about that later, we have more pressing issues. - Indeed, Ravaage has returned to the overworld with the helm, we banished the previous owner to the underworld so such power could never be brought back. H- Banish Ravaage too? - We are working on it, but it takes time, we cannot intervene directly in your world, so we are sending you. F- We died, Ravaage defeated us, what can we do? - We took you in the seconds preceding your death, you're all in a sort of limbo state. So we're sending you back, with gifts from the Guardians. Narcissial has already received a new, more powerful crystal for her staff. Aricia, a shield, no matter the weapon, no matter the strength, this shield shall protect you. Finn and Harmeesh, weapons forged from the ax of the dark lord, capable of sending the dead back from where they came, a sword, and ax. Now, return the your land, fight for freedom. In Salvaty the battle was nearly won, the Spires forces beginning to retreat. Until the unforeseen happened, the ground began to shake, the plains opposite the city opened up, leaving a dark crevasse. From which rose Ravaage, helm upon his head, surrounded by undead. - The warriors failed... He has the helm! We are doomed! E- Stay strong Lords and soldiers of Historica, we must hold the back as long as possible! All seemed lost as the undead forces approached the city, when a bright blast of light appeared on the battlefield, blinding everyone. Out walked the four warriors, much to Ravaage's disgust. - It's them! They returned! E- For Historica! For freedom! The armies charged with the four warriors leading the charge straight at Ravaage, forcing the undead horde back. Ravaage swung at Aricia, who swiftly blocked withe the shield, the shock throwing back Ravaage, before Finn swung back at him in turn from the right, and Harmeesh lunging at him once again from the left. Overwhelmed and slowly backing up, but not before Eric got in a blow, scaring Ravaage across the face. The finale strike by Narcissial sending a blue beam of magic at him. Kept alive only by the helm, Ravaage vanished in a poof of black smoke as all rejoiced. F- Not bad, your Majesty. All gathered around Eric and bowed, the King had returned, the Guilds were reunited, Historica was safe... for now. Ravaage may be weak, but still possesses the helm... Well I didn't quite get it done, mostly lacking on the build side, what I had planned was the dark fortress atop the volcano, and a large battle with all the sig-figs once again fighting off Ravaage. But oh well, a deadline is a deadline and what I built was fun to build. Good luck to all!
  12. It's fine, I probably should of asked if changing the body was a problem before, but during my cat C entry I'm planning on introducing a few new characters and will most likely take another group photo at the end again, so I'll make sure the Lord of Dragonstone is included I'm sure I'll find a suitable torso, and like I said earlier, no one was left out or ever will be for "personal" reasons, or any other reason than I didn't have the parts, but apologies again And also, @ZCerberus I know Henjin has already asked, but I too would really appreciate and benefit from a deadline extension for Cat C, as I'm rapidly running out of time already
  13. Thank you, glad it doesn't look too rushed Thanks, I'm sure it will serve its purpose in the upcoming war against the Alliance Thank you, and that's the idea, and after seeing what the Spire is up against I'd say they need it! Thanks, yeah, the little guy's working hard to get the Spire black paint job done Thank you, the background was mostly inspired by the Orc pits from LotR Thanks, to be honest the vehicle was originally going to be a wooden medieval German WWI tank, but ended up like this Thank you, well I would say it's fun to wiz around, but I only actually found 3 wheels in time, so it's a bit wonky in reality And I guess, too many of the same colours Thanks, took a while to find something to use as a black paintbrush, but glad everyone likes him Thank you, I didn't get time to do anything over complicated, but I think it's probably best, especially if the simplicity is appreciated Thanks, the orcs and other minions do their best with what they have
  14. I'm sorry, although it wasn't just you, I couldn't get ahold of the parts for Narbilu or Merc4hire either Not for lack of trying though, it took hours to find the best bricklink store, and the one with the most parts was the most expensive, in the end I ended spending a lot more than I planned to and still not having all the parts I wanted... Although I'm pretty sure I have the head and hair for yours somewhere, but the body and legs would have to be changed as I don't have them But if your ok with having just the head and hair the same, then I have I'd happily include you in the actual story builds
  15. Yes yes, you all look just as pretty as each other Admittedly I wasn't sure on the hair, should of asked before I guess, I'll be sure to change it for next time. As for the helmet, turns out just one Pearl dark grey visor costs 8€ (about 10$), so to be honest multiples didn't really fit the budget As for the weapon and which hand he uses can all be changed in the builds Sorry about that LJ, I thought I had a falcon torso somewhere, but haven't come across it yet I'll be sure to add your sig-fig if I find one, although I guess there is a way I could "cheat" But until then Sir Glorfy will just have to represent the Snyder brothers!