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  1. Amazing MOC!!! I especially like the use of technic pins as columns.
  2. [size=4][color=#222222]Rasmus Klump is a Danish comic created in 1951 and still very popular. The series tells the adventures of the bear cub Rasmus Klump and his friends: Pingo (a penguin), Pelle (a pelican), Skæg (a seal) and others. Always dressed in red dungarees with white polka dots, Rasmus Klump travels the world on board his boat Mary, which he builds with his friends in the first episode. At home Rasmus Klump's mother always bakes pancakes to Rasmus Klump and his friends. Rasmus Klump is known as Petzi in Germany and many other countries. In Sweden he is known as Rasmus Nalle. This LEGO layout is bulit by 5 Danish LEGO fans in 2015: Anne Mette Vestergård, Helgi Toftegaard, Henrik Kunz, Jakob Hestbæk and Lasse Vestergård.[/color][/size] [size=7]Video: [/size][size=7][color=#222222][media][/media][/color][/size] [url=""][img][/img][/url] [size=4][color=#222222]Anne Mette Vestergård has built: Rasmus Klump's house and the haunted castle. Jakob Hestbæk has built: Egypt, the boat Mary, the train in the rail wheel and the brown ship house. Henrik Kunz has built: The North Pole Helgi Toftegaard has built: The pink house with the mill and the hot air balloon Lasse Vestergård has built: China, the lighthouse, the whale and some of the small islands. Movement and Mindstorms programming is made by Helgi Toftegaard and his students from Specialisterne. The Music in the video is the song from the Danish Rasmus Klump cartoon from the 1990s. The layout is not the first time I have built something from the Rasmus Klump comics. In January 2015, I built these large figures of Rasmus Klump and his friends:[/color][/size] [img][/img]
  3. St. Bendt's Church is a church in Ringsted, Denmark. Red brick is one of the most common building materials in Denmark. The technique to produce red bricks arrived in Denmark around year 1160. St. Bendt's Church in Ringsted was one of the first red brick churches in Scandinavia. In year 1170 the church was dedicated with great ceremony to Saint Bendt (Benedict of Nursia). The church is built in Romanesque style and houses the tombs of Saint Knud Lavard and many of Denmark´s earlier kings, queens and noblemen. This layout shows the dedication of the church in year 1170. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Saint Knud Lavard was canonized during the dedication of the church in year 1170. Saint Knud Lavard (1096-1131) was a very successful and popular Duke of Schleswig. He was the son of King Erik I of Denmark and a an obvious successor to the Danish throne. But he never became king because he was killed by his cousin Magnus. His death provoked a long and bloody civil war. A week after his death his son Valdemar the Great (1131-1182) was born. In year 1157 Valdemar won the civil war and became king of Denmark. The fate of Knud Lavard and his son’s victory formed the background for his canonisation in 1170. During the dedication of the church Valdemar the Great's oldest son Knud VI (1163-1202) was proclaimed co-regent together with his father. Therefore the 7-year-old boy is sitting on a throne with a crown on his head next to his father. [img][/img] The real church can be seen here: [url=""][img][/img][/url] More photos of my MOC can be seen here: [size=5][url=""][/url][/size] [size=5].[/size]
  4. Amazing MOC with many great details. I especially like the use of the Death Star hemisphere.