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  1. You must love the Simpsons :-) Thanks for sharing!
  2. Jabba in a Tie. I wonder if he could do a trench run with that width. Bib would so shoot Luke his x-wing.
  3. And the pufferfish with yellow sunglasses on its belly. Does anyone think that it is possible to remove the yellow visor glasses from the pufferfish and still use it as a headpiece? With a colourmatching minifig head you will have a pufferfish in that case.
  4. search in aliexpress for 1502A, 1502B, 1503A or 1503B in blocks
  5. I love Leia (who doesn't) but Phasma looks more spectacular. Phasma for me please
  6. Gingerbreadman lost to a scarecrow. I've lost all hope in human kind. My top from this voting: 1) classic alien 2) plant monster 3) galaxy patrol 4) spectre 5) elf 6)robot 7) comic book guy 7) rogue and at the bottom the queen and the fortune teller. The fortune teller in round three. Insane.
  7. @Robert8 especially the dragonsuit is nice. I saw them sold as singles on aliexpress only the dragon and skeleton figs were sold out. It must be cool to see the blue dragon fighting lizard suit man from the lego cmf. they also have a bear suit in the second series btw
  8. Although i really love that spider-woman, i just love that she-hulk even better. She is awesome.
  9. although i don't like it, i get it why they make exclusives like the sdcc ones. It contributes to being a highly wanted toy brand. So i say they have to stick with it. now i'm going to cry somewhere.
  10. For dutch people; there is now a buy 1 dimension pack, get another 1 for free going on in the intertoys.
  11. I totally forgot that gingerbread man made it to the third round. Hurray! Go gingy!
  12. Carnage (but i do like that Ronan very much, but hyperion too) and Grodd
  13. The eyes on venom are cleverly done. I'm not into brickheadz but these i would like to have :-(