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  1. Lots of army builders potential! Sweet figs. My favourite is the mobb boss. I would buy the most of these figs (and some of them in larger numbers)
  2. I'm too old school for these new versions of these superheroes. My memory of Karnak is way different. But i like the fact they are giving us inhumans. So i checked Leyile's site too, and he has more inhumans and phoenix five as well. So why not giving us all inhumans than? Or phoenix five? Or is that in a next wave? And because of all these bootleggers are using Leyile when can we expect the Wrecker and his crew? Big want! Nice that we're getting Dazzler, but i am not familiar with her outfit at all. I like her in her white outfit with rollerskates or the blue one. About Medusa: with Catwoman's microracer head and Ariel (disney) cmf hair, she will look more like Medusa.
  3. What or who is KL? How is their quality?Is there an ali-link? Nice to see a batch with mostly women. Who is 027? Looks like reptile from mortal kombat (or whatever his name is). And who is girl 029 and 031? I miss the mask on Medusa as well.
  4. Model toy kits, like model aircraft for instance use stickers often as well. I am really bad at it, but it gives an extra dimension to the modelling experience. I am sure there must be people who love stickers in lego sets too. I think this snowspeeder set is a real beauty
  5. Love it! One of my favorite movies of all time
  6. Ooh lala, what a beauty! Those details, yummy
  7. the yellow one with his guts out is fun for in zombi mocs
  8. A chinese lion suit would be nice.
  9. This one might help making a custom unfinished C-3PO?
  10. Anyone already figured out Olive Green? I want to give my Bossk in the upcoming battlepack a paint treatment i think. (his legs especially)
  11. This bounty hunter battlepack is bringing back my interest in star wars lego again. What a wise decision to include these wanted figs in sets like these. ( and dark tan/olive green, whatever i want my bossk to match my collection Bossk toy figurines )
  12. My favorite: Lizard. But i like them all. Good job.
  13. Bruce has green eyes. He's definitely changing into Hulk.
  14. Seriously? It doesn't look like that. It isn't a Gorn, it's a Trandoshan, Lego. Quit with the greens already.
  15. That Bossk! Love it!! But why don't they give him dual moulded legs? That would be so much better. Anyways i'm really happy that they changed his skin color (is it dark tan now? Yes?) Must buy thousands of him (well at least two)