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  1. What a happy Hellboy :-)
  2. That would be so sweet! Hopefully easily adjusted to a real spider minifig rather than a costume. And with new arm pieces.
  3. Spiderman. Are we going to get a spidercostume? Are there people who know something already overhere or are there people just saying stuff?
  4. Some new dc figs and a spidey and cobra commander on downtheblocks:
  5. Great posing on the spartans. Is batman giving us the finger? Lol.
  6. Tough choice. I voted imp boy because now i have a custom lego devil. But calculator is also verrrrry nice.
  7. I think it's a clever strategy to put mini boba and jango in this set. However, most of us have them already so it would be more clever if they would give us Taun We in this set. In that case it would become a set people needed to buy to get a key figure. Anyway i'm not getting it, but nice that we get a set from episode 2
  8. They were good enough for one wave. I just think they shouldn't have lasted more waves
  9. Evil corn looks superb. Imagine these will roam your lego streets.
  10. We need a brick seperator minifig as well if we ever get a brick suit guy/girl
  11. i voted retro spaceguy as well. Dual moulded arms, legs, nice printing, sweet sci-fi gun, yellow cape and cool helmet. The sea captain is a close second. But it's for the seagull.
  12. Well, these look great. My faves from that group-shot: Toucan, Eagle, Pelican, Ice Cream and Flower. But also, when i see all these animals i have to think of Fabuland.
  13. Maybe they should have given us new villains each wave. They were the highlights of this theme. I just hope lego will give us new characters as good as the villains were (or better) in a new action/adventure theme. It would be fun if they give us a retro space theme (like the new cmf guy) with cool aliens and robots. Or a theme with a spooky forest so we still can get that mushroom-baddie.
  14. In a link posted in this thread i thought i read you should feel for the two guns. They fall down easily to the bottom of the bag.