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  1. Thank you all :)
  2. Thank you All :)
  3. Hello! This is my tribute to the one of the most cool bands of all time, The Doors the most challenging part was the lettering, its not perfect, but i'm satisfied The drums are simple, and i try to make the minifigs real close to the original band, its a simple MOC, but i Like it :) LEGO - The Doors by SergioBatista, on Flickr
  4. Thank you all the Dishes are painted with professional modelism stuff :)
  5. Im Not sure if this is the right place... I have really pleasure to do small but detail MOCs, this is one of my Fav Mocs ever, hope you like it :) LEGO - Drum Kit by SergioBatista, on Flickr
  6. this is now on Ideas https://ideas.lego.com/projects/91922 :)
  7. Hello Just for fun, nothing special :) I adapt Lego to Gamming, with graphics similar to Lego Games. Made on LDD Render with Pov-Ray and some Photo Edition LEGO - Mortal Kombat by SergioBatista, on Flickr LEGO - Mortal Kombat by SergioBatista, on Flickr LEGO - Street Fighter by SergioBatista, on Flickr
  8. Sick! man!! Love it!
  9. From Power Rangers Season 3, I present to you: The Ninja Zords! Red Ape, Black Frog, Yellow Bear, Blue Wolf, Pink Crane, White Falcon. They have several hinges so that they can transform, unite and form the Ninja Megazord. This transformation, no disassembly of parts, only movements to certain parts change position and have the desired format. -Black Frog, becomes the legs and waist, lowering your hips stretching his hind legs and tucking the front inside of the knees -Yellow Bear, becomes the torso, gathering the front legs and shrinking the body -Red Ape, becomes the right arm, holding her arms in the back and shrinking back -Blue Wolf, becomes the left arm, hiding the front legs and rear -Pink Crane, transforms in the head by lifting the neck to the tail showing the face and collecting the wings. Finally the Falconzord fits in the back getting the Ninja Megafalconzord and can fly. You can suport this on Ideas! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/91922 ninja zords by SergioBatista, on Flickr ninjamegazord separate by SergioBatista, on Flickr ninjamegafalconzordv2 by SergioBatista, on Flickr Im Noob on Mecha Style Mocs, please do not be severe with me :)
  10. I have to go to google to see the mean of "N(ice)P(arts)U(sage)" Thanx a Lot My friends, this will be build with real bricks ASAP
  11. thanx :)
  12. Hello, i dont always build trains :) The Queen from movie Aliens 20 bricks High, 40 studs long, full articulated, hope you like it :) Lego - Aliens, The Queen by SergioBatista, on Flickr
  13. Thank You :)