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  1. Thank you legoman666 and the others, much appreciated
  2. [quote name='legoman666' timestamp='1458576392' post='2507648'] It is not overheating, it is the overcurrent protection kicking in. It is a resetable fuse. I bypass it in my AA battery packs since it limits the current to a mere 800mA (IIRC). [/quote] Do you have any knowledge regarding the protection in the 8878? If I bypass the limiter will that damage the sBrick? PS. I'd be more than happy with a 2 hour cut off. I'm lucky if they are still on the table for an hour. lol
  3. I've stuck with you this long. I can wait little longer. ME large radius track is fantastic but I do crave metal for powered track.
  4. I'm running train motors off a sbrick and powering using a 8878. It runs fantastic for a time and then shuts off. Not sure if this is current load or heat, by the Sbrick or 8878? I turn everything off and wait a short time and I can turn it all back on and it works again (for a time). So it's not the motors sucking the battery flat. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. The xmas holidays is one of the few times each year I get enough spare time to build. Soon. For now here's an LDD Xmas Tree [img][/img]