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  1. This looks terrific. Great job!.
  2. I'm so confused by TLG some times. Why make an officer with this rank when there are sooo many lower ranking officer uniforms that aren't represented. If they were going to make a new print for an officer, why not make the Imperial uniform Cassian Andor wore or even one of the many other Lieutenants from Rogue One?
  3. It looks like that's an MOC: http://bricksetforum.com/discussion/16099/lego-fight-against-chinese-counterfeit-lego/p47
  4. Just a note: I received two copies of the Quest for the Kyber Saber from amazon.com and the Death Star Trooper torso is scratched/nicked/marked in both cases - one on the front and one on the back. I've sent a request to Scholastic to see if they'll help resolve this.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_(fiction)
  6. Is it just me or is the pilot in the new 75172: Y-wing Starfighter exactly the same as the pilot from the 75155: Rebel U-wing Fighter set - including the helmet? You'd think they could come up with something to differentiate the two...
  7. I've given the a shot at modelling 75172: Y-wing Starfighter in LDD: Here's the LXF File. Obviously, there are some issues - including: missing Moroff head/torso piece and backpack stickers and decorations are different/missing had trouble aligning some parts, so several of the Connector Peg W. Knob parts in the engine nacelles are in backwards in order to accommodate the Stick Ø 3.2 W. Holder pieces. I cannot upload this info to the Official LEGO Sets made in LDD topic since the instructions haven't been officially released by The LEGO Group. So, I'm posting this info here in case anyone is interested. Cheers!
  8. Right! Albeit with the newer hat, but still...Frustrating.
  9. ...and the figure from 75163 - Krennic's Imperial Shuttle isn't an officer either... It looks like I'll have to BrickLink one (or both) of the officers from the 75159 - Death Star set after all. Ouch!
  10. I'm kind of bummed that the 75172 - Y-Wing Starfighter doesn't come with an Imperial Officer after all...
  11. Hey, do you have the Brick Bank LXF file?

    1. lomis


      You should be able to download it from within the Official LEGO Sets made in LDD topic.

    2. gotoAndLego
  12. I just noticed that pics of a blue uniformed pilot (most likely from the U-Wing Microfighter) can be found in a 25th of October post on that FB page with the usual leaks compared to ... It's not dual-molded, which I'm glad about since I have so many of the OT style helmets already and like them as a collection. In a vain effort - I tried to see if the helmet design matched that from any of the trailers or Topps trading cards. It did not. For those of you who can't find it and want to spoil yourselves it
  13. Yeah, I can't post my recent LXF file there as it's not based off of instructions and I'm sure there are far too many errors.