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  1. My neighbors are into Bionicle, and I'm getting them Ekimu and Umarak the Hunter for Xmas, (they have the first wave of 2015, btw) are there any others I should be getting before the line ends? Thanks!
  2. What piece is this? Thank you!
  3. Should we make a hashtag to LEGO's Twitter to see if they can get the MoUP? I'm thinking #LEGOMakutaSet. Anyone else? Also, found this: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/release-a-makuta-set
  4. EDIT: Wrong Topic. On topic: Good luck to those participating and I can't wait to see the entries. I may even join, too! Maybe a combiner like the regular set.
  5. So no MoUP AT ALL? (Anyone good with shapeways?) Regardless, this has been a great reboot. Awesome sets, great story, and great characters. Thank you Lego, and I look forward to what is next in constraction.
  6. So is this a LEGO-confirmed list of sets for Makuta? Also, any news of the MoUP's release? (DVD Bonus Mask?) Thank you Dorek! :)
  7. Woah... Great episodes, but man, that ending... Sidebar - If the JtO Makuta is a combiner, then what sets is he made of? Thanks!
  8. Anyone have reccomendations for longer legs for the Marvel Mighty Micros sets? Thanks!
  9. I'm not a fan of stickers. Any way to cover up Umarak's chest so it isn't all black? I put one of Stormer XL's purple drones on Onua and it covers the chest well. I'm out of ideas so I'd appreciate the help. Thanks.
  10. Has anyone found a simple way to put a creature on a Master Toa? Thanks! :)
  11. I'm thinking about buying the set off of ebay, and I see that a lot of the prices are way way lower than the msrp, like single digit numbers. Is this a good buy or is this too good to be true? Thank you!
  12. I posted some images to imgur regarding the Netflix Special. http://imgur.com/a/uTkXY Hope you like them! :)
  13. Beautiful! Wish this were a set! I like it all the way from the draconic head to the awesome hooved feet. Question: How do you make the hands? They're amazing!
  14. What I did for each G2 winter wave was get three Toa and three small sets, all of each color. Luckily I picked the best of each (Tahu, Gali, Onua - 2015, Pohatu, Kopaka, and Lewa - 2016). Lewa with Ikir is amazing. I really don't like Uxar or Tahu Uniter, and I feel like I personally made the right choice. From what I hear Onua and Terak are great (Terak is ADORABLE!). So you have a lot of options. For a great unity, I think Gali and Akida work well together. It all depends...
  15. I've been a constraction fan my whole life but with a limited budget. If I were to get two figures total, from each wave, one good guy, one bad guy which ones should I get and why??? Thanks, all!