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  1. Such a beautiful build. I like colors you've used.The lamp is great. Also, the cage for contracts is almost the same as it is in the game... Oh... I think I should play it again hehe. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Nice farm. I like the pig lying in the mud.
  3. Great work Jan!
  4. The car looks so nice and the use of sausages - awesome!
  5. Awesome, my favorites are the corridor and the mainframe.
  6. Thanks guys, @Robert8: The hair is from April from Teenage Ninja Turtles, this one: 79105-1: Baxter Robot Rampage
  7. Thank you once again for your kind words. I really appreciate it.
  8. Thank you very much guys!
  9. Such a beautiful shape and plants inside.
  10. Hi, here's something new... Death & Love Death & Love 1-3 by Dario Đipić, on Flickr Death & Love 2-3 by Dario Đipić, on Flickr Death & Love 3-3 by Dario Đipić, on Flickr Have a nice day!
  11. You are geniuos. Ships are great and the base and overal look - beautiful.
  12. Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!
  13. Awesome and fantastic! The idea, the shape... great build.
  14. Fantastic!
  15. Great! Saw it on expo, niiice.