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  1. In the Fantastic Beast adventure world, do you need to have played the story pack to be able to go inside buildings?
  2. He told us all this a couple of weeks ago :)
  3. He does have a giant hammer in the set, you can switch it out for another Gatling gun hand.
  4. That's a really good Steel :) What head is that from?
  5. True, but what I'm saying is, will it be like the Ghostbusters worlds where a year one character can access both worlds without the need for the corresponding year two character.
  6. I had to download a newer version of the world, but trust me it does work :)
  7. When TLBM and TTG sets are released then certain Characters like Cyborg might be able to access them, like I previously said for GB 2016, previous characters can access the new world, so we just need to wait and see :)
  8. After getting ET (for £10) I decided to go to his adventure world, in a way I absolutely love which is flying on Elliot's bike! And while I was waiting for the pack to download I wandered around the shard, and saw to my surprise I can access the Ghosbusters 2016 adventure world with Venkman Slimer and Stay Puft! Which I didn't think you could because when the year two patch was released and the new stuff added, I downloaded the GB 2016 pack hoping I could do that yet couldn't, I'm glad I can because I wanted the adventure world but not the story pack!
  9. Have you seen the Dimensions version of it? It that doesn't float your boat maybe a quick Google search might bring something up :)
  10. That Sherlock one is brilliant!
  11. That face is Jor-El, father of Superman.
  12. Here is my Dash from The Incredibles
  13. To those having trouble with game tags, is it on every part of the pad it doesn't work, or just one section? I just put on the game because I was worried about my progress being deleted like some of you guys have had (luckily it's fine) and can't get characters to work on the left hand section, they work on the right and middle just not the left. Wondered if that was what was causing some of your problems? EDIT: never mind, turns out I now know why it says not to put it on a metal suffice, I lifted the game pad and Legolas and Doc Brown popped up.
  14. A good head for Nightcrawler is the Duros head from the rebel battle pack, it's the one I'm using for him :)
  15. I have it all on DVD, and have actually made Rimmer and The Cat in Lego (still looking for the right head for Kryten) and am looking forward to playing it in the game. I wasn't being derogatory, just stating a fact :)