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  1. I did add the captions quite late at night and didn't realise they looked bad Glad you got the Lucy in the sky with diamonds one :D
  2. I got the Yellow Submarine today and my have gone overboard, some of these might be obscure, enjoy :D
  3. I noticed that about the Scarecrow set too, should be too hard to fix that though :)
  4. Looks good, but why didn't you use the official hair piece?
  5. Thanks, he's my favourite too, that's why I wanted to make a Nora, and then needed somewhere to put her :)
  6. Red Hoods shoulder piece is a lot bigger than Batmans cowl, so should be easy to find you can connect the Scarecrow and Joker portions together, but it does look that great you can easily separate the two sections of the bike without it breaking, they are connected by the same pieces that connect the Gotham Energy sections, and a small mixel joint. I can post pictures for you if you want?
  7. Here is a little something I knocked up of Mr Freeze looking after his beloved wife Nora. Thoughts are appreciated :)
  8. Is The Dark Ones dagger purist and if so where is it from because I need it!
  9. There is no online component
  10. The hands you are talking about are already in that colour in the Superman mighty micro, and was the first piece I thought of when I saw that toy picture of Shocker.
  11. Fitz is Frodos face I think. Coulson is from a Endor Rebel. Not sure about the others.
  12. Item 47 was released on The Avengers Blu Ray.
  13. I am looking for a Dimensions Supergirl to trade for a Dimensions Green Arrow. He is still sealed in his bag.
  14. He's been posted in here a few times, if you do a quick search for him you will find some inspiration :)
  15. They have the licence until 2020