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  1. Here are my Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy (admittedly DD isn't actually a custom, but I did give him actual eyes)
  2. Ashildr is never going to happen. Also what would her abilities be?
  3. I really like her too and I'm glad she keeps popping up in other books, I really hope she shows up in Rebels or Rogue One.
  4. For those of you who read the books, here is Rae Sloane
  5. So Gentleman Ghost is in that set then?
  6. Yes they have, just do a search for it and you will find it :)
  7. They are both really good :) The Master needs a different face though, but the one you have used could be used on a Master from The End Of Time. And where are those legs for Rassilon from?
  8. I'm hoping Arrow will be at MCM in October, they had most hard to get exclusives there last year.
  9. Well I did actuall cannibalise the micro fighter AAT to make it :) Thanks, I only realised that hair piece would work yesterday! I never got into it so I don't know what it is, also you're right about the tail, ive taken it off now Thank you :)
  10. I decided to make a sandcastle diorama for Sandman to fight Spidey in, but it turned into a sand tank! Here it is, hope you like it :) (I've ordered the official figure, and will put him in it soon)
  11. What about the CMF dog judges hair?
  12. I redid my Fitz (and gave him the helper monkey he has always wanted :D) and tweaked Gorgon (yet again)
  13. I can't believe I only thought of this today!
  14. Hasn't it already been confirmed that it isn't 3PO in the calendar?
  15. I've updated my Iron Man MK V with new leg, and finished my Hulkling, what do you guess think?