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  1. Another awesome review as usualy. How long does it take to shot, edit, assemble set etc for one big set as Silent Mary?
  2. The one with elementals beings made...i bet it cause searial burns on skin hahhaha
  3. Nice fort and conquistadors. Did you try angled wall with hinges?? Maybe you could spare some of slopes? I hope you build whole fort!
  4. Awesome creation. Soo much details on such small space. GJ
  5. Is Silent Mary only available in Lego Stores, and not in other retailers? I know i saw BP and QAR in Mullers and some local stores, so i wonder if this is the case with SM.
  6. I would like to see Armada in next years, but for 30th anniversary they better go with pirates. It would be nice to see some large legendary sets like Skull's Eye Schooner, Eldorado Fort, Trading post or Enchanted island.
  7. Now when trailer is out, can we expect to see official pictures soon?
  8. No news about ship in Toy Fair in Nurnberg :-( Myb at NY Toy fair we got more luck.
  9. Ship looks brownish, i hope the mast parts will be same model and color as those expensive ones in Imperial FLagship.
  10. Nice fleet, i collect ship too. How do you keep them clean of dust?
  11. Hope we got some pictures or infos soon, cant wait anymore :-)
  12. Really great and nice build. I wish lego make some historyc modulars like you make this one.
  13. Awesome build, soo much details. Are those candles lightable?? :-P
  14. Awesome dragon. On picture 3 and 4 it reminds me on