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  1. You guys are reading into this too much.
  2. Wow this Kylo is major improvement from his previous version,definitely buying his TIE fighter set!!!
  3. I see now but it sucks that we have to wait longer for the JL sets.
  4. I don't get it,why the Thor sets got released earlier but not the Justice League sets??Both movies come out the same month.
  5. God I hope so,I hate exclusives.
  6. I wish we had a close up on the new Rey minifig.
  7. Check lego leaks on reddit.
  8. Believe me I want more Adventures material but it's been what 6 years since Pharaoh's Quest came out?? And since then we haven't seen anything similar. Now I'm sure we'll get Indy 5 sets but the movie comes out in 2020,that's a long way ahead of us and I doubt we'll get sets based on Uncharted or Tomb Raider movies. Let's hope Lego will get motivated by those films and have another Adventures line out soon.
  9. I have lost all hope for a new adventures theme coming out.
  10. I was dissapointed that we didn't get sets based on "The Fantastic Beasts" last year hopefully that will change next year with the sequel.
  11. Finn is looking good,I like the updated jacket and this time he actually has printed legs.
  12. How do you expect people to trust you when you willingly spread fake news??
  13. Yea getting tired of those fake "leakers".
  14. Inferno huh?Must be based on the singleplayer campaign from Battlefront 2.Since it's focus is the Inferno squad. Overall if those sets are legit then this wave sounds promising.
  15. Well hopefully this time around the sets are better from the previous wave.It was nothing but boring vechicles and mundane figs,the dinos where the only good thing that came out from that wave.