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  1. My thoughts exactly! I was expecting for Aquaman to be in the most expensive but what do you know,miracles do happen
  2. More rumors for the end of Nexo Knights: https://brickset.com/article/27598/is-nexo-knights-coming-to-an-early-end
  3. Well the same thing happended with Ultra Agents,the theme ran for almost two years and it's last wave (which was a summer wave) didn't even release the sets in some countries.Hopefully the rumors are true because with this cancellation we might finally get a proper castle theme instead of a fantasy/sci-fi hybrid that's Nexo Knights.
  4. Finally a new walker!!! Better start saving money from now.
  5. Overall pretty good trailer but the music gives me GotG vibes and I don't like that.It also looks like that in the past Hela attacked Valkyries home planet.But my fav part of the whole thing is Thors reaction on Hulk,it's comedy gold
  6. Not liking how the bad guys look,also really hoping that nya is in a cheap set.
  7. Still pissed that Hela doesn't have leg printing considering she's the main baddie of the movie.
  8. Yea but in all the pictures we got thus far for the movie we see Thor wearing only a red cape. If you notice in this picture Valkyrie has a blue cape. https://ewedit.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/00025099043543596.jpg
  9. I think the blue cape is Valkyrie's.
  10. Yea I agree about Loki he really does look generic.I was honestly expecting something better considering his lacking design on the original Avengers sets. Still Thor looks amazing and this is all that matters to me.
  11. Well damn Thor looks even better than expected!!! Now I'm even more excited for this sets!!!
  12. Wait is this Thor fig the real deal and not some fake costume fig??
  13. Well this trailer is definitely an improvement from the super bowl trailer.Whenever this movie is the last depends on how much it will make on box office.
  14. I'm liking the torso but the face and the lack of leg printing is disappointing.
  15. If Rey really has black windows hair then I'm gonna be disappointed.