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  1. Not sure why they made a new hairpiece for the 12th Doctor. Capaldi's hairline doesn't look like that.
  2. Old one looks so much better IMO.
  3. I'm disappointed. I was hoping for a big impressive display piece. This just seems too much like an oversized playset to justify the $700 it would cost in New Zealand. Hopefully the minifigs won't cost too much on the aftermarket.
  4. Which do you think are the best versions of Star Wars minifigs so far? I'll start us off with one. Luke: The 2011 version of Luke is my favourite mainly because of the new one's awful face printing.
  5. Can someone explain the difference between the old and new capes?
  6. How do you plan to actually make the game?
  7. So I'm guessing they're no longer moulding toes or pants so they can reuse the mould for other bigfigs. I see why they did it but I can't say I like it. I'm also not too big on the printed details on the pants.
  8. They could be going for a Winter Soldier Black Widow.
  9. What if LEGO is making sets based on Civil War?
  10. A petition isn't going to do anything. The people at LEGO know what they're doing, they're not going to change their minds because of 10,000 signatures.
  11. I don't see this set having many figures. Maybe a stealth suit Captain America, Black Widow, and Nick Fury.
  12. I like this set a lot.
  13. While this is interesting, we shouldn't assume that it's the Helicarrier. It could be any number of other things.
  14. I have no intention of buying it. I'm just not happy that it was chosen instead of a project I would have preferred..
  15. That's not why I personally dislike the show. It's for the reasons talked about in this article: