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  1. Your feedback ist overwhelming! Thank you so much. I appreciated every comment. Of course I used photoshop, but just to cut the background. The water is made with 1x2 tiles on top of a layer of bigger plates in dark bluish gray and on the edges I used transparent plates to cover the layer below.
  2. The little snowman:
  3. You are right, it was a great joy to build this creation, especially because I was building this with Brick Vader and we inspired each other in a very good way. But it's even more joy to share the build here and get that much comments. So thank you everyone for appreciating our work and the kind words.
  4. Welcome to the Venice of 1486. Inspired by the video game Assassin's Creed II Brick Vader and I met and built a diorama together. We tried to recreate the architecture, colours and atmosphere of venice as good as possible and had a lot of fun recreating all the details. On NewElementary I have wrote a bit longer about all the new elements and techniques that were used here. I hope you like it. Arrivederci! Jonas
  5. Like Aanchir already said you are talking about a different color: Lime green Same here. Several Friends sets contained Lime Green 4x3 Leaves. The specific part could be only from the Holiday Train set and only from a very special version. All people I know who bought that set got green leaves instead of bright green ones.
  6. Hello, The search results here on EB weren't that satisfying so I just ask you: Do bright green 4 x 3 Plant Leaves (2423) really exist? Of course they are listed on Bricklink, but only as an alternate part of the Holiday Train. And on Brickset they are not listed at all. Currently there are four BL-sellers who have them available in their stores, but at least the German seller had to confess that his leaves are in fact green. I have never seen someone using this piece. So does it really exist or is it listed wrong on Bricklink? Hope there is someone who can clear this up. Best Jonas
  7. I know, I'm late. Hopefully not too late. While looking through some photos I discovered some snapshots I made while destructing the boat. Maybe it's still of interest for someone: The structure under the wave. (Pretty basic.) Picture from below. Here you see how the planks bend. Fiction points for the planks and the metal bar at the rear. (The holes in the studs of the technic bricks allowed working with 1/2 brick offset.)
  8. Hey everyone, I'm really glad you like it. Thank you for your comments and your pleasant words!
  9. Hello, Almost 30 years ago the first Predator movie came in the cinemas. Since then he appeared in three own films and even in two crossovers. A character contest on Imperium der Steine was the perfect chance to try my hands on this guy: Tell me what you think! Best Jonas
  10. Thanks a lot for your kind words, I'm glad you like it. To be serious, I have no clue of ships. I just looked up some pictures. So the sailor is no rebuild of an existing ship, but more a ship of my imagination. Due to that, there are several points you found that doesn't fit perfect. I used 2x4 curved slopes. Thanks for you comment. You are right, I used dark bluish grey to fill the wave. In the upper part I also used white bricks to make the wave a bit brighter. I didn't took the ship apart, so you have to wait for your WIP pictures, but I will show them here for sure! Unfortunately I didn't found a better flag in my collection.
  11. Ahoi! Inspired by some old paintings, I have built a sailing ship that is attacked by a sea creature. Here are more shots of the ship: I hope you like it! Best Jonas
  12. Hello folks, I present you my latest build, a flying steampunk kiosk. It's a collaboration because I got visited by the talented Brick Vader on the last weekend. Unfortunately he is not that much in lego anymore, but my collection and some brainstorming about steampunk inspired us to build something together. We had limited time, but I'm happy how it turned out. I hope you like it as well. Best Jonas and Jonas
  13. Wow. Your commendation overflows me. I'm glad you like it that much. :) Thanks a lot! Yes, it's minifig scale. (Only the ladder is probably a bit too big.) Thanks for the time you spent in looking at the pictures to catch all the details. That makes the work of building and shooting worth it!
  14. Hello, With so many great winter creations in the last weeks, it's feels a bit frosty on EuroBricks. So I will try to bring you a bit spring feeling with my newest creation: My Tree House Tree houses always had something magical for me. The symbiosis of the home and the nature has something very idyllic and charming. I wanted to reflect this peaceful atmosphere and the feeling of security in tree houses in my build. Also I had the chance to try my hands on a bigger tree and the challenge to build it sturdy enough so it holds the home. I'm glad Oscar posted his amazing roof technique before I build my tree house. It's so great, I had to copy that. Thanks for your inspiration, Oscar! To give the tree a sturdy base I build its roots and a bit of the surrounding landscape. I hope you like it! Jonas
  15. Hello, It's that time of the year again when the snowflakes fall and everyone is looking forward to christmas. Maybe somewhere else, but in Germany we had 16,5°C / 61,7°F today. Feels like summer. To compensate for the Christmas stress and the inappropriate weather I built this "dream winter scene". If you like it, you can find more pictures here. Jonas