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  1. +1 to this, despite the red panels it looks surprisingly whole. Still, easy to remove for those, who doesn't like it much. I am seriously impressed with the result till now, fantastic job!
  2. This is a great idea for C-model, and You did very well to date. I really like the overall shape, and the cabin+front area. What will be the functions with the gearbox? If those will be not effected, than I suggest to put the BB on the top as part of the spraying tank: the tank would be built around the BB - just an idea.
  3. I want pieces randomly on the table. I don't care numbered bags, for me building LEGO official sets is ZEN. Finding parts is a great separation method from the rushing, stressed outer world. That's why I don't understand the race on building time neither - but everybody does on her/his own way.
  4. I start with the bad: I see no reason to start a new topic for the finished MOC. Now to the good: I love this MOC, complex, interesting, nicely shaped. Great job! Edit: extra thumb up for the logo.
  5. Very good MOC, I like the size, I like the functions, I like the playability. Well executed concept!
  6. I am sad to say, the best part of this set, is Jim's review. Excellent evening reading, thanks for that! There is a tiny typo: L motor instead of XL.
  7. Beautiful and detailed review as always, thank you Sariel! I think it is a great feedback to TLG, which reflects the opinion well of many of us. Though, totally agree with Erik in the above written. Also what I really miss: if there is gearbox position, where You can roll the truck by hand, and rotate freely the steering, than an additional HOG would have been a really-really nice feature. @Sariel: The steering angle is also disappointing, is there space to increase it with easy modification? As the sets are tested by children initially befor finalizing the design (as seen previously in the 8275 designer video), I am really surprised about the performance... As a small kid I would have expect to drive such a big rough truck trough pretty much on everything, with devastating result on the obstacle. I know that every generation is different - as always, but was it really enough to have it big, and cool looking? I tried to like this set, as the appearance is badass, and I like the gearbox, the outriggers, the crane (which looks also unfinished), but as @MajklSpajkl said too, it is a missed opportunity in many aspects. If it drives remotely, than remote should work properly - it is a known pain for years, presented in the video properly. If it is called All-terrain truck, it should climb well, it should be powerfull as hell Me neither can justify the price tag, I just don't see where is the money gone... springs, working front suspension, +1 XL motor for drive should have been part of the package. For 200-210 Euro RRP it would be totally fine for me as it is. Overall, I feel like the 9397 logging truck (RRP: 119 Euro) is the same category technically and in functions as 42070. Both have nice gearbox solutions, clever motorized outriggers and crane, drivetrain, 4 cylinder engine. 42070 is... well, just bigger and azure pimped. The suspension and remote driving basicly do not add anything as advantage, as they practically useless (as I see).
  8. Very well captured shapes, perfect size. I don't really care about realistic chassis, I always look for interesting engineering, clever solutions and aesthetic experience. Scrolled through the instructions, I am pleased in every aspects. Thank You @Madoca 1977!
  9. Hmmm, looks like the moulding machines had a BLUEkakke party recently... Seeing that poor bear, I wouldn't be surprised about further reveals of dirty engineering at Lego's house.
  10. Is it the clicking noise what nerves you? Technically I don"t see any reason to make it extra complicated just because of the internal clutch of the LA, even further I would say it is a bad design decision to cover a "non-issue" with unnecessary bulky mechanism. In my opinion your solution is great, works, the clicking is normal. Another option would be to replace the LA: use clutch gear + worm gear, something like this:
  11. Works fine here, Win7 + Chrome.
  12. I think You nailed it to perfection (sure there is always 1% to be find). Awesome curves, on pair with Madoca's Icarus. Maybe I would add 1L beam (available now in white) to the front bumper to connect the front grill area with the small panels, or similar solution.
  13. Looks amazing in the end perspective , but I am not sold on the wheel arches on the hood. Maybe if the panels would be less angled, than it would look more homogen. While we focus on the models here, I must mention: I admire all the work and quality what was put in the video and editing. You have definitely talent for right settings and spots, also patience to put a concept together. I think You should consider movie / video creating as future profession.
  14. Neat MOC, although the look is somewhat raw (or futuristic?). I don't see a reason to make it RC, pneumatic + manual operation = fun.
  15. Very good MOC in functions, in details, and in appearance! I don't even know what part to look at: engine, suspension, detailing, mechanics... Nothing fancy, everything reasonably and soberly functional, no overthinking, just like the real machine supposed to be. I miss so much official sets like these! Professional work, hat off. edit: one minor thing could be improved, the hood panels could be connected by DBG 15100 along the edges, for sake of visuality.