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  1. Imperium starring Daniel Radcliffe - I won't go into too many details here because it is a rather dark topic, but suffice it to say that it's a good film if you're into southern American history/culture.
  2. Watched Suicide Squad yesterday - posted some of my thoughts on it in the DC Universe thread.
  3. Non spoiler remark about SS that's probably already been mentioned but I'll say it anyways: It's like DC watched the rise of Iron Man+all the other Phase 1 movies then conglomerate into the super successful first Avengers movie, then decided a year later 'okay we'll make a backstory for a Superman reboot'. After that DC then decided to try and replicate Marvel's (still ongoing) success and just giving us these giant blockbusters with all the classic heroes and big stars, expecting all the big praise to come from said conglomerate; somehow they didn't realize it was the Avengers' backstories in their standalone movies that drew audiences to the characters before making Avengers 1. I mean, on the surface it looks cool and makes them money, but BvS and SS don't appeal to anyone looking for a deeper and substantial story. I also don't see them being able to carry on this farce again if they botch JL 1 - the Suicide Squad box office drop this weekend alone is starting to show people are running out of patience with these shallow films. Movie-wise it was fun and somewhat enjoyable, outside of the corny moments and weak story.
  4. How You Get the Girl by Taylor Swift
  5. I'm fairly excited for this, if Rogue One is the war movie they claim it'll be.
  6. Star Trek Beyond on Saturday; loved the storyline, and the chemistry between the different pairings of characters throughout the whole film.
  7. Apparently HBO is sending Ramin Djawadi and an orchestra around North America for a GOT concert tour: The Toronto date is in March and I'm seriously considering getting a ticket for it, but I did say the same thing about that Zelda 30th Anniversary concert 4 years ago and never ended up going. So we'll see, but it's certainly very tempting.
  8. I liked it more than Legacy
  9. Short Term 12: Great indie flick.
  10. Wish I Was Here; love Zach Braff.
  11. Relevant:
  12. The Purge 3 in theatres on Saturday. A lot of the movie was rather predictable but I still enjoyed it a lot. At this point though, it feels like one of those series they should consider retiring.
  13. Hi Spear, welcome to Eurobricks!
  14. is
  15. I wonder who they'll cast as Uncle Ben in Homecoming; if Marvel got somebody as young+attractive as Marisa Tomei to play Aunt May, Uncle Ben is going to have be a male model or something.