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  1. My entry: a rabbit in a snowstorm.
  2. I've been meaning, since the Disney minifigures were first revealed, to make a few builds to go with them. Here is my first: The ticking crocodile. Never Smile At A Crocodile by Kodiak Sanders, on Flickr More details on my Flickr page. Let me know what you think!
  3. #10 - 2 points #16 - 2 points #27 - 1 points
  4. Funny, that's where I've found some too. I got my four favorites so far (Syndrome, Mr. Incredible, Stitch, Cheshire) and they're all pretty great.
  5. 12 - Kendo Fighter Entry by Leopold - 1 point 46 - Frightening Knight Entry by Halhi 141 - 1 point 62 - Lazer Mech Entry by Aaron Gomez - 1 point
  6. 16 - Series 8 Cheerleader Entry by Leopold - 1 point 41 - Series 12 Fairytale Princess Entry by Soccerkid6 - 1 point 59 - Series 7 Ocean King Entry by Ninja Bomb - 1 point
  7. <p>Thanks as always for this lovely event Copmike. Here's my last minute entry: My ideal Christmas tree reminds me of happy Christmases past, like this one which I built years ago this season: _20151129_193047 by Kodiak Sanders, on Flickr WAIT WHAT. AW NO. I DIDN'T SEE WHAT TIMEZONE THE CLOSING WAS. Darnit. Ah well. Good luck to everyone else. Thought I had over an hour left, turns out I was nearly three hours late.</P>
  8. So much for that. Disappointingly only Nexo Knights, and no giveaways or exclusives.
  9. I was asking more why things have to be on-topic all the time, more than whwther or not it was on topic. Can't we just have conversations? If you're not interested in what people are talking about now, come back later or chnage the subject. People only looking for confirmed information can check the original post. Real conversations flow naturally in one place, not suddenly getting moved to private messages (where no one else can join in) or having a new thread made for it (since often the discussions aren't directly LEGO related).
  10. Pros: almost everything. Love it.Cons: no opening doors, all sides have 1x3 tiles instead of 1x6, and most of all, the two Doctors each have printed legs instead of double molded! I'm very disappointed by that. Well at least Clara appears to be molded. Probably Ghostbusters. Or it could be Nexo Knights or something completely different that we haven't heard about. But my money's on Ghostbusters.
  11. Just curious - if people are having a fine conversation about something which is admittedly somewhat off-topic, what's wrong with it? I think of Eurobricks and similar forums as simply places to have discussion, not somewhere where we have to all talk about the same thing. If EB has always had strict rules against this then I'm wrong, I just feel like I've been seeing moderators/regulators shutting down various conversations quite often lately.
  12. I doubt it - probably multiple stickers or, even more likely, printing. You can't take the parts apart once the sticker has been applied.
  13. LEGO Ideas cannot make new molds [for some reason] so technically there are no new molds in this set: the twelfth Doctor's hair will have already been in Dimensions packs by the time this set is released. Not to mention it may just not have been worth it as they probably don't plan on making any more 11th Doctor minifigs but there is certainly potential to make more Capaldis if this makes it to full theme.