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  1. Hmmm, very narrow market though. They would only be in demand for those who purchased the actual set which is rather expensive. After that you have to assume the majority of UCS slave 1 owners are fine with their model being Bobas which is by far the more iconic and recognized color scheme.
  2. Thanks! Just a convenient byproduct of my limited brick selection Quite a bit larger than 10195 especially in terms of wingspan and the front section. The best way to compare the two is the noseart. The panel used for the entire nose sticker in the official set is only large enough for the height of the mouth opening in my model.
  3. Yes, on my Flickr! Only one so far but I'll probably take more
  4. Yes but not easily! It's an arm workout
  5. Hi guys, Just recently completed my first Star Wars oriented MOC, the Republic Laat/c with ATTE. I started this build about 3 years ago and it was going to be just the ship itself before I took up the walker project about a month ago. This is probably my largest MOC to date, and it's by far the heaviest. The hardest part was allowing the walker to connect and detach from the ship easily without the walker's weight putting too much strain on the bricks. Republic Dropship and AT-TE by James Asbury, on Flickr Let me know what you think! You can find all of my creations and more photos of the build at flickr.com/photos/jasbury
  6. The stands seem very random. I can't find any pattern with some being different sized, and others being TIE fighter parts. Perhaps they were meant to be erased in an updated version of the pics, and we're only left there to pose the minifigure for photography.
  7. No need to get angry at the video creator. He did not steal them, and stated he had no idea how they were acquired. Being stolen from the factory is just his best guess. He purchased them from a third party and was willing to make a video to show us how the minifigure looks in person
  8. On the Lego version the bottom section of the wing is thinner than the rest of the wing. I'd bet that it either slides upwards or folds inside in some way for landing. After that, it would look real close to the ship on the poster. It must be a pretty iconic ship if it's on the poster to begin with, so why would lego build a really similar looking different ship? I have a feeling TLG will be going for all of the iconic vehicles for this first wave. Tie fighter, Rey's speeder, new x-wing, etc.
  9. The details in this are terrific! I love the exploding AT-ST.
  10. If the rumors of the UCS Milleniun falcon are true, I'd guess it to be in the $500 range like the last one. Based on the glimpse of it in the video, it looks like the same size/scale of the last one. Although Lego prices have gone up over the last couple of years, so it could be closer to $600.
  11. Excellent work as always! I think that the staggered plates work really well in this situation to give it that gradual curve. I like the way you added those angles while still leaving room for the interior.
  12. If there is one, it'll probably just be a difference in the printing like it was for the CW and non-CW clones
  13. The AT-AT will probably be a bigger redesigned than the prelims are showing. The piece count is quite a bit higher than the previous version, and the spring-loaded shooters aren't connected to any firing mechanism; only clips. Makes it look like they're only placeholders. The fabric around the snow troopers' legs is a great improvement! The Cantina is so far my favorite of the wave! It would be great to have Ponda Baba as he's pretty iconic to the scene, but I'd be happy with two Bith musicians. I'd also be surprised if Greedo wasn't included in the set. I'll reserve my judgment for the remaining sets until we get some more pictures. The snow speeder could be really cool if it gets an upgrade with some more movie-accurate angles.
  14. Awesome work! All the details in it are fantastic!
  15. Big improvement. Nice job!