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    Besides Lego, I am a big fan of video games, particularly Nintendo, but there are exceptions, of course. I also love to write! I've been told that I'm very good with fictional writing, not to toot my own horn. I also dabble into some art, but I'm not particularly great at it.


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  1. It should be said that "Smith" was never the last name of Kai and Nya's family. An apparition from the fanbase that I will never find fitting... Are we talking about Sci's drawing of the forge, or have you stumbled across leaks from the retailer catalog?
  2. It has the Lego Batman Movie logo on the box?
  3. Makes no sense. Sensei mean 'Master' in Japanese, so why would it need to change. Or do they think it's too hard of a word for kids to learn? Why not extend their vocabulary? On another note, where does this info even come from, gamejutzu?
  4. [quote name='Rayskull' timestamp='1474349705' post='2661381'] you guys could hide an elephant behind a needle, cant find these things, [/quote] They're hard to come by, but you'll find them if you're 4chan-ate.
  5. [quote name='LegoRomania' timestamp='1474316767' post='2661017'] The sets remind me so much of Power Miners. [/quote] The Titanium Command Rig! [b]That's[/b] what the set reminds me of. Hope it has some sort of cool function interwoven in that rather large looking chassis the Triple Rocker has.
  6. [quote name='Clayko' timestamp='1474230309' post='2660168'] Found the drawing of the Jet - looks awesome! Definitely looks like a Falcon, which makes me wonder if the other knights will have their vehicles based on their animal (except Lance of course). Still can't find the Jestro set yet though... [/quote] I'm having the exact opposite experience. Found the Jestro set, but can't find the Falcon.
  7. [quote name='gamejutzu' timestamp='1473816361' post='2657354'] Ah, that makes sense. Also what did Farshety spoil/unravel? [/quote] Bionicle Stuff that really wasn't necessary (but totally made the theme cooler). EDIT: ninja'd (fitting it would be this thread ) I hadn't realized that I might've been one of the first to use 'TLNM' as an abbreviation for the movie.
  8. [quote name='Lyichir' timestamp='1473632792' post='2655962'] I think a part of it was also the fact that the main "base" in that year's sets was the Destiny's Bounty, and as such having the ninja operate out of that as a mobile base made more sense in terms of promoting the products than having them have another sanctuary, not based on a set, to return to at the end of each episode. Actually, you could probably make a case that rebuilding the monastery wouldn't make much sense story-wise either, since creating a new base of operations in the same spot where it had already been destroyed would basically be inviting the Serpentine armies to do the same to the new one. [/quote] These are also very legitimate excuses for abandoning the monastery. That being said, I would love to have another one. Crossing my fingers for TLNM to give us something to sate us.
  9. My goodness the minifigs look great... Except what the heck are the Vermillion supposed to be? They don't look like Samurai.
  10. [quote name='GarmaFan' timestamp='1473623233' post='2655883'] I just realized something... why didn't the ninja use the Tornado of Creation to rebuild the monastery? [/quote] I'll make the assumption that they can only use the ToC by taking something and creating it into something else. i.e. Garmadon's Dark Fortress being turned into the Ferris Wheel, Ed adn Edna's Junkyard piles being turned into the USR. With the monastery burned down, and the likelihood of the ash already being carried into the wind, there isn't a lot there that can be 'created' back into the Monastery. Unless, you know... they just etch into the cliff face and build a new one. Writers might not think of all the details.
  11. Just to sum up the translated names from [url=""]swisstoy[/url] 70621 Vermillion Falle (Vermillion Trap) 70622 Wüstenflitzer (Desert Racer) 70623 Schatten des Ninja- (Shadow of the Ninja [listed as a flight glider...]) 70624 Vermillion Eindringling (Vermillion Infiltrator) 70625 Samurai Turbomobil (Samurai Turbomobile) 70626 Verhängnisvolle Dämmerung (Fateful Dawn/Dusk/Twilight [unsure of the last word]) 70627 Drachenschmiede (Dragon Forge) Thanks to user The Cobra for the link
  12. Just to sum up the translated names from [url=""]swisstoy[/url] 70362 Action Clay 70363 Action Macy 70364 Action Aaron 70365 Action Axl 70366 Action Lance 70347 Bike der königlichen Wache (Bike of the Royal Guard) 70348 Lances Doppellanzen-Cruiser (Lance's Double-Lance Cruiser) 70349 Ruinas Käfig-Roller (Ruina's Cage Roller) 70350 Triple-Rocker 70351 Clays Blaster-Falke (Clay's Blaster Falcon) 70372 Combo NEXO Kräfte (Serie 1) (Combo NEXO Forces Series 1) Thanks to user The Cobra for the link
  13. [quote name='makoy' timestamp='1473363173' post='2653904'] I'm guessing you're waiting for it to be on clearance? I know I am... not sure how soon will my local TRU will put it on discount. I have all the minifigs from this wave, except the Evil Green Ninja... and I won't bother completing all the varieties of ghosts since I already have important ones. [/quote] No, I'm saying get it while you still can! I was lucky I even managed to find a copy of the set; I waited so long.
  14. [quote name='Exetrius' timestamp='1473352480' post='2653782'] Seems like I missed something, where is this info from? (you might want to answer this in the 2017 thread) Corrupted samurai sound really great! Also reminds me of the LU Maelstrom horsemen. [/quote] Don't know where corrupted came from. We have no information like that. All we know is that they may be called "Vermillion" or something similar. I ask myself why I've taken this long to get the Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty. It's a beautiful ship. Love the functions and the stellar minifig selection as well.
  15. Equila's vehicle was [i]verrrry [/i]much [url=""]a tank...thingy[/url]. [i]Eglor [/i]however had that[url=""] really awesome transforming bike[/url] I'm totally for another one of those.