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    I'm a very big fan of Lego Action Themes. I also enjoy Lego Sci-fi and Historical Themes as well. You'll see me in the respective threads for those themes as well as the Action Figure and Star Wars forums up on occasion.
    Besides Lego, I am a big fan of video games, particularly Nintendo, but there are exceptions, of course. I also love to write! I've been told that I'm very good with fictional writing, not to toot my own horn. I also dabble into some art, but I'm not particularly great at it.


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  1. Whenever I think of the Quintessons though, I think of Alpha Quintesson, which in turn, thanks to Energon, makes me think Unicron. I don't know much outside of Alpha specifically (and Swindle's reference to the species in Animated) but looking at some wiki stuff, having the Quintesson race would be pretty cool. The Headmasters as well.
  2. If that planet-grabbing-planet-thingy is Unicron, and he eventually transforms into a planet sized robot, then, yes, this is going to be a good movie. If that planet-grabbing-planet-thingy is more of a Rise of the Silver Surfer's Galactus-type Unicron who doesn't transform, nor looks anything like Unicron, but is still referred to as Unicron, then, no, this is going to be a bad movie. I will be content, however if the movie has a battle as climactic as the final battle (and I do mean the last battle) in Dark of the Moon. Also if characterization of the robots are as good as they were in Age of Extinction, then maybe there will be some redeeming qualities to be had.
  3. You will notice though that many of these resellers, and online stores that fulfill their transactions through Amazon, are usually offering their Chima product at MSRP or below, despite being entirely up to the seller to set the price. To me this shows the disparity of wanting to get rid of these sets while also avoiding coming at a loss. You look at most Lego sets from the past few years that are resold post retirement, and many are still being sold either at MSRP or above. Only a couple sets from those themes remain below MSRP despite resellers trying to sell them for a higher price. Chima however only has a couple sets that are even being consistently resold at MSRP. Event post retirement they have issues selling at MSRP. That's close to being unheard of in most themes that have launched these past few years. It's true that future market research may help them in making a decision in reviving a theme (hopefully without the neglect that Bionicle got). I personally believe, however, that Chima would not be that theme, but I haven't seen hard numbers to tell me otherwise.
  4. Third parties have been unprecedentedly vocal in advocating for the Switch. It's very clear that their being vocal is Nintendo trying to prove their worth, yes, but actually getting to see the kind of backing they have from the get go is astounding. To put it simply, Ubisoft head Yves Guillemot, vocally spoke of his disdain for Nintendo just a year ago. Now he's praising Nintendo for their innovation (lest we forget the very evident partnership that they've made for the sake of money. Hopefully that's beside the point).
  5. I mean it shows the Vermillion Invader on the back of the January 2017 store calendar. It's not like a video from some random person is proof. Got to get your facts from the source!
  6. PUT YOUR SPOILER IN SPOILER TAGS MY GOOD SIR. Dammit. Now who's the other one? I feel that both the twins are plot twist type characters.
  7. Aaron is Nexo Knights' Jay. Soon we will have our army... I really like the looks of that set. The Stone Destroyer itself is pretty cool, as is the Rock Monster. But let's be real here, the only reason to get this set is the Forestman Squirebot.
  8. So was, for example, Hoth Attack... in Europe... In the US it wasn't released until March, along with everything else that wasn't Force Awakens related (which all came out in January).
  9. It most likely won't. Odds are it will be a DVD extra on either the Storks movie, TLBM, or TLNM (I'm thinking the most former is the likeliest, to be honest).
  10. Why did the game die. Why are there only one of those rock dudes among the sets. Why is the green wizard from kingdoms expensive. WHY
  11. Doesn't rule it out. Reminder that the little snakes in the sets are actually young serpentine. Perhaps these are dwarf snakes who happened to figure their stuff out.
  12. To be completely honest, if we are getting a D2C set of TLBM, I really hope that it's Wayne Manor. I don't feel that making a giant amusement park at a D2C price point is the best of ideas on Lego's part (unless all of the rides can easily fit in a non-Joker themed theme park or includes an actual Lego roller coaster), which can only get some many people happy. However, knowing that there is a Jokerland type area in the movie, I can't help but escape the fact that, if the theme park isn't the D2C, that it will be the TLBM theme's flagship set.
  13. Wait. Why were we even considering time travel in HoT anyway? Neither the name, the appearance of Kai and Nya's parents, nor any of the creators/writers have remotely hinted at it.
  14. Or maybe it's just 12-14 minutes until 1:30... I think you are all looking way too deep into this.
  15. The Lego Universe fan inside me is seeing better Stromling options on the horizon with some of the heads of these rock monsters.