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  1. Well... they have been on the chopping block for the past few days.
  2. So wait. Where are people watching season 3?
  3. Yeah, that Reddit user who posted the internal documents said that it was a prank for April Fools. He reposted the image earlier today, and had this to say. Though there is an apparent Lego Store Employee saying this, yet I'm sure we all know how credible they can be.
  4. Exaclty. I spoke with CM4Sci on the matter, and he confirmed that the names are legit. The "Temple of the Ultimate..." has an odd name because it's too long to fit on the original source's webpage (or at least the spot reserved for the name.) In other words, that's not the full name for the set.
  5. The 2-3 sets were theoretical (they have since been removed). Then the other names are retranslated from a website, meaning everything might not be entirely exact. In Brickset's case, they shouldn't be posting these preliminary names in general (and no, Huw, wouldn't be the one to do that, as all of his editors can edit the database, and he knows better). They should only be posting the official names when an official batch of names go live (Temple of the Ultimate... what? Ultimate what? That's a mistranslation. Shouldn't be on Brickset) Now those couple theoretical sets have been rumored to be the Shark sets, yes, but they're still rumors, despite their reliable sources. When Huw does add names to the website, and they are the source of said names, then yes, they are legitimate, or they wouldn't have posted them in the first place. It's happened on only a few, very rare occasions.
  6. Yes. It keeps things secret from their competitors, and keeps the licensors that force embargoes happy.
  7. But not the theoretical names. Whenever you update the website with theoretical ideas, you end up disappointing the community. Everyone believes that Brickset is an official source. If you're adding unofficial info, you're tricking hundreds of thousands of people into thinking that something might not actually exist. It would be better if you would leave them blank (and not just Ninjago, other themes as well, please) and not confuse people. You're disappointing the children that look up to Brickset as the real deal. And then what? A rumor that suddenly doesn't exist becomes a problem Lego never intended to have in the first place.
  8. Destiny's Bounty is the biggest set. Destiny's Bounty is the biggest set. Destiny's Bounty is the biggest set. Destiny's Bounty is the biggest set. Destiny's Bounty is the biggest set. Oh boy. Just gimme pictures. That's all I want. I'd suffice for another trailer, but oh my goodness I can't wait.
  9. Read all the pages you missed please. Don't skim over them.
  10. My sides!! Real talk though. I'm hoping that these are more mass-produced compared to the Batman ones. I just want to see what their like up close.
  11. And it will be exclusive to some inaccessible part of Africa from a merchant who just so happens to be franchised with lego. Then they'll show up at Legoland Discovery Center instead, and due to their incompetence in limiting resellers from buying bulk you'll only be able to find this set online for a massive sum of money. Reminder that this is a toy with a reseller market that I'm certain has burst it's market bubble. Why do they let this happen?
  12. Incredibly so. I can't believe that this proof-less rumor is getting as much news as it is is preposterous, and very juvenile of an otherwise respectful Brickset. For all we know, it's just Blocks pulling a publicity stunt. Ultra Agents and Chima got something similar. The Legends of Chima buildable figures for 2014 only released in Europe whereas the entire Summer 2015 wave of Ultra Agents were only released in the US.
  13. The thing is that Atlantis and Power Miners were nearly 1-year-long themes. Almost. Space Police 3 and Ultra Agents would be the only themes in the past 10 years where I would say they legitimately got 2 years. I think it may have something to do with only giving the former themes a normal theme's budget, yet still having to pay for media to be produced for it (therefore presumably cutting into the theme's lifespan). Of course, no non-licensed theme has ever gotten a devoted fanbase similar to Ninajgo since, and there may not be another while Ninjago is still around.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if it were a detailed facade that drives its focus by including an exclusive mech of some sort.