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  1. Ending whether or not 70620 is a modular building here. Lego has confirmed it does, but just in case you need more proof.
  2. So I just wrapped up hands of time, and I'd like to vent a bit. I'll put it in spoiler tags, because I value you all. Current season ratings (opinion): Day of the Departed<Masters of Spinjitzu<Tournament of Elements<Hands of Time<Rise of the Snakes<Possession<Rebooted<The Final Battle<Skybound
  3. Actually, after seeing the prices for the sets in that article about Garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON!!! I don't think I'll need to (famous last words). Simply put: The Fire Mech has nearly 1,000 pieces in it... it's only $70. I was expecting at least having to spend $90 on it. In fact this is quite a trend among the entire wave, NINJAGO City merely being the pinnacle. I'm gonna feel like a thief as long these prices don't end up like the Ultimate BatMobile and get changed the last minute.
  4. Anyone notice the mini-NEXO-Shield looking things on the front guardrail on the second story? I'm also quite curious if this set's launch would effect the chances of getting a modular in January? I mean sure, they're different themes, and Market Street shared a year with Cafe Corner so...
  5. The description says they Galidor guy is Mother Doomsday, and that the rice-hatted guy is a Jamanikai Villager. So, yeah, there are show references. Also, it says something about casual wear for Jay as well. Not to mention a character named "Ivy Walker," who I assume would technically be Jay's sister.
  6. Guys... Guys... Guys... Its a modular building that has Lego Racers, Island Extreme Stunts, and Galidor references. It's got an industrial elevator at its core, and it's got a comic shop, a conveyor belt sushi bar, and a working ATM and movie theater signs (including one that reference Shadow of Ronin. GUYS... Also, apparently the brown haired lady is a woman by the name of Misako, whom of which LEGO directly refers to as Lloyd's Mom. It's the August Early Access set, and its $300 in the US. I'm so excited about this wave of Ninjago sets, I could, quite literally, explode.
  7. The Black Scimitar could be considered a Stone Warrior Sword, and, seeing as you would consider the orange fish to be from Skybound, the silver katanas could be considered Cryptor's (or any other Nindroid's for that matter). You could even say that the shuriken are the Shuriken of Ice from (primarily) Master's of Spinjitzu, and that Garmadon's helmet (seeing as it is the 2012 version) could be considered from Rise of the Snakes. Also that's Nadakahn's Djinn blade (without the ax heads) to the left of the sextant, and Vermillion Armor next to the small training dummy thing. All that's missing is something from Day of the Departed.
  8. I LOVE Destiny's Bounty. I just can't say enough about it. It's just so, so beautiful. It also includes a reference to almost every wave of the series thus far, Shuriken of Ice, Lord Garmadon's original helmet, Stone Army Scimitar, (Rebooted seems skipped, correct me if I'm wrong), Anacondrai Cultist Helmet, Golden Aeroblade, Djinn Blade, (not sure about DotD either), and a Vermillion chest plate.
  9. Brickset listed on of those pod sets (like the Batman, Friends, and Nexo Knight ones) in their database: Kai's Dojo Pod. And my, oh my do the sets look amazing.
  10. You gonna add some credibility or sources to that statement?
  11. I know girls who like Nexo Knights. I know girls who like Ninjago. I know girls who like Star Wars. I know girls who like Minecraft. I know girls who like fancy cars, and model kits. I know girls who like technical gadgetry. I know girls who like their Super Heroes. So please tell me which theme is this "boys stuff" that you speak of? And yes, I'm aware that none of the above themes are directly marketed towards girls (if you'll pardon my bluntness). I think we'll see Nexo Knights in Spring of 2018 due to the aforementioned movies being a focus (with TLNM getting a third, and most likely final wave the following June). Or maybe it'll take the January and May launch windows like Chima before it? Who knows?
  12. Most likely July. Most CMF series have official reveals within a month of release (I mean early release a la Toys R Us/Target doing what they do best). So expect July. They'll most likely be seen in public for the first time at SDCC, along with who know what, maybe some early reveals for 2018 (either that or they'll save the latter for NYCC)
  13. I typically refer to him beating a dead horse, though at this point, referring to it as molecules... Also, I'm curious if the JL Wonder Woman Brickhead will be similar to the build event one.
  14. Look at the back of the Calendar...
  15. Regarding the new Wonder Woman Brickhead. You have to be the first of 80 people to spend $75 at a Lego Store in order to be offered the opportunity to sign up for an exclusive age 18+ only build event where you get to build it for free. It's not an actual product you can buy. Source: Calendar can be found here (on the right side).