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  1. Map location: Grid C4 in Studica, P6 world. At Erotema Shipyards, the assembly of the first S90 class submarine (to be christened yet) is finishing. STERN MODULE WITH RUDDERS AND PUMP JET by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr President Gálvez went there to take a final look of the manufacturing process. He speaks with the Fleet Admiral... PRESIDENT BLAS GÁLVEZ AND FLEET ADMIRAL by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr "-When will the sub be ready to support our Army and allies? Soon things may go very harsh. No problem President, the sub will be ready to be christened and ready to sail in 6 weeks. Ok. What about the S100 model? It´s on inception. Good." The S90 moves using a pump jet, so it is very silent. TAIL AND PUMP JET by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The President and Fleet Admiral visit several parts of the factory to see how the work is going on MODULE ALMOST FINISHED by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr MODULE ALMOST FINISHED 2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en FlickrMODULE ALMOST FINISHED 3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr And he sees a scale model of the completed submarine and a sample of the weapons carried. SCALE MODEL AND HEAVY WEAPONS by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr "President, this is what our submarine can carry. The black cylinders close to us are naval mines, with them we can block any enemy port or naval route. Next, the cruise missiles, with a range of 2500 km. Its conventional warhead is very powerful and its CEP is less than 10 meters. The dark gray torpedo is an excellent weapon against ships or submarines. It has a double homing system with optic fiber and acoustic sensors, with a range of 50 km and 50 knots of top speed. To conclude, the SSM, with a range of 150 km and able to strike both ships or land targets. Besides, the sub will carry SAM in a VLS in the sail to have short range AAA capability against ASW helicopters." The submarine is a real build I began at the beginning of 2017 after making a 12000+ part LDD. I posted a few pictures of several real lego-built modules, but the pics displayed here with the wall and floor were taken a few hours ago. Enjoy!
  2. Hi! I like the vehicles but maybe they have overscaled wheels. The light tank could be wider; if you make a comparison with real vehicles (such as the Italian light tank CENTAURO), it is only a bit smaller than an MBT. Bye!
  3. A good use of TIE cockpits! And a good humanitarian act by carrying wounded of the enemy side to be taken care of.
  4. But if the campaign already finished, side builds posted after the deadline will be scored on campaign2 or on campaign3? (In this case). And the limit of 4 side builds per campaign still applies, doesn't it?
  5. Drill Sergeants are among the most hated beings , and this is not an exception. The story and details are cool. Our troops will make the world rumble!
  6. 7! Don´t forget my artillery attack! Plus the other side builds...
  7. Nice build! A lot of vehicles and action. Just in time to add some points!
  8. The submarine vehicle looks nice! The factory has good details, too. However, having orders of not taking prisoners...that creates an ugly precedent!
  9. The details are excellent in the lockers and the bed. I also laughed when I saw the items inside them, even with the rat in the air conditioning ducts. The anthem of our country is also excellent. Good to have you in my team!
  10. Wow! The details are very good, the technic bricks simulating holes are well placed and the small plates used as debris are excellent.
  11. As Stash2Sixx said, the cammo on the tank is very good. The terrain has a lot of work on it and the pillbox was realistic.
  12. The vehicle and the missile launcher are nice! Compact and powerful.
  13. Hi ODA, I´m afraid you arrived late to choose Erotema (member of the COAC), as SkyPie has already taken the free slot. Each country has up to two players, so you will have to choose a different country with an available slot. Best regards.
  14. Good detail on the bridge! I like it. The plants on the shores are nice too.
  15. I see a lot of good details, such as the shots in the wall, the crater of an artillery shell, the mini CRAM, the IFV... Nice!