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  1. This is not Lego, this is engineering! Congratulations for your double success (interior and exterior). Best regards.
  2. [quote name='anothergol' timestamp='1471599593' post='2639513'] Did feet slide? I wonder if those new caterpillar rubber dots (Nexo Knights) would help under each foot. I recently got them in an order and they don't feel very grippy, though. Here with my much lighter AT-ST, the joints are way more than enough of course, however I've noticed very noticable bending as I only attached them with 2 out of 3 pins. I see LiLmeFromDaFuture attached 2 pins as well, but the opposite sides so that should be better. But that's where I would expect things to fail: mixing technics & plates. Technics bend a lot, plates don't. So in places where technic parts are ensuring the solidity & plates are only decorative, I would expect the bending of the technics to detach (or even break) the plates. Is there a lot of bending happening on these AT-AT's? [/quote] Hi, the feet didn´t slide, in fact, they even have the structure of the 4483. It was a failure in the "hips" and the AT AT collapsed forward, as I pushed it unintentionally from behind. As the legs are fully poseable, I had to strengthen the articulations (hips-shoulders-knees-elbows) with another set of hinges (as the original 4483, but doubling the hinges). Best regards.
  3. Hi again! Do you have double joints in "shoulders/hips" and "knees/elbows"? Your AT AT seems to be heavier than mine (probably it is, more than 6 kg) and I had a catastrophic accident for using just one joint per articulation. I repeated the scene when the AT AT is shooted down by a snowspeeder in Hoth...
  4. As an owner of another minifig-size AT AT, I congratulate you, you did an excellent job. Best regards.
  5. Hi again. I remodeled the hull because something "was wrong". It now features a bump along the hull, housing inflatable rafts, non-essential equipment, the snorkel tube... You´ll probably notice a few dark-gray tiles on the sail; the 16 short-range SAM missiles are housed there. [url=""][img][/img][/url][url=""]NEW HULL FULL[/url] by [url=""]green helmet spanish AFOL[/url], en Flickr And a few pics of the torpedo room. 24 weapons, plus 8 in the tubes. This version carries 18 torpedoes, 3 cruise missiles, and 3 SSM missiles. There are 8 more weapons in the tubes (probably 6 torps, 1 CM, and 1 SSM). [url=""][img][/img][/url][url=""]TORPEDO ROOM1[/url] by [url=""]green helmet spanish AFOL[/url], en Flickr [url=""][img][/img][/url][url=""]TORPEDO ROOM2[/url] by [url=""]green helmet spanish AFOL[/url], en Flickr [url=""][img][/img][/url][url=""]TORPEDO ROOM3[/url] by [url=""]green helmet spanish AFOL[/url], en Flickr Enjoy!
  6. Enjoy the beast! I designed two versions on LDD. Version 1, reporting name "cucumber" for the towed array sonar on the upper rudder, a license I took from the Russian Akula and Victor SSN classes. [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]SUBMARINO ENSAMBLADO 3[/url] by [url=]green helmet spanish AFOL[/url], en Flickr Version 2, reporting name "little cucumber", as the towed array sonar is more realistic and smaller. [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]SUBMARINO ENSAMBLADO 3 SONAR DISTINTO[/url] by [url=]green helmet spanish AFOL[/url], en Flickr More pics soon, also with the inner parts. Enjoy!
  7. Hi again. Yes, perhaps I like huge MOCs...I hope this is not severe. I hope this pic of the bow is ok for you. Best regards. [url=""][img][/img][/url][url=""]BOW CUTAWAY[/url] by [url=""]green helmet spanish AFOL[/url], en Flickr
  8. Hi Rotundus, thanks for you comment. I have assembled the last module in LDD (with the pump-jet propulsion system and rudders) and its overall length is about 241-242 studs. The bow was very tricky to design, and I will update the Flickr album for everybody to see how it was build. There was a massive use of angle elements (part designation in LDD) with 135 and 157,5 degrees. Best regards.
  9. Good job! Easy to identify.
  10. Hi Kodan, thanks for your comment and interesting question. My sub will work in a similar way that WW2 US subs (Balaos, Gatos) worked: the diesel engine(s) don´t drive the propellers; just provide electricty for a generator that drives the electric motor AND recharges the batteries while surfaced or snorkelling. German U-boats had a different power plant: each diesel engine crankshaft was connected with a clutch to the electric motor shaft (thus the electric motors acted as dynamos while running on diesel engines) and moving the propeller. Best regards.
  11. Something important is the propulsion. The first sketch for a diesel generator (there will be 3). [url=""][img][/img][/url][url=""]GENERADOR DIESEL[/url] by [url=""]green helmet spanish AFOL[/url], en Flickr The engines will be connected to an exhaust pipe that will drive the fumes through the snorkel. Enjoy.
  12. Hi for the feedback! I have completed the skin of the third module, but inside is almost empty. Here is another pic for you to enjoy. [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]SUBMARINO ENSAMBLADO 3[/url] by [url=]green helmet spanish AFOL[/url], en Flickr
  13. Wow! Congratulations for your creation, it´s very realistic.
  14. I voted for your project! Hope it gets 10000+ votes. Congratulations.
  15. Hi people! Maybe some of you know me of the Star Wars forum. I am the proud builder of one of the UCS minifig AT-ATs and the Imperial Base, but I wanted to change and build something different. And after the Alebricks 2016 Lego Event I decided to build a minifig size submarine. I took inspiration on the S80 class under construction by Navantia, but I wanted it larger and more powerful. This is what I have by far...only the bow, the first module, and the sail. I don´t know when I will finish it, but I would like to build it with bricks for Christmas. The sub will hold 40 minifigs (32 for crew and 8 for a SpecOps unit)(like in the soon-to-be-built S81 for the Spanish Navy), 8 tubes (6 in the "real" S80), with an estimated length of 220 studs (approx). The design has been tricky, but it looks good. The real LEGO model will have detachable panels, so the inner rooms (control room, quarters, halls...) may be seen. I hope you enjoy it, and questions are welcome! Of course it must be finished and more detailed, but it´s promising [url=""][img][/img][/url][url=""]SUBMARINO ENSAMBLADO 2[/url] by [url=""]green helmet spanish AFOL[/url], en Flickr