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  1. :) Thanks a lot. (Yes, I disassembled the minifig!) I'll try. But I probably will not post the next part of the story until the website upgrade has settled and all of this has become readable again. 100-stud backstroke? That is a good one!
  2. Thanks a lot. I am writing this while the software update is taking place. Currently, none of the pics seem to be visible
  3. Even though my name and display name are the same the system did not remember my existence. Only the email address helped, otherwise this Eurobrick member would have vanished. I know that this update is going along with a lot of work, but I still need to comment that the look and feel is quite bad. Sorry!
  4. Do we have a winner here? That is absolutely fab! [img][/img] So, everything is well with Esl... our country, I assume? .. and there is a monkey (obviously a leader) in the scene. What is he planning? Are the minions part of the overall Simian-Plan? [img][/img]
  5. Fine setting, fine pictures - looks great! Welcome to the community!
  6. A fine effort - and a classic look, just like intended [img][/img]
  7. This is sooooooooooooo perfect. I wish I could do sails and rigging like that. Just great!
  8. [quote name='Captain Dee' timestamp='1474298084' post='2660728'] Beautiful courtroom. It looks perfect for the time with the lovely stained glass, wood paneling, and the earth-toned walls. The colorful cast of characters make for yet another amusing installment to the story. I take it you don't have much love for those scurvy cutthroats... I like your approach to storytelling, by keeping things fairly simple and then taking lots of detail pics to illustrate. It works very well. [/quote] Thanks - well, I certainly support Captain Cookie [img][/img] But the really mean villains have to go down. At least in my story, if not in reality [img][/img]
  9. [quote name='Captain Dee' timestamp='1474295032' post='2660698'] Brickinson will be swimming some distance I assume? He must be a man of great physical stamina. But I suppose until now he'd been taking it easy, just chillin' in the sun, watching [i]Jaws[/i] or whatever was showing... [/quote] Brickinson is a hero - but that is shown in another MOC [img][/img] [quote name='Captain Dee' timestamp='1474295032' post='2660698'] And the ending scene sounds ominous... [/quote] Well, that is what cliffhangers are about [img][/img]
  10. [quote name='Captain Dee' timestamp='1474294655' post='2660695'] Hmm... I'm not totally sure if I can believe all this... some of it sounds, well... Believable or not, it's a great read, and you've done a good job illustrating the story. The marine commandos sneaking up on those scurvy sea dogs look hilarious to me. And the Shark I and II look like some serious transportation... where can I get one? Do they serve meals? Do they show movies? Good stuff. [/quote] My monkey tells me that the story is totally believable! The sharks do actually show movies, but only if you are a first class passenger (and if you book three months in advance) [img][/img]
  11. Thanks [img][/img] [quote name='Captain Dee' timestamp='1474293783' post='2660685'] Oooh... so the infamous Captain Cookie survives this tale... [/quote] Yepp, he has to. He is my favorite pirate character. [img][/img] And he has [url=""]that famous band[/url] [img][/img] [quote name='Captain Dee' timestamp='1474293783' post='2660685'] But what about his cookie on the floor? Does he follow the three-second rule? (And if that's the same cookie he's been carrying the past year, I suspect it's more like hard tack by now...) [/quote] The three-second rule is nonsense according to science (must be some research carried out in Pontelli....). Bacteria just don't wait for three seconds [img][/img] But that is another point. While fighting, Captain Cookie has lost his weapon and his signature cookie. He is getting a fresh supply every now and then (unless that is stolen by cookie monsters but that would make a nice different storyline [img][/img] )
  12. Thanks for your in-depth feedback - about that brick: There is nothing behind it. I just wanted to try a but of SNOT ... [img][/img]
  13. What a nice coincidence. One of my upcoming MOCs will be featuring this katamaran. You can already see it on Flickr
  14. [quote name='Capt Wolf' timestamp='1474134308' post='2659434'] As other have said, the cave entrance (and rockwork in general) is excellent! I'm glad they found Luisa ok, even if she has changed her hair style from that portrait. Where do the other ladies hail from? One looks like she may be from Oleon, but the other looks like she comes from somewhere far, far away. [/quote] Finding Luisa - well, the portrait seems to match the first princess. But then the judge's daughter should not wear a crown ... So it had to be number three. Yes, one is coming from a place long time ago and far far away [img][/img] [quote name='TitusV' timestamp='1474162928' post='2659694'] Very Nice build, curious to the Oleander Inquisition! [/quote] [img][/img] I think I'll leave that to Season No. 2 [quote name='dr_spock' timestamp='1474166796' post='2659714'] Nice build. The tiled water works well with your blue backdrop. Those pirates seem to surrender too quickly for someone going to gallows. [/quote] Well, if you are consumed by a game of darts, would you be ready to defend yourselves? (With your sabers in a barrel ten yards away from you? [img][/img] )
  15. [quote name='Elostirion' timestamp='1474101223' post='2659213'] Fantastic microships and a great representation of that scene. Your simplistic brick-built backgrounds have become kind of a trademark and work out wonderfully well once more. Excellent work on defending our fleet! [/quote] I think I need to change the background sometime.... And I hope that I have saved the fleet! [img][/img] [quote name='Faladrin' timestamp='1474117982' post='2659311'] Great micro ships ! I like the action and the sinking ship is greatly done ! Good job ! And nice to see our treasure fleet well protected ! [/quote] Thanks a lot, Sir!