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  1. I had read that on my mobile but not commented. As I have a tendency for short comments: good start!
  2. Keep going, this is exciting. Good idea to have different colours for the two speakers. That really helps.
  3. Wow, that is the best microcastle I have seen so far.
  4. Excellent - and all the action well captured in one MOC!
  5. Thanks - I am trying to. My CAT B entry has just been completed.
  6. My entry for CAT B:
  7. The Desert King had come to inspect the progress of his latest war machine: The Trojan Camel (named after its inventor Abdul Trojan). Unfortunately this incredible piece of military hardware had not been 100% completed by the time of the inspection. Excellent craftsmen from Mitgardia and Kaliphlin were working together to complete the Camel. An aerial view of the construction site: This is the Trojan Camel: And another view to show the landscape: C&C welcome!
  8. Thanks. I think I have to agree... I found it was high time for an entry to the Challenge. ... as always Thanks! Yepp, the MOC is actually "small" (or within allowed limits). The second picture turned out fine. Ah, I learned a new word here. Yes, I think I wanted him to have a "rakish" appearance. Help, somebody is shouting... Well, my friend Maxim, there may be a new and better shield-building-technique in Eslandola, but this is Mardier! Pls. note orange flags and the much feared Mardier "black guards" in the background. Thank you, sir!
  9. Fine build, fine development of story and (almost as expected) lots of fine details in the MOC!
  10. I like both - the official and the hidden part of the story!
  11. My entry to CH V Category A:
  12. It was a bright day and the sun was beating down on the streets of Kings Port. Inside the governor's hall the temperature and the mood was much milder. Admiral van Draumen had found the courage to propose to her - Princess Vinapptshitshi of Mardier, King Alphonso's beloved daughter. As he kneeled down before her she gladly answered his beaming smile - and his proposal by a softly whispered "yes". Van Draumen had backed his proposal with a show-off of his riches, but it seemed that the princess cared more for him than for his money. Which was good, as van Draumen did not expect the King to approve of this marriage. Troubled times lay ahead, but this was not the time to worry. This was a day to celebrate C&C Welcome.
  13. Nice battery - sure looks extensible.
  14. ... nobody following me?