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  1. Pretty clever, this build. I like all the different minifig scenes - and the notion that we should eat and laugh
  2. This makes me hungry again - nice kitchen!
  3. Thanks - well, we know little of Lady April. Let's see what is in store. Lady Asma is not planning to take over colonial duties. She seems to be focussing on Pontelli. The cat? Well, sometimes characters turn to cats - you might get the reference. So does she That man in the background is probably just looking quite similar to Governor Guilder. The man seems to be unharmed. We'll see
  4. I do not want to disillusion you, but that carriage is basically Set 41053 - Cinderella's carriage....
  5. The tension was rising in the court room of Pontelli. Judge Enrico Fineman was under stress. He had not expected a trial against the Mayor of Pontelli, Alberto da Pontelli. The prosecutress, Lady Asma April, was just closing her plea: "This monkey business that is going on is just unbelievable. This man is a member of the Eslandolean Parliamant - and what is the first thing he does? He brings his monkey to the Hall of Eslandola! What a disgrace! I ask you: Does this man have no honour in himself? Does he think he can make a fool of Eslandola? That he can subject Pontelli to ridicule?" "Do you think that a man like Alberto should continue to be a member of the Parliament? I very much doubt so!" Alberto had never felt so bad in his whole life. Now this strange woman was after him, after he had done so much for Pontelli and Eslandola. Lady April had finished her plea. Judge Enrico Fineman cleared his throat to announce the verdict: "Alberto da Pontelli. The court wants you to retire as a member of the Eslandolean Parliament. Will you accept the verdict." "Yes, I will", Alberto replied quietly. "That is not enough", Lady April shouted, "he also has to step down from his position as Mayor!" Judge Fineman hesitated for a moment: "Alberto, will you also step down from your role as Mayor of Pontelli?" "Yes, I will", Alberto replied quietly. The Judge looked at Lady Asma: "But who will be the leader of our city?" "I will", Lady April coldly returned. "And I will make Pontelli proud again!" The Judge banged his gavel and the court room fell into an uneasy silence. C&C Welcome. To leadership: Please note change in the role of Mayor on Pontelli. This is now Lady Asma April.
  6. Fine build with excellent forced perspective. Tough luck for the governor, though...
  7. Times are tough in Oleon .... I am sure that brave Corrington troops will soon be swarming out to catch that robber And, yes, the carriages are probably too large for the poor horses. But there was no space for more horses - AND it is much easier to rob slow coaches! Tintin as inspiration? Never!
  8. Thanks. I have tried a more "classic" approach to water this time. The large wave could almost have been created in the 90s...
  9. Me too No, that does not make you sound like a Sea Rat. This story seems to reflect my desire to do something with pirates and scoundrels myself. Thank you, Bodi. Lady De Summer is wearing the Gouvernor's Daughter outfit of the last pirate series. And I can offer you a quantum of solace: The musketeer is not being robbed. The lady inside the coach is being robbed Thanks for the landscape praise - but the first two coaches are more or less standard... Thanks Good point. You probably have not seen him in the first picture as he is hiding behind bushes. In any case: The highwayman is in the possession of two good shoes... (Though he is probably more of a cunning character...) More pictures? I'll try. Here we go Now you can see the lady that is being robbed...
  10. Good idea to invest in pottery. Nice MOC.
  11. [The Secret of the 8 Provinces - Prelude] [The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 1st Chapter "My dear Lady De Summer, there was a highwayman who was operating in Corrington." "Where exactly?" "On Cocovia - between King's Harbour and Quinnsville. He was robbing coaches." "Many coaches?" "Many coaches." "Usually Corrington travellers, but he was also robbing the occasional Oleon vacationist." "And what did he take from his victims?" "That was the interesting part. He never took money or lupines. It seemed that he was looking for something more interesing. Then one day..." "Stand and deliver! You move at your peril, for I have two pistols here." "Please, dear Sir, don't take our gold" "I do not want your gold" "Please, good man, do not take our lupines." "I am not interested in lupines". "Then... what do you want from us." "The ship." "What ship?" Lady De Summer asked. "A yellow model of the 8 Provinces." "Yellow? But your model is reddish." "Quite so, Mylady. You will understand soon. Let me go on with the story." [End of Chapter 1] C&C Welcome. (Original pictures can be found on flickr.)
  12. What if I just like your MOC and there is nothing to improve from my pov?
  13. I'll try to keep that in mind. Usually I do not want to be offensive or confrontating - at least I try to be
  14. 1st place Mardier? Still: congratulations to the winners!
  15. Fine creation, sadly without interior