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  1. What a fine beast!
  2. Quite innovative! Great bear that is!
  3. Thanks. I still think that the "tower" is a "house" but that is not so relevant. Did anyone notice that I included a visual reference to "MARS ATTACKS"? Thank you - and all the best to your knighthood promotion!
  4. Great action on a fine and colourful marketplace!
  5. "Purple Reign".... I thought I was the only one with those bad jokes And it is purple indeed (not my favourite TLG colour). That is something different!
  6. Very fine ship - I think I commented on flickr already (but sometimes I get confused ) I like form and colour!
  7. Very fine ship. I like the use of those "old white doors" on the lower deck!
  8. Well, I certainly could not have built a huge tentacled beast Thank you! Sounds like a checklist Karl Kraken is happy that you liked his eyes!
  9. Thanks. I am surprised that these horrible scenes are found "adorable" The oars - I liked that idea too
  10. Oh, another good one that I have (almost) missed. Fine scene - fine bed creation!
  11. March: Challenge participation | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola
  12. It looks like "beach landing" is one of the worse military options.
  13. Entry for Challenge V Category C: For Eslandola. But I think that means "built for Eslandola but showing an attack against Eslandola", if I got the rules right. If not, pls. notify me