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  1. [The Secret of the 8 Provinces - Prelude] [The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 1st Chapter] The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 2nd Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 3rd Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 4th Chapter The Secret of the 8 Provinces - 5th Chapter Captain Cookie continued: The "8 Provinces" was an Eslandolean ship some 50 years ago - aptly named after the 8 Provinces of Eslandola. One fine autumn day she was sailing home to Eslandola - and everyone was in a good mood. The captain, Paul de Ruyter, was famous and experienced. His crew was fine and well trained. And he had a fine first mate he could trust - Mr. Errol. And trust was needed for the "8 Provinces" was carrying a precious load: The ship was filled with silver. There were silver ingots on every deck and the King was anxiously waiting for this valuable transport to come home to port. The weight of the silver made the "8 Provinces" slower than usual. So the captain knew that trouble was ahead when the look-out cried: "Pirate sail on the horizon!" [to be continued] I had some trouble myself with the shooting of the ship as it toppled at the beginning of the photo session and was damaged in many ways. It took some time to repair the model - and, as often in these cases, I could not detect all defects. So some things are still wrong on the pictures, which is why I could not use too many of them here. Well, you will see some more in the next chapter.
  2. This is a great model and I prefer the "no oars" option.
  3. Looks fine to me - great ship!
  4. Charming creation! (including a monkey- classic!)
  5. Fine, fine!
  6. I think I mentioned on flickr that I like this very much Great job on the facial expression of the statue!
  7. Awaiting further chapters! (Yes, a storyline is a dangerous game within itself... )
  8. Quite good, both from a plantation and a landscaping point of view. Looks like LDD - I think it would be expensive to build the same with bricks. Those plant thingies are dear...
  9. Thank Zeus it is not overloaded with gold. I was not sure what to expect Fine build!
  10. Thanks. It was helpful for me that I built lots of furniture some time back ....
  11. Great MOC, bringing strange ancient building styles to BoBS.
  12. Apparently I had not found enough time in the past months to register my builds: [ESL] Merrynight in Pontelli (Mini-Challenge, Cat B) | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola We've been MUGGED | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola [MRCA] A Drastic Change of Mood | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola CH V Cat A - Willst Thou Marry Me? | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola Scenes from the Eslandolean Parliament | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola Stand and Deliver | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola Too Much Monkey Business | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola Tiptoe Through The Wheat Field | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola Stealing from the Rich | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola
  13. I need to catch up here: [ESL] Merrynight in Pontelli (Mini-Challenge, Cat B) Too Much Monkey Business [Esl FB] An apple a day keeps the pirate away Did you know that there is a regular apple transport ship going from Pontelli to Nova Terelli?
  14. The Secret of the Ships | Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola
  15. Thanks - yepp, there is definitely some Tintin inspiration in there... Praise for the crowbar goes to TLG.... Thank you! This is a very distinguished highwayman... Thanks. I am trying to A pleasure.