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  1. Awesome! I could happily live in the "loft" (aka mini mansion).
  2. Very impressive! Love the mermaid display.
  3. This is really neat! Captured the design concept perfectly.
  4. A nice build, with a great facade and selection of handbags! The line up for the women's change rooms feels very familiar.
  5. A snowflake from me: Thanks Mike!
  6. Lots to like here! My favourites are the pavement, which is much more interesting than the standard 2x2s grid pattern, and the trees. I also like the use of the seat on its side for the bus stop.
  7. Looks great! Love the front entrance and the trims above the upper windows.
  8. Clever idea, and nicely executed!
  9. Nothing poor about this at all. It looks great!
  10. This is gorgeous! Love the mezzanine, the back counter and the lounge chairs.
  11. Looks great! Love the stone wall perimeter fence and the playground equipment.
  12. As always, stunning design and impeccable details, and instantly recognisable as one of yours!
  13. Stunning! Love the curved wall and the tree mosaic.
  14. Great idea and nicely executed. My favourite is the first one - great arch!
  15. Looks great so far!