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  1. Not intentionally, just struggling to find the time!
  2. Nice! The facade technique looks great and I love that it looks seamless between the floors.
  3. These are awesome! My favourites are the cargo truck and supercar service.
  4. Looks great! I particularly like how you have done the main doors and the light.
  5. I'll be there again. I'm probably 95% there with my build for the EB collaborative, so not really hitting the panic button yet.
  6. This is so gorgeous!! Would love to chill out in that garden. Great use of the ingots for the path and the pies for the mats.
  7. I loved this building when you first presented the LDD version. Looks even better in real bricks!
  8. The first version was good, but the changes make it a whoe lot more cohesive as a building. Looks great!
  9. This is awesome! The original structure was always impressive, but you've literally and figuratively taken it to a new level. Love the interior detailing too, especially the ground floor.
  10. These are gorgeous! Great colours and variations in the details across the buildings. Love the window planter boxes.
  11. Looks amazing! Even more amazing that this was built in eight days!! Did you get any sleep at all?
  12. Great 'old school' look and feel!
  13. This is gorgeous! Love the colour combination and the details in the ground floor facade especially.
  14. Looks great! I like how the brown columns / arches frame the arcade and the use of the barrels for the flower pots. The green awning add a nice pop of colour. I also think the downpipes is a little bulky. The rigid hoses suggested by ColletArrow are a good idea.
  15. Beautiful little build and a great idea for adding character to a layout.