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  1. Metallica, Slipknot, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold: Baby's first metal. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dark Tranquillity, Vektor, Kreator, Overkill, Exodus, Symphony X, Voivod (and many,many others): The real deal for the discerning metal afficionado. Metal for grownups.
  2. Excellent MOC. I love Monty Python. There should be more Monty Python MOCs. Especially about The Life of Brian. Now THAT is a movie which would be a great subject for MOCs.
  3. Nice. I would also add: Theoden to Kings Galadriel to Queens Arwen to Princesses Eomer to Knights Gimli (and other hobbit dwarves) to Dwarves Aragorn (ranger version) to forest men, maybe also Legolas Tauriel to forest maidens Gandalf (gray and white) to wizards, maybe also Radagast Saruman to evil wizards Dead Men of Dunharrow (King +Soldiers) to Ghosts Moria Orcs, Uruk-hai, Mordor Orcs, Hunter Orcs and Gundabad Orcs to Orcs
  4. And now 3 years later I have finally made my mod in LDD! So now, everybody can easily reproduce what I did. Lxf files: Disjointed modules Connected modules Required parts. Nothing but easy to get, common parts. Keep in mind that I reproduced exactly what I used from my real life collection. The three 1x2 technic bricks with cross hole can all be replaced by one single 2x3 brick. Huge thanks to ADHO15 for supplying the original set's LXF file.
  5. Discovered these BG1 & BG2 custom figs https://forums.beamd...ldurs-gate-lego
  6. Fantastic. Great timing, too as a new book just came out. I just finished reading it­. "Le Papyrus De César" And yes, Getafix & Dogmatix are the translated english name for Panoramix & Idéfix, but the french version is the original version, so by default it's never wrong to use the original french names.
  7. Hey guys! Long time no see . I believe I have found an interesting nugget of information on WIRED.COM Am I the first eurobricks member to see this chart about lego licensing?
  8. Correct. Heroes 2 and 3, in particular. Correct. Anyone in Heroes 2 or 3 who has the leadership skill doesn't suffer much from a -1 morale. Unless you start mixing units from different factions.
  9. Now you just gave -1 morale to my army! (A cookie to the first person who understands my post)
  10. That doesn't mean they can't produce _just_ one more LOTR set.
  11. I view them as modular technic parts. You're correct that it IS cheating a bit. I place them in the same category as the linear actuators, as those I consider "cheating" too. As you pointed out, Sariel and some other ingenious builders back in 2002-2003 built some REALLY cool RC stuff with those by extending the servo motor's power across a large chassis. I wish I had saved more pics. What it says on the box is irrelevant when the PARTS themselves have TECHNIC engraved on it! Blakbird, I understand that your encyclopedia is already quite large and I'm sure most people would be quite forgiving if some set or another lacked 3D images or descriptions or other details.
  12. This is obviously a subjective topic. Some Racers sets from the early 2000s are obviously technic, some others not. How about those two, from 2002 and 2003 respectively. Back when they came out I considered them as Technic and immediately bought them. 8475 was sorely needed since it was the only true "new" technic set for 2002. 8366 was much more of a "complete" set than 8475, and it perfectly complemented the fantastic technic lineup of 2003 along with the Backhoe. It's QUITE big! Don't judge it by the box image. If you didn't buy them when they came out, it's really too bad: you REALLY, really missed out since they are just about impossible to find now. They included very interesting elements for the steering, and contrary to the crappier RC cars that came shortly after, the main receiver unit featured an extra power outlet to which you could install a smaller 9v motor, and which could be triggered by extra levers on the RC remote. (They didn't do anything otherwise). Technically, one could build a remote-triggered bomb with these babies. They also introduced a few parts to the technic line. The black high strength motor (that appears in the 8421 crane from 2005, and the 2006 motor set) first appeared in these two RC sets. The wheels from BOTH sets first appeared in their respective sets as well. 8366' wheels in particular reappeared in quite a few sets. Now for the special parts: - The main receiving unit contained I believe, the first ever Lego servo motor. Think of an earlier version of the servo motor appearing in 9398. its axle hole is visible on the lower right of the image. 7 angles are possible. - The red connection is for the main motors, and the gray connection is for the auxiliary. - Being true RC, the antennas dont need to have an unobstructed "vision" to be able to communicate. You can drive your RC from the other side of a wall. The steering unit is probably the most special and "one-trick-pony" part of the 2 sets. The gear rack is inside. You link it to the servo motor and attach technic links on both sides. There is also a nifty switch to offset minor steering imbalances so the car runs perfectly straight. Steering arm Steering hub, part A. Fits in steering arm. Steering hub, part B. The 3 pins fit in the front wheels. The remote. Not shown, underneath are 2 levers that turn on any motor plugged to the gray connector on the main receiving unit. The main motors are controlled by the left lever and about 4 speeds are possible. 3 frequencies are possible (1 less than the PF remote). Don't get me wrong I loved the 9398 but it was a complete farce next to the 8366 in terms of speed or playability. Think, 4 or 5 times as slow. Power functions are neat but the vehicles are slow. My first reaction to the 9398 was, "been done before". Yet these sets are completely ignored these days and never talked about.
  13. Someone already did most of it actually Been going on since around 2001! The Brick Bible
  14. ... and it would deserve front page! Like the 2012 summer catalog!
  15. amazing. very 10193 like in quality and design.