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  1. Excellent MOC. I love Monty Python. There should be more Monty Python MOCs. Especially about The Life of Brian. Now THAT is a movie which would be a great subject for MOCs. [img][/img]
  2. Nice. I would also add: Theoden to Kings Galadriel to Queens Arwen to Princesses Eomer to Knights Gimli (and other hobbit dwarves) to Dwarves Aragorn (ranger version) to forest men, maybe also Legolas Tauriel to forest maidens Gandalf (gray and white) to wizards, maybe also Radagast Saruman to evil wizards Dead Men of Dunharrow (King +Soldiers) to Ghosts Moria Orcs, Uruk-hai, Mordor Orcs, Hunter Orcs and Gundabad Orcs to Orcs
  3. And now 3 years later I have finally made my mod in LDD! So now, everybody can easily reproduce what I did. Lxf files: [url=""]Disjointed modules[/url] [url=""]Connected modules[/url] [url=""]Required parts. Nothing but easy to get, common parts.[/url] Keep in mind that I reproduced exactly what I used from my real life collection. The three 1x2 technic bricks with cross hole can all be replaced by one single 2x3 brick. [url=""]Huge thanks to ADHO15 for supplying the original set's LXF file.[/url] [img][/img]
  4. Discovered these BG1 & BG2 custom figs [url=""]https://forums.beamd...ldurs-gate-lego[/url] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img][img][/img]
  5. Fantastic. Great timing, too as a new book just came out. I just finished reading it­. "Le Papyrus De César" And yes, Getafix & Dogmatix are the translated english name for Panoramix & Idéfix, but the french version is the original version, so by default it's never wrong to use the original french names.