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  1. I compare it to what Funko has done with rainbow Batman Pops. They just used the same mold and re-colored so it felt lazy and like a money-grab. At least here Lego is providing advanced printing and new accessories.
  2. But concept art doesn't count - only what actually ends up in the movie...
  3. I'm sure once we see Hulk in action in the Thor movie, people's opinions will change and this figure will be sought after. We'll be able to overlook that shade of blue.
  4. I thought the movie was great and handled the mythos of Batman almost better than some of the live-action stuff. The fact that DC/Warner could poke fun at themselves and Batman was refreshing. This CMF line also supports that concept. The character selection is goofy enough that it works and all the various Batsuits are very well done. I'm definitely more of a Marvel guy, but collecting variations of Iron Man suits and other costumes every movie gets alittle boring. At least here, I'm starting a Batsuit collection and it's both fun and engaging.
  5. Batman Forever is a pretty good movie and I thought Val Kilmer pulled off Bats and Bruce Wayne both equally well. This version of the Batmobile looks great. It's very sleek and detailed and looks like a rolling missile. Very well done!
  6. X-Men all day. Doctor Who. Ghostbusters. Lord of the Rings.
  7. Elf. I remember hunting those down back in the day. And the printing still stands up today.
  8. That lower lip is hilarious and appropriate. Very well done - it looks great.
  9. Palpatine's Areest would be a great set to update, as Anakin and Kit could both use a once over. Maybe even updated Jedi with robe printing instead of capes. On the flip side Invisible Hand with Grievous caped would be awesome.
  10. Printing on Boba Fett for the UCS Slave I was a win, here the extra printing is not so much.
  11. Agreed that the hair and face printing isn't really working on that figure. It looks like it needs more "glam" like the character seems to have.
  12. Just started the new Darth Maul miniseries. The first one is pretty good, though very angsty. It is setting up for a good read, though. im also thinking about picking up Dr. Aphra.
  13. That doesn't actually even try to validate any of the complaints or concerns here. And grammar nazi behavior is also counter productive. I'm reminded of the Tranformers board TFW2005. They went through a mass exodus because people were getting banned and hammered on by staff. Then a couple years later they had to offer a blanketed amnesty to invite people back because they realized they were pushing people away.
  14. Yes, no one has to be on EB and it is not a public right, but it is a business of sorts and we are the customers. If this site doesn't work for some they can go elsewhere (FBTB, Reddit, etc). If no one is left or the site has too few followers than it falls apart. Mods need to enforce rules, sure, but not at the expense of making members feel insulted. They keep that up and there won't be a board to mod. I've been on this board for over four years and I've never seen it this bad with locked threads, deleted posts, and blatantly angry mods.