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  1. That doesn't actually even try to validate any of the complaints or concerns here. And grammar nazi behavior is also counter productive. I'm reminded of the Tranformers board TFW2005. They went through a mass exodus because people were getting banned and hammered on by staff. Then a couple years later they had to offer a blanketed amnesty to invite people back because they realized they were pushing people away.
  2. Yes, no one has to be on EB and it is not a public right, but it is a business of sorts and we are the customers. If this site doesn't work for some they can go elsewhere (FBTB, Reddit, etc). If no one is left or the site has too few followers than it falls apart. Mods need to enforce rules, sure, but not at the expense of making members feel insulted. They keep that up and there won't be a board to mod. I've been on this board for over four years and I've never seen it this bad with locked threads, deleted posts, and blatantly angry mods.
  3. Uhh... staff does delete posts. I'd show you, but they're deleted. It happens in nearly every thread I visit. I really don't think your statement changes the fact that Nemo comes across very power trippy and insulting.
  4. This will probably get deleted anyway, but at least maybe someone will read this and understand the point. It's alittle heavy-handed and somewhat insulting to imply that people (including myself) don't "grasp" what you're saying, Nemo. It's obvious that some of us are adults and in some cases are older than you, so I'd venture to say that should present some level of intelligence that I hope you can empathize with. But throwing in caps that you'll hide off-topic conversation on a thread that really has no new information to contribute simply because people are having a conversation about misinformation (that is clearly a problem) only suits to present that your efforts might be in the wrong place. I mean at this stage I have to ask - why are misinformation posts not deleted? I get it - you don't like off-topic conversation. I can appreciate that. But it's obvious that every now and then a thread goes off the rails. Finding a mature and thoughtful way of bringing it back on topic should be the job of the mods, not suggesting that people aren't intelligent enough to understand the difference between off and on topic comments.
  5. Because in most cases, sources have to remain anonymous. It's not as though any of us can just ask the known posters here who have good data where they get it from.
  6. Brilliant! Great parts usage and the reverse baseplate as a floor is very clever. Looks perfect.
  7. I don't think the mods have the time or interest in passing judgement on every rumor that comes along. It's up to the forum itself to use their best judgement on which rumors to discuss and follow. Really, there's maybe only four or five posters here with proven rumor track records who I would even consider listening to.
  8. Duel of the Fates for minifigures. Landspeeder and Skiff for one minifigure each and parts. Not a really busy start of the year in the Star Wars side for me.
  9. Both sets are designed to appeal to new collectors who had missed out on the bulk of Hoth material (2009-2011) or the first Death Star (2008). As such, they disappointed vocal, more long-standing fans because neither really were exciting based on the re-issue design both have. I'm one of the disappointed in the sense that I essentially already have both sets from my old material. But, I will say that I fully understand and support Lego making this move. Both are easy, low-effort, high-profit margin sets which should add some padding to Lego's bottomline. Given the recent article of Lego scaling back to ensure quality, I can fully understand how these two sets were created in this way.
  10. Well that's mostly due to the TFA sets being expensive in the first place and people jumping on the TFA hype. I'm planning on getting the Sequel Trilogy characters, but I haven't bought a single one yet because I'm playing the long game - I know there's going to be year's worth of stuff Lego will make so I'm betting that I can eventually get all the characters for more acceptable prices. My advice would be to wait. Rey, Poe, Finn, etc will all be in more sets to come. It's just like how I have like 20+ Han Solos - they just end up accumulating.
  11. Usually when someone says "I heard from a TRU employee..." they get laughed out of the thread really fast. I'm sorry, but I would never bank my reputation on that kind of data.
  12. Because ever since the success of the Star Wars vintage action figure line in the late '70s - early '80s proved that background characters could be profitable and collectible, Star Wars has always been known to include nearly every character ever on screen in various product lines. This means that background characters can be made and in some cases fully developed (in the EU), but also that B and C list characters can get lost in the shuffle.
  13. The Utapau (212th) airborne were seen with the kamas in the movie, while we never saw the Geonosian airborne on screen. Maybe Lego felt they could exclude the kama because of this on the Geonosian airborne. Here's hoping the Death Troopers will include the simple pauldrons.
  14. As many of the summer sets contain "one and done" characters who likely won't ever see another release (Luminara, Vos, Rex) I can't see them dropping anytime soon. Plus, we're headed into another Star Wars movie feeding frenzy where a lot of related products are expensive.
  15. These are brilliant and they look the best all lined up together!