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  1. "Look bud: I can be as hipocritical I as want. And you? Well it is up to you to hear what I say or not! And I am not going to fight with you anymore as well... We aren't young lads! So how about we get some drinks and settle this? Oh wait, I forgot! I don't like hanging around bad company!" Sir Brickington said while leaving the hall murmuring to himself. OOC: I won't be active for a couple days, so I needed him to leave.
  2. "Rookie? Don't offend me! Yeah, I may be a little lit; but I am certainly not a rookie. Silence yourself, you barbarian." Sir Brickington said while shooing him away casually and calmly.
  3. "Then he'll have to go through me!" Brickington said pulling his sword out.
  4. Sir Brickington opens the door of the hall and with the entrance of him there is a glow from the sun outside. As he walks some pad him on the back and greet him with "Good to see you back!" He walks straight up to the Monk known as Pretzel and gives him a grating stone, free of charge. "Money is not an object to me and I have no need of the stone. Just keep doing good, my man."
  5. Well now I ain't exactly back... I just might hang around town. I don't know if I have the time to devote myself to a game yet.
  6. You guys aren't very smooth!
  7. It seems to me that Nocturnus is made up of builders who fell in to peer-pressure!
  8. Then why do people ask questions like this? Black hair totally beats blonde, its a fact. And yes, you just got schooled my boy!
  9. Whatz up Muffin Cupcakes!?! Anyone miss ole' Uncle Bricky? I know the ladies must miss the presence of a good lookin' man.
  10. I now live outside of London (where I work). Yeah, I am surprised myself how content I am without the bricks. LDD is not going to work out for me, I have tried. But who knows? I might just start a new collection! ...The only thing is the job takes up most of my time.
  11. Hey lads! Its been quite a while hasn't it? I just wanted to see how my homies been? So...uh... Anyone miss me? In all seriousness, I ended up getting the job of my dreams and now I am over on the other side of the pond (away from the bricks). So this is pretty much goodbye. Book II looks awesome, Z and everyone else who helped out did a great job! My only regret is I won't be apart of it.
  12. Looks pretty good to me, Governor!
  13. Sir Brickington his named off the quest 74 list.
  14. Sir Brickington answered Haldor's question trying to not be nervous, "Yes I am. I have been on three quests so far, so that would indeed make me fairly new. I have heard many great and noble stories of you as a fierce warrior. It is a honor."