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  1. Simply Outstanding!
  2. Well, I'm going to give this a go soon - got some 14mm marbles and the instructions. Just need to find some time!
  3. Me too - it's the only one I haven't got. But not going to pay £1K for one now. Might build a Blue Grocer one day I suppose.
  4. Good to know - any recommended sellers? As I'm missing the GC from my modulars collection I think I will get one of those as I'm not quite ready to spend £1K on the real deal. And perhaps another UCS Falcon so I can put my genuine one away. Thank you - that's really useful and nice to get a balanced view.
  5. I'm tempted to get something to see what the quality is like - but ordering from China feels a bit tedious. Anyone had any success so far buying something from AliExpress?
  6. From Facebook: I have been hearing some concerns with lepin bricks, apparently it has been giving people itchy skin. I do not know if this is the plastic or the oils they use for the molding process. I did not notice it when building the ninjago temple or the 2 star wars sets but I have seen more and more people online mention it. So I do feel the need to mention it and warn people. And of cos ask anyone if they have experienced and irritation or itchiness from any of the knockoff brands and wonder if this is dangerous long term. Keep the kids safe! Thanks!
  7. I've backed it as well. I was one of the lucky ones to get the Rollercoaster factory but sadly not had the time to explore it.
  8. There is a Mindstorms version from a while back as well. Bit more skeletal in appearance.
  9. See if you can collect the bits to make an 8043 - this is an amazing build as well. Some yellow panels are quite rare/expensive but you don't have to make it yellow (red and white has been done). You will need more M motors and some IR transmitters but both are fairly cheap. If you can locate a cheap 42006 on eBay that's a good place to start as a donor set.
  10. Don't forget the Grand Carousel (10196) as well - older but certainly part of the same theme I'd say.
  11. They have a big office in Slough - I thought that was the UK Head Office?
  12. Here's the topic: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=7167 Although it is based on a technique called Retr0bright http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Retrobright-Whitening-solution/
  13. Don't do it - there is another topic somewhere where you can use peroxide and oxy to reverse the discolouration. Bleach will weaken the plastic.
  14. Don't sell anything unless you really have to - one day some nostalgia might hit and you'll regret selling all that (classic) 12V stuff. Still worthwhile converting it to 9V or PF if you want, but there is a charm in seeing (and hearnig) the old 12V stuff working. The bits you are missing should be easy enough to find on Bricklink or eBay. 7740 is a classic - definitely worth hanging on to. Where are you based?