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  1. +1 for you! Hope we get those pics soon!
  2. I guess Deadpool has his ride now!
  3. So happy to be American!
  4. When we get Clayface,I bet he'll be a big minifig like Hulk was,even though I don't think that Hulk is very Lego-like and why I have the minifig Hulk instead,you understand right? I know right?
  5. Aside from the fact that more adults buy Lego than kids,we got Joker and Two Face henchmen last year.
  6. If you want henchmen,go to Bricklink and get them,don't clog up the spot of a possible new character!
  7. God no! We need new characters,not variants! Croc,Nightwing,Alfred!
  8. SHUT YOUR FACE! That would be the best reveal for 2014!
  9. I just hope a henchman doesn't take the spot of a new villain in any of the sets!
  10. Killer Croc? Fingers and toes are crossed!
  11. No problem,just a heads up,the yellow is REALLY bright!
  12. On Bricklink.com go to Parts,then click on Minifig Headgear,search for 87991 in the search box.
  13. I'm 42 and needless to say,Old School,I've never been a comic book reader so my experience with Superheroes is based on movies/cartoons,I would much prefer a Batgirl/Nightwing from their TNBA looks but,if the only versions we'll get from Lego are the "Nu 52",I'll gladly take them,better than nothing right? I also hate that "hourglass" shape thing Lego does with the female torsos.