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  1. Hey folks, does anyone know where I can get a full list of Star Wars minifigs with all variations? Thank you!
  2. None of them have been sealed except for the Toy Fair Iron Man and Captain America Liked your post, I guess my question on the last point is do you think it ever will reach that stage? It's that question that is making me question the collecting of the high end figures
  3. What is slightly encouraging is that no one here has referred to the improving quality of counterfeits. I think one of my main fears isn't that values will fluctuate y themselves, it's that the quality of counterfeits and machine printing will improve to such a degree that it will be very difficult to discern between an original SDCC figure and a fake - that being a real possibility is what terrifies me the most.
  4. Hi everyone, I just wondered if anyone could help me with something. I collect minifugres and have paid quite a lot for them and just the other day I noticed that some of the Batman collection have nearly halved in value since I bought them. I didn't really expect this but assume it is either because of the influx of counterfeit printing figures, the same characters being given a modern and cheaper alternative or a combination of the two. Would anyone be able to confirm whether these are likely? I also saw that some of the older Star Wars figures have also dropped... Also another related question, if the quality of counterfeit printed figures is going to keep improving is there any point paying huge amounts for SDCC minifgures? I ask because I have a couple but don't really want to hold on to them if they're only going to go down in value. I bought them to keep, but if they're worth less than the silly amounts paid then it's a little harder to justify the pursuit! Any advice or opinion greatly appreciated.
  5. I would be interested in the lot. As Darth Dino said, I'd take what I need (a fair bit of what you have) and sell off the rest to help pay for them. If you are interested I'd be happy to give you my ebay id (near 5000 feedback and 100%). It's a nice lot, I think you would find some suitors, but as Dino said the majority would be resellers.
  6. Thanks, you've been a great help, it was actually that first ebay link I was thinking of (I didn't know which account was Christo's!). So with a metallic buckle, original card and blister I'm starting to think it's less likely to be a fake, would you say that's a safe assumption? As for Cap and Bucky if you're saying you haven't seen any of those, I'm just going to assume they're fine and move on!! On another note, do you know why so many people have all 4 of the 2013 minifigures? I'm guessing it would be particularly hard to counterfeit all 4 figures (I think Superman has metallic torso also, and I'm pretty sure the Spider-man has a special pattern with his eyes), so I'm tempted to buy all four from someone, but I just wondered why so many people have all four - is that part of the reason why the allocation received a lot of criticism?
  7. Robianco, does Christo also do Green Arrow? As I think I'm looking at his version and it doesn't seem to have metallic ink on the belt (which ties in with what you said about the metallic ink), whereas mine definitely has a gold style buckle...
  8. This is has given me the most hope so far as it does suggest a slight difference in quality that should (hopefully) be discernible to the keen eye. When you say metallic inks, is that exactly as it sounds?! I mean are you talking about inks that resemble metal surfaces?
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, although they don't exactly fill me with confidence! I'm now worried that if the printing is immaculate, then unless it's using a different mould there's no way to be sure unless you go to the con yourself. I'm just going to convince myself mine are fine and move on I think, for my own collecting sanity. If anyone does come up with any tell tale signs for spotting a fake though I'd really appreciate it (fyi I purchased the toy fair Iron Man and Bucky as well as the Green Arrow from Comic Con so it's those guys I really want to check - at least Green Arrow came in a case and with a card).
  10. Hey folks, I've bought a few of the exclusive figures from Comic Con and the like and it's cost me more money than I'd like to admit. Anyway, I've recently had this feeling of tread about my figures being machine printed elsewhere and not being official lego products. Can anyone here offer advise on how likely and/ or easy this is to do? There are a bunch of custom figures on various sites that look to be of reasonable quality, so that must mean there's a possibility of the more expensive figures being faked. If anyone knows much about machine printing could they tell me if there's any signs I should be looking for to ease my worried head? Apologies if this has been covered before, but I'd really appreciate some advice on this. I should point out that I can't see anything obvious on my figures, they all look great. This has all started but going on a youtube clip about the new york yoda figure and seeing loads of comments about how easy it is to fake. I realise if we follow the advise on youtube it's a decent step to crazy town, but now I'm paranoid.
  11. And the barge is bought!! Nearly everything that has been in the sale is currently up at 33% off....
  12. The amazon deals are crazy. Some sets only last a couple of hours, others the day, but they are going through nearly everything. I've gone absolutely mad and purchased nearly every Star Wars set from this year (been a slow buyer due to other commitments), the two super heroes I didn't have and even the Black Gate and Elronds Council from LOTR. Presuming the ewok village never comes into discount, which I doubt, I only need Jabba's Barge, Jek's Starfighter and I'll be done. And broke.
  13. Amazing, thank you. The one I want only has six segments at the top (as opposed to 8) and is this one; the one I have is this one;