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  1. [quote name='VintageLegoEra' timestamp='1459820598' post='2523497'] i got them for a nice deal. $100 USD Shipped :) [/quote] Dare I ask where you procured them from?
  2. [quote name='VintageLegoEra' timestamp='1459736202' post='2522172'] Yes. All are Sealed [img]http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/pirates/pirate_satisfied.gif[/img] [/quote] Dare I ask how much they cost?
  3. [quote name='VintageLegoEra' timestamp='1459688810' post='2521586'] Vintage Sets: 1- 6247 - Bounty Boat 2- 6248 - Volcano Island 3- 6266 - Cannon Cove [/quote] NIce haul! Are these still sealed? The perforated thumb tabs still look intact.
  4. It's reassuring to know these Ninjago "pirate" sets can be put to good use. At a cursory glance it seemed only Tiger Widow Island was remotely decent - come to think of it, remove all the techno crap and it would make a half decent set in the original Ninja theme. [img]http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/818Pawx1UkL._SL1500_.jpg[/img]
  5. [quote name='Phred' timestamp='1459263924' post='2515832'] That's a good pack and find. [img]http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/thumbup.gif[/img][/quote] Thank you, Phred! Here is the reverse side of the Service Pack packet packaging in case anyone was wondering... [attachment=17207:20160330_152506-LEGO_5150_Pirates_Service_Pack.jpg]
  6. [quote name='Phred' timestamp='1459353069' post='2517052'] He's going to be joining Mr. Phes, Captain Stabbin, Stash2Sixx, and myself as Pirate Staff.[/quote] Holy Aioli! Am I still Pirate Staff? I've neglected the forums so much lately it's a wonder I haven't been passed the black spot. That aside, Skaforhire is a very welcome addition to the crew. [img]http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/pirates/thumbup.gif[/img]
  7. [quote name='Matthias' timestamp='1459250576' post='2515630'] I could never open those packs. They are just perfect when unused for ever [img]http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/pirates/pir_laugh2.gif[/img][/quote] That's why I got one... to preserve the nostalgia forever. If I wanted the pieces for building I'd get them in used condition via Bricklink.
  8. [quote name='Hive' timestamp='1459148475' post='2514418'] Nice bag, Phes. It's just a Bricklink seller recycling an official LEGO bag though, right?[/quote] Nope, it's the [url="http://www.peeron.com/inv/sets/5150-1"]real deal[/url]. The LEGO pieces are actually inside two seal packets... so that's like 2xMISP! The outer packet is the general LEGO Service Packet while the inner packet is bar-coded with the set ID.
  9. [b]5150 LEGO Pirates Service Pack MISP[/b] from 1990. I am such a LEGO Pirates nerd! [attachment=17173:5150 LEGO Pirates Service Pack.JPG]
  10. [quote name='Captain Fortune' timestamp='1455559472' post='2473498'] And we appreciate it. At least, those who can disdain -love this word!- our innocent childhood conception of Lego, from the real business corporation that it is -which is not a criticism but, again, a fact-. [/quote] Nah, I'm a killjoy who takes the fun out the speculation. I'm actually bad for the discussion and someone should cap me irons...
  11. [quote name='Captain Fortune' timestamp='1454973109' post='2466228'] Love your typical cold and hard statements in these forums. You are even worse than me. [img]http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/pirates/pirate_laugh2.gif[/img] [/quote] I've somewhat grown to disdain typical fanboy "I think this will happen" statements which are based on little more than personal conjecture, instead I lay the facts down straight, if I have them. [quote name='kaiju' timestamp='1455197569' post='2468796'] Panic-buying AFOLs? Already low stock levels, so those few before Christmas were the last few? Note that not selling well is not the same as not selling at all.[/quote] Actually, that's not what I meant. I was absent from the forums for a few months so did I miss an official statement from the LEGO Group informing us how well the recent pirate sets sold? If there has not been an official statement, then we won't know how well the pirate sets sold until the LEGO Group releases their next fiscal report.
  12. [quote name='eldiano' timestamp='1455154754' post='2468278'] During the month of November they were still hordes of Pirates merchandise at the big Toys R Us in my city, back in December they were a few ships left, but by January, no Pirates left what so ever. It is sad that it did not sell well at all.[/quote] If they didn't sell well, why are all the sets sold out in less than two months? [img]http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/pirates/pir_wacko.gif[/img]
  13. Definitely the printed parrots... the marbled second.
  14. Ironhook is actually me in disguise, so there, mystery solved. [img]http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/pirates/pirate_laugh2.gif[/img]
  15. [quote name='Captain Pirate Man' timestamp='1454453447' post='2460194'] Do you know for sure that new POTC sets will be out next year? [/quote] I know nothing of the Pirates of the Caribbean licence, nor have I mentioned sets relating to that licence.