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  1. I am flying out today (Tuesday), to get there by Wednesday. Super excited!
  2. I'll see if I can print off some pictures of my characters pictures before I get on the plane. Otherwise hopefully they are recognizable enough that everyone can guess who it is.
  3. tempted by 8094 and 8479 cause I like gimicky technic stuff. Still trying to save unless you want some more recent lego sets from my giant stash
  4. My favorite brickhead MOC is a character from Japan. Close enough for elleana.
  5. Everyone is up way before me :( it is fun to see though
  6. I made one fictional and one non-fiction character... now to decide on which one.
  7. unless it happens to go on 30% off discount in US is the only way it gets any cheaper (happens right before retirement normally).
  8. i wouldn't mind a set of coins
  9. Harry Potter? you have alot of the actors I wanted to do.... instead I am trying to dodge every popculture already built brickheadz character mocs. Think I need to do a new one..... we'll see, apparently someone already built the same person I picked....most of the DC and Marvel and disney universe is done already.....
  10. Not sure what the tour would give that would be worth the 5 euro. I'll default to whatever the rest of the group thinks
  11. Large White leaves!! I need those! Hourglass is from Elves, you get a few a set.
  12. I managed to do it without decals...but I have a lot of options... @elleana Ng Chin Han is super famous actor...
  13. I'll take the other london bus.
  14. i'll bring one with me, do you collect the coin variants as well, or just one of each per country? (gold $1 has a few different backings)
  15. We had the beetles for sale at legoland back in January. Hopefully there are some in Germany for you guys. Right now they are the $50 USD promotion. If anyone wants to come up with the $50 USD +tax of lego sets that you want i'll run to the lego store and get the beetles+whatever brick you are buying. PS: If anyone wants anything non-lego related from the US please PM tell me