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  1. I know:-) I only have camera on my phone to use. Thanks for the nice words.
  2. Thank You. I do have a flickr account:
  3. Thanks. The wheels are made for a 16 sided cylinder, using click hinge bricks. Fo each wheel 3 of these rings are made to create the width. The wheel pattern is inverted slopes in reverse every second time. Seems like my pictures are too big, so I need to reduce them. It's not motorized either.
  4. Here is my first upload of my recent MOC on Eurobricks. I give You the All Terrain Dual Rocket Launcher. A heavily inspired Neo CS vehicle from M-Tron mega core magnatizer and the CS mobile rocket launcher. Wheels are brick bulid cylinders with click hinge bricks for 16 sides. I estimate parts to be 4000-5000, but no real count. I hope You like it.